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Problem Transaction with Mebius00 - RESOLVED

Jan 1, 2011

    1. I purchased a soom ai from Mebius00. I sent her payment on the 17th of December, her sales thread she would ship 1-3 business days after payment. It was been two weeks and she still hasn't shipped.
      Her communication slowed after she recieved my money and I need to message her in order to find out what's happening.
      On the 29th December I opened a dispute with paypal in order to protect my money, I gave her until the new year to ship.
      The deadline has now passed and I haven't recieved any news from her. I have opened a claim with paypal and now this problem thread.

      I think it's ridiculous that I paid her promptly but she continues to delay shipping. In order to obtain a happy resolution, I want my doll shipped, or at the very least a quote of when you can ship and to stick to that date.

      I can supply PMs to the mods if they need it.
      Sale thread: http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?414339-SOOM-Ai-Winnie-Dee-(cream-white)-350
    2. Mebius00 has promised to ship on the 3rd of January
    3. Mebius00 was last on the forum yesterday. She is now Being Paged. Please keep this thread updated with resolution.
    4. i can only do the shipping on weekends and it has being xmas and new year holiday for these 2 weekends. i asked my friend help me do the shipping but she wasn't able to do the shipping for me today. i'm sorry about it and i really feel sad about being paged both on paypal and the forum. i'm not cheating and i dont want to hold the money and make anyone worried. i prefer to refund right away if its okay.
    5. I have asked her to refund my money. I will keep this thread open until then.
      I was informed she shipped on weekends AFTER the 1-3 business days quoted in her thread had passed.
      I understand it's busy with the holidays, but two weeks waiting after being quoted 1-3 business days isn't fair.
      I am very dissapointed as I really wanted the doll.
    6. Due to problems refunding with paypal, I have given Mebius00 until this weekend to ship.
      I will update when I receive a tracking number
    7. Hi! I have the same problem here with mebius00. It's the same story, I bought two Afi Heads from her and paid with Paypal on the 16th of December but it seems that they haven't been shipped out at now too. I have only gotten the same reply that she wrote here after I asked her abut it on the 29th december..
    8. sorry about all the shipment during last few weeks were messed up. will be sending and resending all the packages on this weekend and inform everyone.
    9. Mebius00 has shipped my item and provided tracking. I will update when the doll arrives
    10. mebius00 pm'd me on Wednesday and said that she will ship my heads this weekend. But now Saturday is over in her country and I have no new PM like Dezmin got..
    11. Mebius00 has shipped my package and pm'd me the tracking number.
    12. Doll arrived today. My transaction with mebius00 is resolved
    13. I got the heads today. So it's resolved for me too.