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Resolved Problem transaction with Satura - RESOLVED

Apr 27, 2011

    1. I really didn't want it to come to this, but I'm done with letting this drag on now.

      On 5/4/11, I pm'd Satura regarding the B&G boys body she had listed for sale in this thread here: Clicky.

      Over subsequent pm's, Satura and I reached an agreement on price and shipping details:

      Please note that she is asking for paypal fees at this point, depsite the sales thread clearly stating she did not ask for them. I questioned her on this:

      Convinced that this was a misunderstanding, I continued with the transaction:

      After this, I heard nothing again until 19/4/11:
      Again, there was a pause in contact until 23/4/11, and by now, I'm starting to be concerned by how long this is all taking.
      At this point, I wasn't thrilled with the endless delays to what should have been a simple thing, but I let it slide because I really wanted the body and I, perhaps foolishly, believed that Satura was a responsible seller.

      There was no contact again until 25/04/11, when I got this pm:
      So finally I have a tracking number and believe the situation solved. The number begins to work the following day, but the parcel doesn't seem to move. I put this down to the slow updating that occurs on such things and thought nothing more of it, thinking the parcel was on it's way to me.

      Then I got this pm, today, 27/4/11:
      cont. Below.
    2. So...pretty much, the agreed upon amount of money I had paid 3 weeks ago means absolutely nothing, because Satura now expects me to pay MORE, for a service we'd already agreed upon, and that she'd gone and got a quote on for the purposes of the sale, or I don't get a body that's cost me $347 insured in the post. EXTREMELY unhappy with this, after weeks of waiting and then being told the box was shipped, I replied immediately with the following:

      Now, since we had already agreed upon both the price and the insurance right at the start, I fail to see why, 3 weeks later, I should have to either pay more, or have the parcel shipped uninsured. None of these options are acceptable to me when, had I known this, I would never have entered into the transaction in the first place. The entire point in having her get shipping quotes and asking for insurance was so that the prices and circumstances of shipping would be settled before we entered into any sale at all, to have her negate this 3 weeks later immediately ruined any trust I had with Satura, so once again, I asked for a full refund:

      There is absolutely no way I am accepting ANY BLAME WHATSOEVER for Satura charging me the wrong amount for insurance. I asked for quotes, she gave them to me, I paid according to her quotes. This is HER mistake and one for which I WILL NOT PAY.

      I have sent this last pm to Satura:
      I have done as I said and opened the paypal dispute which I will not hesitate to escalate to a claim if Satura does not refund me IN FULL.

      I am placing this thread here as a marker for this hideous mess of a sale and so that I can record any further communications between us.

      Once again Satura, I am sorry it has come to this because you have been great with communications and the sale up to this point, but really, this has gone on long enough now and it's clear that we would both be better off calling this to a halt now. It is also apparent that your shipping estimates were incorrect, but that is not MY fault and as a result, I will not be paying for them.
    3. Satura was last on the forum today. She is now Being Paged. Please keep this thread updated. And link to it in her feedback thread.
    4. I have just got this pm from Satura this morning:

      I am at a total loss to see where or how I said I was ok with that parcel being shipped UNINSURED, regardless of any dubious guarantee's her shipping company has given her and I am VERY unhappy with this situation. I asked Satura, repeatedly, for a full refund because I no longer trusted her following her repeated attempts to gather more money from me during this transaction and her response was to put the thing in the post AGAINST MY WISHES ANYWAY.

      I have not and will not reply to her via pm and my paypal claim will remain open until I have either my FULL refund or that body in my hands. I'll also update this thread should either of those highly unlikely eventualities occur and I'd like her to remain being paged until there is some form of resolution to this mess. I'm putting the link in her feedback thread too.
    5. I think it is a misunderstanding between us.
      Lulu brought my B&G body.At the very first,she consulted about the shipping fee.I recommandered her to use the EMS agent service.Because they offer discounted price which is much lower than posting derectly.Lulu agreed.

      I told her I cannot shipping it out very soon before the payment.But I told Lulu I can ship it on 19/04/11.She also agreed and paid me.

      Then 19/04/11,I ship it out to the EMS agent as I metioned to Lulu.And keeping in touch with her and reported her every progress of shipping process. It took several days to deal with the package.I kept in touch with Lulu and told her latest news about the package in these days.

      I think maybe Lulu is misunderstanding I was delay her shipping.But in fact,I do everything that we both agreed.I just want her to know every shipping detail and don't be worry while she was waiting.

      It is get smoothly until 26/04/11.I got the tracking number from the EMS agent and thought it is over.I pmed it to Lulu and ask for her patience to wait the package,for the way she choose is slower.
      But I don't expect the post office has changed thier regulation that any discounted fee package cannot add insurance any more.I cannot offer Lulu a ship as she required.So,I pmed her to ask her opinion.

      Lulu was angry and require cancel the trade.I was very angry for this.I think the insurance problem is not my fault and I was alway doing my best for this trade.She said she didn't get anything.But I have already paid for our trade!
      I cannot accept such a result.So,we are both unhappy on 27/04/11.And Lulu ask Paypal to refund.

      I wrote a pm to Lulu again today and explain my words again.I hope Lulu will accept and we can get another negotiation.
      The body is on its way to Lulu now.
    6. At first,I am sorry for the shipping.

      The explain from the EMS agent is:because I told them I need a quick service because the buyer was already waiting a long time.So,they desided instead of me.And the shipping method is safe and they never meets any missing and destroy.And they promiss be responsible on any transpotation problem.


      I have ask for the EMS agent last night,he told me it too late to cancel shipping.I'm sorry for that.

      I don't understand why you say you don't trust me.I explain for all my pms.I wrote them with my best friendship.I just hope you will not be worried while so long time waiting!
      I shipped the package on 19/04/11 as I promissed you.And let you know every detail in the process.Those PMs did NOT mean any delay,just show you where the package was and where it would be !

      I instist that it is not my fault on the insurance problem.The post office change their regular and their will never notice their customers one by one,ok?

      I think I have no duty to pay for your shipping fee in the circumstances the post office change their regular.So,I asked my shipping company to pause it until I got your reply.I asked you for your opinion and give you several choice.I am totally respecting your choice.But what you do is ask for full refund.

      You allowed the third party to join our trading,we both should be responsible for it.You are so unreasonable to ask me to hold it all.
      I cannot accept the result.I did everything I can for you to meet your request,but you refuse to face the problem we meet.
      I feel hurt with your attitude.You made me so disappointed.
      I'll not reply you unless you metion another REASONABLE way to resolve.

    7. Satura, you have left me with absolutely no option but to wait for the parcel now since you have posted it anyway! What do you expect me to do? I don't trust you in the slightest, you don't trust me, we must wait. You have no idea how much stress this has caused me and you can insist all you want on the insurance point, but it is entirely moot now since you've shipped the parcel WITHOUT IT.

      It is this simple, YOU gave me prices and told me they included insurance. I took you at your word. YOU were wrong. That is all there is to it and now, there is no point in further discussion until I have the box.

      So now we wait for the parcel to arrive, and when/if it does and I've seen that the body is in order and the shipping charge was precisely what I paid you, I will call off the paypal claim. Until then, THERE IS NOTHING WE CAN DO.
    8. I was truely sorry for the shipping finally happened.It was out of my control.But please understand I have not malice to you.This situation is not my original meaning.

      I know the insurance is very important no matter how safe the shipping method suggested to be.I pmed you ask for your opinion at once when I got the infomation.It was not me allow him to post it out.
      But it is happened now...So,let us wait it arrives and let's get it over in peace.I'll return you some money for the insurance and for the rate depreciates.If you have other reasonable requests,that is negotiable.Please let me know.

      I'll keep open and positive attitude,if you are willing to trust I am not cheating you.
      Let's keep in touch.

    9. I have finally received the body in good condition and well packed, thank you to Satura for that.

      As the box was missing basically all it's labels barring one half torn one with my address and a lot of ParcelForce tape on it, I have no idea how much it actually cost to ship, so I have no evidence to dispute what I paid and on that basis, I'm calling this ridiculous mess resolved at last and have closed the Paypal dispute.
    10. Please link to this thread in her feedback thread. Thank you.