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Problem Transaction with sedatedtoi - RESOLVED

Feb 27, 2009

    1. HI THERE, I have entered into a transaction for $540.00 with sedatedtoi for her minfee Ryeon + wardrobe. I recieved a rather large light box. Doll clothes were inside, BUT NO DOLL. I contacted Sedatedtoi and she assured me she sent the doll herself and she personally placed the doll in the box. She said bc I opted out of insurance there was nothing she could do. Seller deleted the SALE page on den of angels. However I did have to sign for the box. I felt the box unusually LOW WEIGHT for a minifee to be inside so I opened it in the presence of my postal worker. He offered to write me an affidavit as a government employee of what he witnessed and told me to try to resolve with the buyer first. I HAVE NO CLAIMS in paypal bc you are not protected if you do not purchase through ebay. But I did make a claim with my bank and the post office. Once I informed sedatedtoi of this we spoke on the telephone. She informed me while we were speaking on the matter that SHE JUST HAS FOUND THE DOLL IN HER ROOM and she was very sorry about forgetting to put her in the box. ....and that she will ship it out to me ASAP. I still do not have the doll and am quite upset by it all.
      Can you imagine opening up a box and the HEAVIEST MOST EXPENSIVE item that you purchased/adopted IS NOT IN THE BOX ??? It is a disheartening feeling. GOOD LUCK to you toxic_nightmist !!! I really hope I get my doll....
    2. Finally resolved
    3. Could you please update this thread with how the transaction was resolved so that I may lock it and add it to the index?
    4. I was very upset to recieve a BOX with no doll in it. I was also very upset that the seller told me in an e-mail that she was very offended by me saying that I did not recieve the doll. I had a lot of ANXIETY over this expensive doll. I did file the postal fraud claim and the fraud claim with my bank wells fargo from which the wire transfer came from my bank account through paypal. My mail person did write me an affidavit of what he witnessed. As stated before Sedatedtoi said she found the doll in her room and that she would send it to me priority and if I would not file any claims against her. I waited, NO DOLL. Then finally I did recieve the doll in good condition with a bag. I also recieved a handwritten note from sedatedtoi that she had adult ADHD which was the reason she did not mail the doll and she was sorry. I have cancelled my fraud claims against the seller in good faith. Although I feel if it had not been for my postal worker as a witness I would have never recieved this doll. I am sorry for such the negative feeling but it is a strong feeling.