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Problem transaction with Silvia - RESOLVED UNHAPPILY

Mar 14, 2010

    1. At the end of January, I arranged to buy an SD13 (black coat and trousers) suit from Silvia, but sadly the transaction has not gone well and not only has the suit not arrived, but Silvia's conduct has been shockingly neglectful.
      I have listed the details of our communication (or lack thereof):

      28th Jan
      Sent PM to Silvia asking if she had a clearer photograph of the suit, and how much she would charge for postage.

      29th Jan
      Silvia replied with a photo and shipping information.

      Over the same day, we arranged when money would be sent. I asked if she could wait until Monday for the money, she did not reply.

      1st Feb
      Transferred money to Silvia.

      1st Feb
      Sent message to Silvia to say cash was transferred.

      3rd Feb
      Sent message to Silvia ask if money had been received.

      5th Feb
      She replied with: “Hi, I dont know why you didn't receive the message, I mentioned in my last PM your suit was shipped last week. Thanks.” (I received no such message telling me it had been sent – she had told me in her third PM when we were arranging payment that she usually ships on a Tuesday, no greater detail than that.)

      15th Feb
      I asked Silvia in a PM when exactly the suit had been sent because I hadn’t received it yet.

      23rd Feb
      Made the same request, adding that if she wasn’t getting my messages, could she reply to my e-mail address instead.

      25th Feb
      I told her that if she did not reply by the weekend, I would have to page her.

      26th Feb
      Silvia finally e-mailed me with this: “Hi, I don't really understand why you keep asking since I had already told you the suit was shipped a long time ago. between 2.1 - 2.5. It usually takes 2 - 3 weeks to deliver.”

      I replied with this: “I kept asking because you didn't reply. If you'd replied to the first enquiry about this I wouldn't have had to ask repeatedly, like I had to before. You told me vaguely when the suit was sent but as per my first message on this subject, I was hoping for an exact date.” (as mentioned before, all I knew was that she usually posts on a Tuesday.)

      She did not reply to this.

      Tomorrow it will have been six weeks since I paid for the suit. I am not at all satisfied with this transaction, more because of Silvia’s conduct than the fact that the suit has not turned up and I am down $34 and a beautiful suit. I cannot even use the PayPal resolution centre to attempt to retrieve my money because I marked it as a personal payment.
      I am frankly staggered at Silvia’s positive feedback when she has so blatantly ignored me for so long – each time I checked, she had been online every day while I was awaiting a response.
      My ideal resolution for this would be a refund; Silvia should be able to claim the loss from the post office even though the suit was sent regular airmail. More importantly, as this is a hobby based on trading, I wish to highlight the lack of responsibility in another trader.
    2. Silvia was last on the forum today. She is now Being Paged. Please keep this thread updated with resolution.
    3. Hi. I don't understand why I'm being paged.

      If what you want to know is the exact day I sent it, I'm sorry I can't tell since it was someday more than a month ago -
      I went to the post office and handed over your package by person.

      As you know your package is not sent registered. Why should I be blamed for lost package?
      You know, when sending an item through regular mail we compromise. What if a buyer received the item but he/she deny having the item received? As a seller could never tell.

      Well I don't mean it's you, you are my first case, I just want you to understand I am not responsible if the package is lost.
    4. As I understand it, even standard airmail is covered to a certain amount if proof of postage is kept - perhaps that's only in the UK.

      As I said in my post, my main issue is with how and why my enquiries were ignored. You have not once given a reason for it. If you had been communicative the entire time, the loss of the money and the suit would not be such an issue; as it is, the situation has left me extremely frustrated.

      I can assure you, I wouldn't bother making such a fuss if I was trying to swindle you.
    5. I might always be a bit late replying you, but i DID answered all your questions...

      So what is it that you want now? [​IMG]
      To refund you? COME ON! That's unfair.

      but if I could calm your frustration, I can send you the white suit in my thread thread as a gift.
      Perhaps you're going to receive the one that you bought too! [​IMG]
    6. You left three weeks between communications, with three messages sent to you during that time, despite the fact that you knew I was trying to get in touch with you - you'd been online every day. I'm sorry, but I don't think it's unreasonable to be annoyed by that, or to want you to understand why it's such bad form for a trader.
      If you've got the proof of postage, you CAN claim on unregistered post, according to USPS: http://www.usps.com/insuranceclaims/
      Express Mail International®, Global Express Guaranteed, Registered Mail, insured or ordinary parcel post call 800-222-1811 to initiate an inquiry.

      In truth, I would rather have the suit jacket you have offered, but I wanted you to know that it is possible.
    7. My apologies Silvia, I've given you the USPS link when your e-mail address suggests you're in Japan. My mistake. I would still have thought that there is some kind of receipt number that could be traced.
    8. Silvia and I took to sorting this out through private messages but after two requests for an apology and an explanation (which was what I was after in the first place) she has chosen to ignore me again. We discussed tracking and the gift she offered to send, then she asked me to stop being "mean" and requested my address.

      16th March
      I sent this with my address: "I haven't been "mean", I've done what I had to do to get you to respond. Do you have any excuse at all for ignoring my messages, in particular the three that I sent over three weeks that you were clearly aware of? Because is it that which I have the problem with and was hoping for an apology. Preferably on the thread so it can be closed."

      17th March
      Silvia sent: "Hi,
      I hope everything is settle down as I'm sending the gift.
      Please close the thread now; I'll send it registered to prevent mail lost."

      Frustrated that she continued to ignore my original point of wanting an explanation and an apology, I replied on the same day with this:
      "You've ignored everything I said in my last message, not offering a reason for your behaviour or an apology, both of which were what I requested in the first place. I do not call this issue "settled" just because you are sending a gift. I will close the thread after your reply to this message; whether I close it on a good note or not is up to you."

      She has not replied, and I have no idea whether the suit jacket has been sent or not.
    9. This thread can be closed. I received the suit jacket but Silvia clearly has no intention of settling the personal element of this and I can't be bothered to keep fighting. Suffice to say I haven't been happy with any part of this transaction.