Unresolved Problem transaction with nancy60304

Nov 7, 2011

    1. On 10.24.2011 I received a PM from nancy60304 regarding the Volks MSD F-20 that I had listed for sale. The original sales thread can be seen here. This is the message that was sent.

      I replied the same day with the following:

      She replied to me on 10.28.2011 with her intent to buy:

      I replied to her on 10.29.2011, a day late due to being out of town for my uncle's funeral. This is the message I sent:

      She replied to me on 10.30.2011, stating that she sent the payment, which I did receive. She quote me her mailing address and asked me to please not forget to include the doll's box. I did include the box when I shipped on 11.01.2011 just as I said I would, and I sent her a message with her DC number.

      The problem began when she received the doll, on 11.03.2011. She sent me the following PM:

      As you can see in my original thread, which I linked above, I clearly stated that I said it was UNKNOWN when the doll was manufactured, but that I believed it to be late 2009. I also mentioned that I was not the original owner. The date of 2009 was given to me by the previous owner. I had no idea that there was a date cut-off for rubber banded headcaps as opposed to magnetted ones. I was NEVER asked by nancy60304 what her headcap was like. I would certainly have told her if I had been asked. I sent two PMs, utterly shocked at what she'd said to me.

      And my second PM to her:

      She replied to me with simply one sentence:

      This was my response:

      I did not receive a response from nancy60304 after that. Today, on 11.07.2011, I received the doll in the mail. While I have her address, she did not include it on the box, to be sure that I could not mark the package as "Return to Sender", and therefore have to spend my own money in order to ship it back to her.

      However, I stand by my previous statement. I do not feel that I misrepresented this doll at all, my thread clearly states that all payments are nonrefundable, and I will NOT provide a refund for a doll that nancy60304 has decided that she does not want. She is more than welcome to sell the doll if she does not find it agreeable to her, but I divulged every piece of information to her that she asked for. Never once did she ask about a headcap, and all information was clearly stated within my sales thread.

      I would like her to please reply below and let me know what action she would like me to take. Thank you for your time.
    2. nancy60304 was last on the forum yesterday. She is now Being Paged.
    3. I have not heard from nancy60304. As I am not refunding her payment, and I have in my possession a doll that belongs to her, I will be shipping it back to her this morning. I have sent her a PM with a read receipt attached that reads exactly as follows:

      I will include a paper copy of this message in the box as well. I will post again if I hear from nancy60304, or if the doll is returned to me.
    4. The doll has been shipped back to nancy60304 as of 11.08.2011.
    5. According to the USPS website, the doll was delivered today, 11.10.2011, at 2:48pm. I have still heard nothing from nancy60304.
    6. Nancy60304 was last on the forum 10NOV.
    7. nancy60304 has still not contacted me at all in regards to this matter.
    8. I still have heard absolutely nothing from nancy60304, and she has not sent the doll back to me. However, until she responds to my PMs or this thread, I cannot consider the matter resolved.