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Resolved Problem Transaction with Keekster - RESOLVED MEMBER MP BANNED

Jan 14, 2012

    1. I really didn't want to do this, but I'm not sure what else to do at this point.
      I sent two MSD heads to be face-uped in late March/early April of last year. She contacted me in June saying the face-ups where done and to wait for a PM with the pictures, but then after that nothing. I contacted her in July and she informed me about the bad move she was going through and that she would send another PM later with pics of the face-ups. I haven't heard anything since. I have sent three PMs since then and none have gotten a reply. I just want a response and my heads back. I mean its been nearly a year since I've seen them. Thank you.
    2. Keekster was last on the forum 17NOV. She is now Being Paged.
    3. Still no contact from her. All I want is an update from her since its been so long. I'm worried as I don't know if she is okay or not. D:
    4. still no news
    5. I received a PM from Keekster yesterday explaining the whole thing and she said the heads should be shipped out tomorrow. ^^ Once I receive confirmation from her that the heads have been shipped out I will consider this resolved.
    6. The heads are now back in my possession so I consider this resolved. Since Keekster was nice and polite about the situation I will be leaving her neutral feedback.
    7. How was this resolved? Having to page a member who has been out of touch for six months is NOT neutral feedback - it is negative. Please leave a link to this thread in keekster's individual feedback thread.
    8. You're right it is, sorry I've never done this before so I'm not really sure. But she resolved it by first telling me what had happened and then the heads where sent back to me no charge for the face ups or for the shipping. I was also offered a free wig commission as compensation.