Problem transaction with Shuga Youko - RESOLVED SOMEWHAT UNHAPPILY

May 1, 2010

    1. Shuga Youko organized a spilt for Soom MD AI. I took part in it for the tail.
      At the start everything was fine and nice. When the doll was delivered, she contacted me and we agreed about the shipping method and costs and I paid the shipping fee on the 2nd of April.

      A few days later, I got a pm that she couldn’t ship the tail ship for the next two weeks because of some ‘personal problem’ . Things can happen and I was I no hurry to get the tail, so I had no problem with that. Two weeks passed and I heard nothing. I contacted her and asked about it. She answered my pm and said that she would be able to send it out on 26th of April. I agreed again.The 26th passed, nothing at all. No tracking number or pm with any explanation. I contacted her again and gave her a date to ship it before the 30th of April.

      On the 30th of April I got a pm that she forgot to bring the package with her so she couldn’t send it out, she promised that she would do it the next day.Tomorrow is today and a few minutes and ago I got another pm, not with the message that she shipped the item but with another excuses (she had some issues at hand and by the time she got to the post office, it was closed).

      I didn't want to open a probleem transaction thread, but at this point it is the only thing I can do to force her to keep her part of this deal. I’m tired of the delays and her excuses. I lost my faith in her as a seller/splitleader and want to end this deal as quickly as possible. I kept my part of the deal, it’s time for her to do as well. If she cannot send the tail, I aks for a full refund of every dollar I spent on this transaction.
    2. Sorry, I mistyped the name...Shuga Youko, it is.
    3. Shuga Youko was last on the forum today. She is now Being Paged.
    4. Still no answer from her, while she promised to send it out on monday in her last pm.
    5. She was on the forum today, still no reaction. I send her a pm again.
    6. And I got a quick answer with a trackingnumber.
    7. The tail has been sent today. Hope it came safe and well.
      When it arrive, raafje can inform if everything came fine and them solve this problem.

      My apologizes...
    8. Sadly, I have to add myself.
      Me and my friend are waiting for our package to be sent since raafje did, but ours is still not shipped yet.
      Shuga Youko wrote a pm about some post office problems and why she couldn't send the package when she sent raafje's.
      This was on 05-04-2010 - and she said she would send it the next day.
      Since then there's no update or answer to my pm...
    9. Got the shipping notice with the tracking number. Now waiting for the items arrival.^^
    10. I'm still waiting for the items to arrive. The tracking number is working, but the last update is from 5th of May. What's to do next?
    11. It arrived to day, and I'm happy with it. For me the problem is resolved to my satisfaction and I consider the transaction closed.

      Thanks Shuga Youko!
    12. The items arrived for us too - but I must say I'm not too satisfyed... the hooves had a noticeable chip at the joint wich I wasn't informed from and the horns also came without the magnets, even though they do come with them from soom.

      But the package arrived so it's resolved for me too.
    13. Bake_Neko ~ Please pm a moderator if you decide to pursue more resolution and this thread can be reopened.

      Don't forget to link back to this thread in Shuga Youko's feedback thread.