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Problem Transaction with Linyaree - bounced echeck - MEMBER MP BANNED

Apr 3, 2010

    1. Wow...I never thought I'd be opening a thread here... But since time is of the essence and Linyaree has been online several times tonight, but has not answered any of my messages, it seems wise to open this. I do have copies of all the PMs exchanged and I will post them if necessary.

      Let me preface by saying, this is my fault. I am too trusting and kind when it comes to sales and because I'd never had problems, I assumed I never would...

      Linyaree approached me on 3-30-10 about my Pipos Ringo for sale. I told her that if she paid that day, I could mail it the same day. Well, after a few casual exchanges, telling her about the doll and so forth, she sent a payment...by eCheck.

      Naturally I was worried, but she assured me that it would clear. I should have held it, but as I said, I'm too trusting, so I chose to trust her because I tend to be optimistic, and I mailed the doll out the same day as I promised. I messaged her to tell her that, but then...no answer. Communication totally ceased whereas earlier it had been excellent and immediate.

      I waited until the day the check said it would clear and anyone reading this can guess what happened...it didn't. Declined by the bank. So I sent a couple of PMs and an email asking about the situation, saying I understand emergencies happen and she can just ask the P.O. to "Return to sender" but she has not answered any of my PMs nor the email even though she has been on a few times today.

      I also noticed today that she posted a pair of Beyla hooves for sale, stating there were some emergency bills that have to be paid. Again, I understand emergencies happen! I will not be angry or retaliate at all because of this, but I do need communication.

      please send me a PM or an email! I would like this to be resolved happily for both of us.
    2. Linyaree was last on the forum yesterday. She is now Being Paged. Please keep this thread updated with resolution.
    3. Thank you so much, Zag. I will keep this updated. No responses to the several messages I have sent yet. I do hope she and her family are well, but I do really need some communication, even an email that only said "My family is having an emergency, I'll message you more later." That's all it takes... :(
    4. Linyaree has PMed me, I will keep this updated when the situation reaches resolution.
    5. Linyaree has been in contact and I am waiting for this to be resolved (waiting for the Ringo to arrive home to me). Also, your inbox is full, Linyaree, I can't message you anymore.

      It's worth noting that I don't hold anything against Linyaree and that maybe the whole situation was just a series of missteps and accidents and the universe conspiring against one or the other of us, but it did leave me quite shaken and unsettled about the Marketplace.
    6. funny thing is that she responded to me just resently, and I pm her back, I'll keep my eyes on this thread cause I might be in a transaction with her.
    7. This is reaching resolution. Basically, when she did not respond to any of my PMs, I called the post office where the doll would be arriving and told them the situation and they said they would intercept it for me before it was delivered and they called me when they got it and told me I needed to fill out a form to have it returned. I filled out said form and the doll was on its way back to me as of Tuesday so it should arrive Monday or Tuesday hopefully. Once Ringo arrives home I will consider this resolved.
    8. This thread has now gone on for several days passed when I originally told it would be resolved. What is now being done no longer concerns me. It is between PenguinCheese and the post office. This doll never even made it to me, and she has not accepted my offer to pay again to make sure she got the money. If she had given me more time to responsed, instead of trying to retreave the doll. I would have gladly sent her the doll back, with tracking. As it is, the doll is without tracking, and lost in limbo. Supposidly the doll left my area over a week ago, and was only supposed to take 3 day to get back to her. Why is it my fault she coul not wait for the doll to be sent back. Why am I being punished for the mail system when it wasn't my doing? Please moderators, this is no loger in my power to rectify. Their is nothing I can do, and this paging is no longer needed. I can't do anything else>.<
    9. When someone pays with a check that bounces then suddenly disappears, it seems silly for me to sit and wait and hope it turns out well. As I said, the doll was on its was back to me as of Tuesday and going on normal post times it should be here by Monday or Tuesday. And I agree, it's out of both of our hands as of now, but because it involves both of us, it seems right for it to have this open until it actually does reach resolution, not a waiting point. I'm not angry, I'm just waiting on the post to carry this through. As always though, it is up to the moderators whether they feel this can or can't yet be closed.
    10. I am okay, however, with this thread being closed and I can PM a moderator when the dollie arrives to mark this as resolved. I have a fair amount of confidence in the mail system and the doll is insured, so I'm not terribly worried that this will end badly. I was just very disappointed with how it all turned out and I learned a big lesson about eChecks, definitely...
    11. PenguinCheese ~ please post here when you receive the doll back. Also, please post a link to this Problem Transaction thread in Linyaree's individual feedback thread.
    12. Still waiting on the package, I called both of the post offices today to see what was up and they said it takes considerably longer for a package to be returned than to be sent in the first place. They apparently faxed my 1509 form on the 5th which was only 8 business days ago so it probably has been in transit for 7, so I'm not terribly worried yet. I will update here when the doll actually arrives, hopefully by the end of this week. :(
    13. Also, I am okay considering this resolved. It's just a waiting game right now.
    14. Kitty arrived safely back home today, none worse for the wear save for a bit of a scare. :) This is totally resolved now.