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Problem Transaction with SAT - RESOLVED

Apr 11, 2008

    1. I purchased a faux Fer dress from Sat on 3/10/08 for $40 and was told the dress would probably be done within the week if not the next.
      A week went by and I heard nothing so I Pm'd Sat, and I was told she had a lot of medical appts and hadn't been able to work on it.

      so I waited another week and still more excuses for it not being done.

      Then on 4/2 I finally got a Pm saying it would be finished the following day and "hopefully" in the mail that evening. I have not heard anything since then nor have I received the dress.

      On another forum she posted that she has more of these dresses for sale on Ebay and needs to clear them out so she can make money for an upcoming Convention..while I sit here with no dress, and out $42 ...

      I have Pm'd her, I emailed her and I left a message on the other forum..and I also started a Paypal dispute, hopefully to get the message across I am not too happy.
    2. You did all of this PMing this morning before I even got back for the day. You could have at least waited 24 hours for a response before posting this thread. I provided you a tracking number as well as to Paypal.

      This thread is premature and I am TRYING to work with you to resolve this. Please feel free to inform whoever you like, but this is rather rude to jump the gun within a few hours instead of waiting at least a day for me to respond. I usually respond to everything within a few hours of a message if I am home. You went through several routes to get in touch with me and I appreciate that, but if I am not home I cannot get said messages. I answered them as quickly as I could. Going this far to me comes off as a good bit of a smear campaign.
    3. Btw, since there is no edit button for me, I would like to add that I have been in contact with Catdancer now. I am sorry to be so rude here in my post but I was rather surprised and upset when I came home and saw this. I thought that your dress would have been there by now Catdancer and I'm sorry that it hasn't arrived yet.
    4. I don't consider it a smear campaign, more like an attention getter.

      I have been reasonable through out this..I paid for this item on 3/10 and was told it would be done within a week.. Before you jump on me about this...I understand medical issues involving arms/shoulders etc..I have them myself..but I was patient, only Pming to ask if it was nearly finished.

      Then I am told the item would be finished on 4/2 and sent out the next day...then now you send me the tracking number{because I finally had to get tough and contact Paypal and put this thread up} and it says it was accepted at the PO on 4/6....April 6th was a Sunday so I don't know how that happened and it was three days after you said it would be sent out and it eventually was processed on the 8th!..plus I never recieved a PM, email, nothing from you saying it was sent out at all..

      what am I to think??

      I actually kept forgetting about the dress until I saw today that you put a similiar one up for sale on ebay..or I would have forgotten all about it.

      So please don't say this is a smear campaign...you dropped the ball by putting me off for weeks and then not even letting me know it was sent..and there is no way to check on Paypal as you didn't use their shipment option.

      I just hope the dress will be worth the wait and the hassle.
    5. Sat,

      I just sent this post and I would like to have this not get nasty..so hopefully it will arrive tomorrow or Monday.
    6. Sat and I are working this out, she has sent me the tracking number, and she has a PO close to her that is open 24/7..can you believe it?? and it says it left Phillie yesterday so it should be here tomorrow or Monday..
      thank you Amber for your quick responses..I will update thread and let you know when it arrives..
    7. Yes, keep the thread updated with resolution. Thanks!
    8. Item has been received and I am happy with it. I have dropped dispute through paypal. All is well on my end. thank you.