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Problem transaction with Lana - RESOLVED

Mar 19, 2010

    1. Like in the topic...

      I found beautifull limited Pan in marketplace in December. Owner wanted to sell her without layway and only in US. I had write to her with question if she wouldn't change her mind and sell her to me with layway and ship to Norway. She agreed, so I started to save money. I should pay her second payment at beggining of February and then she should send doll to me. Then our problem had started... I save enought money faster then I thought so I send it in second part of January. Lana said that she is not ready to send doll to me so I gave her time. Then after time I was checking my mail box, and checking and still was nothing. I didn't have access to internet for awhile, so I also didn't have contact with owner. When I fixed my internet and I wrote to her to ask about packegge tracking number, she didn't answer. After 2 or 3 masseges She wrote to me that she didn't send doll yet. I said that I was not sure any more if I want to keep this doll and maybe I will try to sell her. Then we both agree for solution that she will sell doll and after 2 weeks she will refund my money. After 2 weeks I wrote to her again:

      Hey ^^

      How is it going with salling Pan? I'm sorry to hurry you, I belive it's 2 weeks since you agree to refund me money. I would be really glad to get them asap now, cause I have to pay my card in next week and it's taking few days to get money from paypal to my account. I'm really sorry to ask you, it's just that I'll have % to pay if I'll not manage to pay on time. Hope you understand


      I didn't get reply, so I wrote again:

      Please, write me back I'm sickly woried when you're not writing to me with any info and I see that you're on DoA... ;( It's not that I want to hurry you or be rude, I just need info what is going on...


      And today:

      I'm begging you last time to answer my mail. I see you every day on DoA. What's the problem?

      And after this message only result is that Lana have Hidden info when she was last time on DoA. :|

      I'm really sad about that, cause I truelly believed her :( so I just want to warn everybody.
    2. You aren't the only one having problems with her, I am too. I am too upset to post anything right now but within the next day or so, my experience with her will also be coming over to problem transactions, if she doesn't reply to my latest message.
    3. Lana contact me today. I got half of payment. She explain problem, so I hope it's going to be ok.
    4. Here is the story...

      On 3/1/10 Lana contacted me wanting to purchase a doll I had for sale, she asked if Layaway would be okay and said she'd pay a small deposit right away and then make a payment on 3/12 & 3/26. I agreed and she sent a $40.00 deposit, here is the PM:


      I'm interested in this little one if you would let me put down a small deposit on her now, another one on March 12th and the balance on March 26th. Also, would you consider $500 shipped?

      I'm in the US...Wisconsin.

      (can screenshot PM if need be)

      3/12 rolled around and I didn't receive a payment or a PM from her, no big deal, I figured she'd send it the next day (as I have only ever had one other layaway problem I gave her the benefit of the doubt).

      Next day, no PM, no payment. The no payment thing wasn't a big deal, but I would have appreciated a PM letting me know when she'd be sending it. This is the way I do buisness, I believe communication is a HUGE part of a good transaction. I could see that she had been online multiple times that day so I went ahead and sent her a PM:

      "Hey, just checking to see when you're gonna send the 2nd payment. I believe you said the 12th. I have a payment to make on something as well so I just need to know when you plan to send yours Thanks hun!
      (can screenshot PM if need be)

      I feel the above PM was very nice, I was just simply wondering.

      Sunday rolled around and still no response, no payment. Again, I could see from her profile that she had been online. I was basically checking because at this point, I got a bad feeling from her. I was worried that she was no longer interested and really didn't want to waste anymore of my time. So, I sent another PM (perhaps a little pushy, I'll admit, but as I said, I was concerned):

      "Yep--I'm being a bug. I'm sorry! I keep seeing that you are online and can't figure out why you haven't answered my last PM. I guess I'm worrying that maybe you no longer want to buy Cupi? If you don't want her, I will list her back up for sale. If that isn't the case please get in touch, otherwise I will consider the sale abandoned. Again, I apologize for PMing again and if it weren't for the fact that I can see when you've been on here, I wouldn't keep bugging, but I'm sure you've gotten my last PM.
      (can screenshot PM if need be)

      After that, she replied with the following:


      I"m sorry. I'm not always online...I usually put it on DoA in the morning and sometimes go off and leave it sitting, just checking back in on and off. I often don't check PMs unless I'm expecting one either.

      I will send you another payment. Just waiting for my check to show up. Probably tomorrow.

      (can screenshot PM if need be)

      So, this was good news, "probably tomorrow" would have been Monday.

      Monday comes and goes, Tuesday, Wednesday...

      Thursday night I send another PM:

      "Hello. Again.

      I hate that I have to PM you again but I really need to know whats going on. Payment should have been sent on the 12th per our original agreement, you said "probably tomorrow" in the PM you sent on Sunday, which would have been Monday. Here it is Thursday and still no payment & no PM from you. I hope you can understand my position in this, it is a bit frustrating.

      If there is some problem you are having or something, please just let me know.

      Again I hope you understand that I can't keep waiting and waiting. I sold this doll because I need the money and the longer I have to wait the longer it will take for things to get paid that I need to pay for.

      Please be in touch asap.

      (can screenshot PM if need be)

      Nothing. Friday, nothing. I happened to check the problem transactions last night and saw that someone else had posted one about her. They said she blocked her activity so now they couldn't even tell when she was on. I checked and sure enough, she had. Automatic red flags.

      I'd had enough, today I sent a message saying:

      "This is my final attempt. Please PM me or send another payment for Cupi by tomorrow (12 PM EST) or I am officially ending this transaction and posting a problem transaction. I've been patient, waiting for a payment that should have been made over a week ago and having poor communication from you. I said before that if you were having a problem to let me know, but I've gotten nothing from you.

      I don't know what else to do...


      She replied today (and got quite nasty):

      "Wow...you're a very impatient person. I have sold a number of dolls on layaway and am always very laidback about it and treat my buyers nicely, I never hound them, assuming that they have other things going on and give them whatever time they want or need. I'm sorry if you are desperate, you probaby should have mentioned that and not offered to sell her on layaway. In light of your desperation and that you obviously need to sell this doll immediately, please go ahead and offer her for immediate sale, I don't think I would enjoy her anymore."
      (can screenshot PM if needed)

      I said:

      "It has nothing to do with being impatient, it has to do with the fact that you are being rude and inconsiderate. You set the terms of the layaway all by yourself, the words I'll make a payment on 3/12 & 3/26 came out of your mouth, not mine, and YES, I expect people to keep up their end of the deal. Not to mention, I have waited over a week for your second payment. You tell me you will send payment on Monday and then go all week without even bothering to PM me to say sorry, it'll be later then that. Really, thats all you would have had to do and I would have been fine with waiting longer. You can run your layaways however you see fit and I will continue to run mine the way I see fit. This is no longer about the money, its about the principle. I've said it before and I'll say it again...if you would have just TALKED to me, this wouldn't have been a problem. By the way--I'm not "desperate", I just think its a shame that in these last three weeks I could have continued to try and sell her instead, I wasted my time to have things turn out like this. Sorry you feel I'm being unreasonable but I guess we'll have to agree to disagree on that one.

      Then her final PM, which I feel shows who is really the rude one...

      "Actually, I feel YOU are the one who is being rude and unreasonable. I WOULD have paid her off by the 26th as I said I would. However, when someone hounds, threatens and comes off like a shrieking shrew whether you mean to or not, it kind of sours me on the doll. Its often not WHAT you say but how you say it. Desperation is the only explanation I could think of and yes...you come off as nothing but DESPERATE. It actually IS about the principle with me too...you are a very unappealing and unfriendly person. I saw your For Sale ad out there forever and thought you might be willing to sell her for close to your asking price by the end of the month. Your price is way too high so it wouldn't have made a difference...you wouldn't have sold her. I was doing you a favor. I don't have time or patience for people who are needy enough that they need constant communication with someone buying a doll from you...I'm not signing up to be your best friend...just buy the doll...just another thing that made you appear desperate.
      Good luck...

      I am not desperate or needy, I, like many, many other sellers here expect good communication and for people to uphold their end of a deal. When there is alot of money on the line, it's nice to know you are dealing with a serious buyer.

      If she would have been buying from a company, they would have cancelled her layaway the day after it was late.

      I have had MANY, MANY positive experiences with selling dolls on layaway, and don't plan to change the way I do things.

      Bottom line is this: She MADE the timeframe of when she'd be making payments, I as the buyer, expected them to be made when she said they would be made. In her last PM she said the doll would have been paid off by the 26th, that right there is literally ALL she would have had to say in the first PM and the matter would have been dropped. But she didn't, she said she would make a payment "probably Monday". What was I supposed to think?

      I don't appreciate her very nasty PM calling me names & telling me my doll won't sell anyways. The doll is priced at what I paid.

      I feel so badly about this, it is rare I have problems with people.
    5. I totally agree with you. There is no big problems when you have good comunication. This is what I'm really missing in transaction with Lana.... I would not have any problem if she would just PM'ed me.

      I get explanation from her:
      Hello Anka,

      I have refunded one of your payments today and will be refunding the other within the next few days. Also, I thought I mentioned before that if you want to get hold of me please use my email address as I rarely check PMs.


      I think that if you have any transaction on the way, you really SHOULD or even HAVE TO check PMs...
    6. Lana was last on the forum today. She is now Being Paged. Please keep this thread updated with resolution.
    7. I have sent a partial payment to Anka and will finish the payment this week as I promised her. Anka is a super nice person to deal with and I appreciate her patience. I was more than happy to give her her money back when after a delay she was not sure she was even interested in the doll any longer. Anka is wonderful and a very, very sweet person.

      I did not appreciate Perfectly Pinks attitude and yes, she came across as snotty to ME no matter how she tries to make it seem. I don't respond to demanding, pushy people and I told her that if she needed the money so badly she probably shouldn't have offered the doll with a layaway and she was free to list it again for immediate payment. I don't really care if she doesn't like being told that her doll was priced too high, as it is, though I was willing to give her close to what she asked anyhow, I've sold one before and there is very little market for them and she obviously hadn't had any offers with it having been on the Marketplace for a long time. I missed my original Cupi after having sold it, however, not enough to deal with someone like Perfectly Pink.
    8. PS. Perfectly Pink is more than welcome to keep what I have paid her as a deposit on the doll.
    9. Lana you can continue to say whatever you want, to me this case is closed. As maselanka has said, good communication is what you are lacking. That's all it comes down to..I woulnd't have had to be "pushy & needy" if you just would have answered me in the first place. I put all the PM's up there for people to see, and they can decide for themselves who was being snotty. I don't feel that any of my messages came of snotty until maybe the end when I was seriously upset. AS for the deposit, I never planned on sending it back, it was stated in my 2nd PM to you that it was non refundable and I still have that PM handy. We will obviously never agree...you think I'm a desperate, pushy, unfriendly person and I think you lack good buisness qualities. Really, lets not continue to go back and fourth about this. I posted my thread because I don't want anyone else to go through this with you and in the process maybe someone will see it from your side and not want to deal with me, and that is 100% okay with me.

      Maselanka-Good luck to you :)
    10. Its good that everyone can see how easy it is for you to be "seriously upset".
      I think you realize that had I wanted to request a refund all I had to do was go to Paypal, but I'm not doing that. I hope that it helps you become less "seriously upset".
    11. Just got this PM from Lana:

      "So what is your point to your post...are you expecting me to still buy your doll or did you just want to continue to bitch?"

      How nice.

      I replied:

      "I will post this PM in the thread, if you have something to say to me you can say it there. As I said in the last post I made, I posted it so other people can see it and hopefully won't have to go through it with you. Please don't send me anymore PM's."

      On another note to the above post by Lana--like I said before, you can say whatever you want about me...I don't care. And yes, if people agree with you that's fine, I don't want to do buisness with people that think like you anyways.
    12. I got all money back from Lana. For me case is closed. I think that Lana learned that she has to check PMs more offten, cause our comunication in last days were parfectly fine!

      I also have to say that there wasn't ever any rudeness or impoliteness. She was allways nice, helpfull and open.

      Thank you for transaction :*