Paging Problem Transaction with Lschweitzer (LISA IN OHIO)

Mar 1, 2011

    1. Back in June I had went in with several group orders to purchase the coffins from the Lati Yellow Vampire releases. I've received all of the ones I purchased except the ones from Lisa. I paid through paypal on June 23rd 2010, and have NEVER RECEIVED THE COFFINS FROM HER. I know that they are in, considering I have already gotten my others from the other ladies I went in on the order. I have sent numerous PM's to her and have not gotten any response. And now I'm out of the cash I sent and dont' have the other two coffins THAT I PAID HER FOR. This is unacceptable. My last PM to her was on 1/7/11 and still NO RESPONSE. HOW RUDE. Either send my coffins or refund me my payment. Coffins that I had gotten from Australia came extremely quick to me. And she's here in the states???? I had purposely bought enough for what I needed for a project and now I'm short two of them.
      Very sad.
    2. Lschweitzer was last on the forum 24OCT10. She is now Being Paged.
    3. Zagzagael: Thank you so much. I thought sending the payment first would be okay, it was okay for the other transactions and I got the coffins as soon as everyone eles got their shipment. Everyone else answered my emails and or PM's. I just assumed this one would've gone as well, but guess not?? Thank you again.
    4. Zagzagael: Wasn't sure what the next step is, but I still haven't heard from Lisa. :(
    5. Lschweitzer was last on the forum 13 October 2013. Was this situation ever resolved?