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Problem Transaction With Shadow13 - RESOLVED

Feb 21, 2011

    1. This started with a trade. She wanted my Chrom paws and offered a number of dolls and I took interest in the puki pipi with the DD hooves that she had. She came with an extra pair of hands, clothes, plastic things, and two wigs. I traded my paws, a pair of pants, a shirt and a wig. Here is the value she put on the things she sent.

      Her pictures she sent me did not show that the wigs that she sent had holes in them or that the clothes had either been sewn badly or that nearly all of them had been cut open. Some that were opened in the picture she sent looked like normal kelly clothes that velcro shut. Nor did they show that the pukis face-up had not been sealed. These are things that she should have disclosed to me before the trade proceeded.

      I‘m not sure of the colorful language she is referring to, I have saved every email transaction and can post them here as proof. I mentioned a paging thread when she hadn't written back to me in a while after she had kept amazing contact in the beginning that faded off after she sent the items. I dropped that when she started talking to me again, but has again become difficult to get dialog going.

      I was never looking to cause problems, just wanted an agreeable compromise that would leave the both of us happy.

      In the e-mails she had written back to me, she wanted full retail value on the pre-owned puki and other pre-owned resin parts when we were trying to work out the amount of refund on the obviously defected items(clothes and wigs) that were not mentioned.

      I went away for three days for work at a convention and she hadn't written me back, so I told her "Well, since you don't want to have communication with me, whatever. I guess this ends things and things will be left accordingly."

      Here is the picture she sent to me.

      Here is the brown wig that has a whole so big my pinky can fit through with ease.

      The other wig in poor condition.

      The cut and poorly sewn clothing.

      I've tried to avoid this, I don't like making people look bad, but at this point, I'm not sure what else there is that I can do other then to point out what has been going on for the past few weeks.

      Today she has sent me a message about some sort of resin exchange, but I have yet to hear back from her at this point and am awaiting a message.
    2. Shadow13 was last on the forum yesterday. She is now Being Paged. Please keep this thread updated - especially with what you would like to see as resolution.
    3. Thank you, Zagzagael.

      I also forgot to mention the trouble we had with shipping because I figure it would be relevant since trouble started around this time.

      We both decided to ship on a Monday, she wrote me and told me that her husband had sent the package out to me, so that day I went and sent the package.

      She got hers Wednesday, but I never got mine that week. On Saturday or Sunday she sent me a message saying her husband had sent the package to the wrong place and she was getting it back. She apparently had gotten it back on Monday and sent the puki out on Tuesday. A week and a day after she was supposed to be originally sent.

      I had asked her to take a picture of the box that was returned to her, but she never did. I even reminded her the morning after about the picture and she said she might of thrown it out and the trash man came that morning, but she would look for it. Then I asked again about it later and she said that she thought her roommate probably used it to ship some of his things. So, I didn't get the proof I wanted that the doll had been returned to her from the wrong address.

      What I would be happy with for a resolution would either be the difference I estimated between the trades. I would consider resin worth the difference, but those are the only two options I would consider.
    4. I am pming now. I am attempting to resolve with another faceplate. But the prices I put on the items are what I've seen them go for in the mp. I'm still new to the bjd world. I don't know the difference between a sealed and not sealed faceup. I've been told not to touch the face, thats all I know about it >.< and the wigs were ones I made myself, as well as the majority of the clothes. the badly sewn ones, were intentionally sewn that way. I thought they were cute. And I did ask if their were any questions. I would have been more than glad to send more pics. And taken pics with other dolls, or stuff like that. I'm sorry :..(
    5. It's fine. She is in fact working with me and being very, very nice about it. :)

      As soon as it's resolved, I will update this thread again. Thank you :)
    6. Shadow13 has sent a Puki Piki FP to my house to even out the trade. It has arrived, I haven't been able to confirm the condition since I am out of town working at a convention for the weekend.

      But, I will be home tomorrow night to confirm the condition of the FP. Thank you.
    7. I'm home and the puki FP is in good condition. I consider this matter RESOLVED.

      Thank you.