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Problem transaction with Melanyte

Jul 13, 2011

    1. I really don't want to do this but figured others should know.

      On 7/8/11 I sent a message to Melanyte about a doll she had for sale. She was asking 800+shipping and I offered 750 including shipping. She accepted on the terms that she could send the doll without the box. I agreed to thus with no problems. I also informed her that I would need a layaway to which I would make biweekly payments (per my pay schedule) of a minimum of a 100 and that I would send my first payment tomorrow (7/13/11.) she agreed and marked the doll on hold for me and would mark her sold after my first payment. I saw no problem with this, however she did ask me to pay the paypal fees should I not send the payment as a gift. (this I believe is against the rules and was the first thing I found to be problematic)

      This morning, 7/12/11, Melanyte sent me a message saying that she had another offer from someone else of her full asking price and unless I was willing to match the original asking price the doll would go to the new offer. At first I accepted her terms but after careful reconsideration I decided not to go through with the transaction because it breaks rule 12 of the marketplace and I no longer feel comfortable going through the transaction of such a considerable sum of money.

      Again I'm sorry this had to be done because I really did want the doll.
    2. Please link this thread in Melanyte's feedback thread. Thanks.
    3. Kittywolf13 is deflecting unjust aggravation that another buyer out-bid her on a doll she wanted when a transaction was not yet closed as it was pending payment to be such.
      I have full right as a seller to set the prices for my dolls as listed in Rule#11 of the marketplace rules and in the event that I am offered more money, or a faster payment I have full rights to take the other offer when I have not sealed a deal with any other buyer. Had KittyWolf13 put some sort of down payment on the doll I would of closed the transaction down and that would of been the end of it, but this wasn't so. I have myself frequently been in the position of being told that someone has offered a seller more money or to pay off something in full and have graciously accepted the information and while being disappointed I understand that such things happening are all part of business and have never borne the seller any ill will as this buyer is doing here.
      I myself will leave her feedback warning other DoAers of her ways as I feel this is completely out of pettyness and they should be warned of her selfishness.
    4. Melanyte ~ At this point, you are not allowed to leave negative feedback for this member. Did you agree to sell the doll to her for her offer? Do you have pms which indicate that the offer would not be accepted until the first payment was made and that any offers made by other potential buyers during that time would be accepted?
    5. She stated herself in the first post that the doll was not considered sold until a payment was received, the agreement was just that. This is completely ridiculous that this is even being allowed. No payment no agreement, I can sell my doll to whom I choose to sell it to, at what price i choose to sell it at, and not be haggled about it, as per the marketplace rules. I have done nothing wrong, only was offered something better.. and instead of even taking it tried to be nice and accommodating-but I suppose I learned my lesson there.
    6. Had this been an auction i would have been fine with being "outbidded"

      this was my initial PM to her on 7/8/11:

      "First, i was curious to know how long and flexible of a layaway you would consider. I get paid on a bi-weekly basis, and would be willing to pay on that schedule. I was hoping to pay about a 100 a payment.

      also would you accept 750 including shipping?

      Let me know. she's stunning!"

      Her response 7/8/11:

      "Alrighty so $750 is good ^.^ Just to make sure though you are aware of paypal fees, i'm fine with personal payments if you don't want to pay the fee's but if you need the security make sure to add the 2.9% to your payments.
      And sure thing I can take some pictures for you, I'm at work right now but when I get home i'll let her vogue a bit.. its night-time and rainy though (supposed to rain all day tomorrow too) so i'll have to use flash.. sorry, if i can get some good pictures of her for you I certainly will, she's a diva for the camera. And I will put her on hold for you until wednesday. Thanks again!

      All other messagees between the above and below were pleasent messages discussing wigs and names for the doll. i in no way intended this to be negative feedback...

      then on 7/12 i received this message:

      "Hey-hate to be the bearer of bad news- but I have a buyer wishing to pay me the full amount I asked for her, and doesn't require a layaway (apparently a grail doll of hers of some sort). If you'd wish to bump up your offer to full price we can work off of that. Otherwise I'd have to go with this new offer. Sorry!

      and yes at first i agreed, but i stated that we had come to an agreement:

      "I guess I can do that. Although I thought we had come to an agreement. But yes I can do that. "

      She did tell the other interested party that since i had offered first i had dibs first so to speak:

      "I told her that since you had it first and now were willing to pay the full price the doll would go to you, so as soon as I get your first payment tomorrow she'll go from on Hold to Sold-On Layaway, so I'll just keep a look out for your PMs. thanks! "

      But i then felt unsure on how to feel about the over all transaction, and if i sent payments via personal id have no guarantee that i could get any money back should anything wrong happen. (not saying it would just covering my back.) and i didnt feel right haveing to pay for the fees if the market place says otherwise? (if im wrong feel free to correct me.) As this has happened on countless occasions where the seller asks me to cover the fee's.

      So then i sent the following message:

      "Its with much sadness but I've decided to not go forward with this transaction. Since by asking me to change my offer after we had agreed upon my offer and put her on hold, you have broken the marketplace rules (#12 to be exact) as well as asking me to pay the fee's which is also against the rules, I can't in good faith countinue. I have thought about this all day and even though I really love your doll (she's stunning) I am no longer comfortable following through with it."

      and her responce:

      "Well if that's how you feel about it-though I think it is a bit silly, I'll go ahead and sell her to the other girl. Thanks for your interest and good luck in your future pursuits =)"

      If the layaway or the offer was a problem, it shouldnt have been put up as "or best offer" it should have been placed as an auction if we were taking bids.

      Im really not mad, more so worried. im not backlashing, im simply stateing my experience. this has happened countless times to me (which i understand is irrelevant to this.) but the doll in question was a rare and hard to find doll unlike the others ive had this happen to me over. Also the other interested party should not have PM'ed if the doll was on hold...

      regardless, im simply stating what happened for others to know. I am still happy with my over all experience with the seller. I had no ill intentions by this... simply stating what happened. I notified her about what i felt was wrong, and she simply said its silly. Again if that is her intention, then fine... im ok with that. i simply decided not to go through with purchase for fear there may be other complications further down the line. Such as another offer halfway through the layaway or something. This was my descion and im not flaming the seller... just informing other buyers that this happened to me.