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Unresolved Problem Transaction with platina - MEMBER MP BANNED

Feb 2, 2010

    1. I really, really hate to make this - I've waited for days in between PMs to sort it out between us privately, but since she was on yesterday and didn't reply to me, I've decided to take several people's advice and open a thread.

      Item: I.O.S Osiris, $728.00 all told

      Problem: Came with unmentioned head damage

      Digging through my PMs, here are the dates:

      Jan. 07 - expressed interest in Osiris, asked questions, agreed to have doll held for a week in order for me to get paid. Six PMs were exchanged on that one day - communication was fast, obviously.

      Jan. 14-15 - platina checked in to make sure I was ready to pay the next day - I was. Payment was made, PMs confirming payment and expressing thanks were exchanged into the next day.

      Jan. 20th - Working shipping number received.

      Jan 26th - Afternoon: Doll received, cue tumultuous joy. Positive feedback left. Evening: discovered damage. Cue upset and confusion. PM sent asking about damage (10:37PM).

      Jan. 29th - Received response from platina saying it wasn't her fault, she didn't even touch it, she had her dad sent it, it was probably IOS's fault, etc. Responded with PM containing pictures of damage and criticism about not checking things before you sell them for hundreds of dollars.

      Feb. 1st - platina was online, but didn't reply back.

      Feb 2nd - Good and tired of this runaround, I discover platina was online yesterday and open this complaint.

      I can post screencaps of the PMs between us if you'd like.

      I am extremely upset about all of this. On the 24th, I got into a car accident, my car was egged and keyed the same day as the accident, and the day before that, my dad revealed a serious medical symptom he's apparently had for THREE MONTHS and never told anyone until even HE was scared. As such, I was counting on this doll to cheer me up, and then when I DO get it, after paying out the nose, he's damaged. Here are some pics (pastel applied to scratches in the bruised-looking pics, since it's really hard to photograph with my crummy camera - also, contrast turned up) :


      (without pastel)


      As you can see, it looks like someone took a low-grit sandpaper to his head. Besides the obvious scratches you can see clearly in the pictures, the left side of his forehead, temple, and behind his ear have buff and scuff marks all over - obviously an endeavor to remove the fine, gritty texture apparently left behind by the casting process. Thus, the left side of his head is smooth, shiny, scuffed, and scratched.

      None of this was mentioned in the selling post. platina stated it "just arrived at her" and he would arrive exactly as is - she even said she didn't even touch it. I'd like to know how the damage got there, in that case.

      I offered a deal - she can just refund me for the head, rather than either of us dealing with sending the entire thing back, since I'm happy with the body. I would REALLY like to hear back on this, as the stress of what's been happening the past two weeks has put me in a no-tolerance mood. Hearing her excuses made me even more upset, but I'm still willing to talk this out. Like I said before, I didn't even want to open this, but after such quick communication in the beginning, to the leisurely 3-4 day response time she's adopted since I've received the doll, and with the excuses she's offered, I'm nearly out of patience - and it's been mentioned that I should probably get this out, for potential buyers.

      I should also note that I asked IOS about it, and they said they're sorry about what happened with platina, and they'll cast me a new head for the cost of a normal head + shipping with proof of authenticity (which I do have). That's all I want at this point - enough to buy a replacement head. platina knows this. I just want to get this all behind me, so I can just start worrying about the damage to my car.

      If you need more info, just ask.
    2. platina was last on the forum yesterday. She is now Being Paged. Please keep this thread updated with resolution.
    3. I got your messgae and check it on my friend's Iphone, actually, it not allows me to reply your megs.
      Sorry for late reply :)
      I'm sorry to see the head in this situation.
      I did not do anything to it, you can check the package, the head was good protected and packaged by IOS not me.
      The foam paper covered it like he comes. So it should not be my fault to make it scuffed, and scratched.
      anyway, I'm sorry for this poor soul, I provide some cash back or return head (you pay for it back to me and I pay for IOS to you)
      I think it is not such a big problem and I hope we can solve it smoothly.
    4. I received your PM, and sent you a couple proposals of my own.

      At this point, what's bothering me the most about this isn't the damage (though that's bothering me a LOT, of course, and we wouldn't have this problem in the first place without it), but accepting responsibility. I said this in the PM, but you need to be POSITIVE what you're selling for $728.00 is undamaged, and exactly as advertised.

      Otherwise, things like this happen, obviously.
    5. The dispute has been settled via PM, satisfactorily. I'll consider this resolved as soon as I receive the amount we agreed on via Paypal, and will post accordingly when that time comes - within the next two days.
    6. I still haven't seen the payment, which she assured me would arrive to me no later than Saturday. I'm going to assume it's the weekend's fault and wait until Tuesday (President's Day Monday).
    7. Wednesday night and I haven't seen payment yet.
    8. Still nothing. Sent a Monday ultimatum PM - after that, I'd like to request this as unresolved. Now I really, REALLY need the money, since I had to pay a $500.00 insurance deductible I wasn't exactly prepared to pay.
    9. Sorry for the absence - my job went crazy and I barely have time to do anything these days.

      Anyway, updating April 15th - no refund. I give up.