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Resolved Problem Transaction with KeyOfTwilight - MP BANNED

Dec 14, 2010

    1. This has been going on for over three weeks now, and I just want the transaction on the record because it's been a frustrating experience and it's not over yet. I've tried being patient and understanding and pleasant, and with Christmas getting closer, and this having been intended to be a gift for a close friend of mine, my patience is running out now.

      On November 26th I responded to KeyOfTwilight's WTS thread for a Dollheart outfit and matching boots. There were no pictures in the thread, so I asked him to take some for me.
      (Address removed for privacy sake)

      Three days later (November 29th), I had yet to hear that he had recieved my money. I sent another PM.

      However, a week passed and I heard nothing. December 8th, I sent another PM.

      By December 10th, I hadn't received anything by way of shipping confirmation. I was getting irritated by this point.

      Two days later, December 13th, I sent another PM:
      And, in an attempt to protect my investment, before the time ran out on the transaction, I opened a paypal non-reciept dispute. I sent another PM

      Today (December 14th), I logged into this in my inbox:
      And, for the record, my response:

      I am very tired of the untruths and excuses and overall shady behavior from KeyOfTwilight. What could have been a very simple (and initially very pleasant) transaction has turned into an ordeal and I really just want it to be over, either by receiving what I paid for or by getting my money back.

      As I see it, it isn't my problem that Key does not have 'money that is not on paypal' to be able to ship my package. He's had 3 weeks as it is to do so and I will not close the paypal dispute because if I do so it cannot be reopened and I might as well forfeit my $83. At this point, I simply cannot trust him.

      It's really my fault, I should have checked his feedback thread and the problem transactions forum before I sent him my money, but I like to give people the benefit of the doubt. If he fails to produce some kind of shipping proof by 3pm EST December 15th I'm escalating this to a paypal claim and asking for a refund.

      I'll keep this thread updated as this (hopefully) resolves.
    2. KeyofTwilight was last on the forum today. He is now in Unresolved Transactions. Please keep this thread updated.
    3. Reply received about half an hour ago.

      Once more, address omitted for privacy sake.
    4. Received at about 8:30pm.

    5. Received this at 10:30 PM
      I've closed the paypal dispute and this was sent 10:34 PM
    6. Key has sent me a PM just now telling me that he just dropped the package at the post office. I'm going to consider this matter tentatively resolved, to be fully so when the items are in my hands.

      Never was it my intent to be malicious or ruin his reputation on this board, but I wanted this transaction to be on the record nonetheless. I'd like to give Key the benefit of the doubt and chalk all of this up to a misunderstanding. All the same, I hope he's learned something from it.

      If Zag could keep the thread open just so I can post when I receive the package and Formally close this, that would be great.
    7. I received the items today and I will say I'm more than pleased with them. They arrived in their original packaging with everything included save the lace for the jacket, which I may be overlooking, but I've got replacements for such things here. My issue with with KeyOfTwilight has been RESOLVED. And, as far as I'm concerned, this thread can be closed.