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Resolved Problem transaction with MikaRen need help please! - RESOLVED

Jan 1, 2012

    1. Hello,
      I'm not sure how to do this so I'll just say what happened, shortish version. I purchased a Dollfactory doll from MikaRen on 11-7 and still have no doll and no refund. I first contacted her to purchase the doll on 11-3-2011. Her last response to me was 12-12 when I was told it would be shipping in 1 or 2 days Priority Mail with tracking so that I would have it in time for the holidays. It was previously supposed to have shipped 11-15 in a day or two, and the email on 12th of December said it had been returned to her due to a mislabled address and she'd get it back out and sorry. I have heard nothing back since then and my last emails from 12-19 through the 27th have all gone unaswered. I've not had a problem like this before and it really breaks my heart to have to open the new year with negative info on another DOAer. If anyone can help please let me know what you suggest as although it isn't a huge amount of money it's a lot to me. I had to give one of my dolls to one of my nieces to make up her missing gift at Christmas. I don't believe myself to be a vindictive or hard to please person and I really tried to work with the delays and excuses but it's a new year and it's time to get this resolved. Thanks to anyone who takes time out of their busy schedule to lend a hand or guidance as it will be VERY appreciated.
      MikaRen, if you read this PLEASE do the right thing and lets resolve it the best way we can without using other options. I can file with my credit card and American Express is not pleasant to have collecting from you or so I've been told. I gave you many chances and was understanding of the many delays you kept having in shipping this doll. Do unto others.....

      Happy New Year to all and may it bring health, happiness, prosperity and many dolly delights to you all,
    2. MikaRen was last on the forum 17DEC. She is now Being Paged. Please keep this thread updated.
    3. I just wanted to post that I've not gotten any response yet and am going to have to report her to the credit card company. We just got a diagnosis yesterday and my husband has leukemia and things here are getting a bit complicated and I don't think I'll be able to be nice and just hope she comes around. MikaRen PLEASE do the right thing for your children if nothing else. Anyone who can help please do so and I have friends in Tennessee if I knew where she lived that could help me too.
    4. ok, so like the mod said i havent been on in awhile due to my mom collapsing and taking her to the ER and shes been in and outta the hospital since, being tested for cancer of the thyroid, colon, kidney, and gallbladder. along with my two kids, and my school, and my husbands school and work, and all my extra carriculars i got completely distracted. the first time i DID ship it but i miss marked the address and so it got sent back. that was my failure and again so is this. I am sooooo sorry i got so distracted ive never had this problem in the past. it was just a giant failure on my part. She is in the mail and i hope u can forgive me.
    5. I've been notified that the doll is on her way by MikaRen and will update this posting when I have the doll. I appreciate the lovely kind words in support of my husband's health and please know I appreciate it very much.
    6. The doll arrived today and I have notified the seller it is here. It was not packed with care or any packing but it is here and I wish to have this closed. I consider this resolved. Thank you to the moderators and all those who tried to help or offered words of support.
    7. Please leave a link to this thread in MikaRen's feedback thread.