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Unresolved Problem Transaction with MissRagdoll (MP BANNED)

Dec 20, 2011

    1. I sent MissRagdoll payment on 11/29 for 2 Yo-SD sized wigs. A Soom Kenny wig and a black wavy wig.
      I've PMd her multiple times and sent her an email to the address listed here on DOA. Still no reply. She had told me if I was able to get her the payment before Wed 11/30 she'd be able to ship that day, or the latest Monday 12/5.

      I understand that the holiday's are a busy time. I just wanted to know if she had received my payment (paypal said it went through) and when will the wigs be shipped? As of today I have not received them, and I would still very much like them.

      Thank you,

    2. MissRagdoll was last on the forum 29NOV. She is now Being Paged.
    3. I'm not sure if I can add to this or make a new thread but I also have a transaction running with MissRagdoll.
      I had sent her a PM to ask about an item she had for sale. It took quite some time (a few weeks) to get a response.
      I then proceeded to transfer money to her on the 26th of November and this is also the last time I've heard from her. I have sent her multiple PM's in the meantime but she hasn't been online since the 30th of November.
      I have not received my item yet, so I'm assuming it's not sent yet. It's only a small amount of money, but it's still money. I had sent her a PM as well, saying that if she hadn't sent them yet I would rather have a refund.
      This is quite frustrating as I have never had something like this happen.
    4. MissRagdoll has not returned to the forum since 29NOV.
    5. I've still not heard from MissRagdoll, either on DOA or email.
    6. I have PMd MissRagdoll again. I did see she was on the forum recently. Still no reply. I'd still like the wigs, but at this point I'd just like an answer more than anything. Very disappointed.
    7. MissRagdoll was last on the forum 10JAN.
    8. Still no word, I've PMd her again telling her of the PayPal dispute I've begun. But sadly it's to late to receive a round from PayPal, my only way is through the seller, MissRagdoll.

      I will wait a week, and of I do not hear back I will be leaving negative feedback for this transaction. I am very disappointed that it's come to this. I wish the was anoth way to contact here but I've tried all that are available to me and I believe I've meet more than patient.
    9. I have also sent another message just now and saw that she was online yesterday...
    10. MissRagdoll was last on the forum today.