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Problem transaction with Sixfried - RESOLVED

Aug 22, 2009

    1. On July 26 I agreed to buy, and paid for, an Elysium Axel head from DOA user Sixfried. At the time she said there would be a short shipping delay and it would take her 5-10 days to ship because of her work schedule. Her exact quote from the PM was that she would ship "in 5-10 days I will send him if i can do it early you can be sure that I will do it and inform you about it."

      This was fine with me as I was going out of the country anyway and wouldn't be back for at least a week, so I agreed. In general, because I have a demanding job and schedule myself, I am pretty flexible about other people's schedules as long as they have the item out to me within a couple of weeks. I also noticed there were some feedback threads on Sixfried already having to do with international shipping delays, but that it appeared the items did eventually get shipped out and received even if it took a while, so I made a mental note to keep a careful eye on the shipping schedule than I usually do.

      On August 1, Sixfried sent a PM that it "probably will take [her] another week mail him out, I think that I will be able to mail him on monday 10," because right now she had "a lot of work". That was OK with me, so I agreed to this schedule as well.

      On August 10, I PM'ed her seeking the tracking number as she said she was going to mail on that day. She responded by PM, "Hi! Just wanna tell you that is really dificult for me go to the post office since they only are open until 2 pm and they don't work in the afternoon so If you are agree I will give your package with other two to a friend since he have more time than me." The other two packages were apparently Soom items that other people were waiting for.

      I agreed to this as well because at this point, as I told her, I didn't care who mailed it as long as I got a tracking number soon. I also mentioned that I expected the head to arrive within the window for filing a Paypal claim and that because international shipping sometimes took longer due to customs or what method was used, I'd prefer the doll be shipped sooner rather than later.

      As of this week I had not received a tracking number so I PM'ed again. My last communication with Sixfried was on August 18 when she let me know that due to the delay in her "friend" getting to the PO, she was willing to give me a refund and then if she found herself able to get to the PO in the future she would send me the head and I could send her the payment again. I basically said I would prefer to just get the head (It's a fairly rare head which is why I was willing to go through trouble and delay to get it) but that I would accept either the head or a refund at this point. Further, I would be happy to pay again right away if she ever provided me with a tracking number showing the head was actually shipped.

      As of August 18, Sixfried said she was going to check with her friend and see what was going on and if he still hadn't shipped she would refund me. Since then, I have not heard from her further and have neither received a refund nor the tracking number for the head. Obviously by this point I am starting to feel very uncertain of ever receiving the head. It has been 28 days since I paid as of this weekend and still no tracking number.

      I would add that Sixfried has been very communicative and nice through this whole process and has responded to every PM, usually promising that she or her friend will send the head soon, but as nothing seems to be happening I felt that at this point further PMs would not be helpful. We have already exchanged probably about fifteen PMs on this transaction.

      As I said, I'm usually very flexible on shipping but 28 days is a full month and I am worried I won't be getting the head at all. I have not filed a Paypal claim yet as the window is 45 days, but in order for the head to arrive before that window expired it would need to be shipped now. Therefore, I'd like the head to be shipped right away at this point. If that's not possible maybe a refund would be the best plan, but I would prefer to receive the head.
    2. Update: Sixfried has PM'ed me that she will have a tracking number for me by Monday. I will keep the thread updated accordingly.
    3. Update: Tracking number has been received.
    4. Update: I received the head today. The face sculpt and faceup look great. Sixfried put a little gift in the box for me as well, and the box and head were well wrapped.

      Unfortunately when I opened the head I noticed a crack about 1/4 inch at the corner of the neckhole and when I touched it there, a small piece of resin (About 1/4 inch square) broke off. Upon looking closely at it, it looks like Elysium made these heads with really thin resin in the spot where the S-hook sits to hold the head on. When the head is attached to a body with the S-hook seated there is a really good chance of the resin in or around the thin S-hook slot getting stressed/ weakened and eventually cracking off. Therefore I would blame this at least partly on Elysium's manufacturing for this head. Because the break is in an area that doesn't show and can be repaired by supergluing the piece back on and/or using some epoxy resin on that spot, I am not too worried about it, and am just noting it here for completeness. Axel is hard to find so I would have bought him even with the chip.

      I would add that Sixfried has continued to be pleasant and communicative and checked in with me a couple times to see if I'd received the head yet.

      As far as I'm concerned, this transaction with Sixfried is now RESOLVED, I am satisfied with the head I got. I will PM a moderator to mark the thread RESOLVED and lock it.