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Problem Transaction with Suuchan - RESOLVED MEMBER MP BANNED

Jul 12, 2010

    1. I purchased a LTF Full Set Rachael boy from Suuchan. Everything went fine with the transaction itself. I paid, she shipped. I let her know when the doll arrived and explained that i would leave feedback once i had time to check the doll out more.

      When i did take him out of the bubble wrap his wig had come off. When i picked him up the faceplate instantly fell off. Luckly i was sitting on the floor in carpeted room. His faceplate does not stay on. It wont stay on even if you stand him completely still unless hes wearing a wig.

      This was not disclosed in the listing, if it had been i would not have bought the doll. He was advertised as in like new condition. I believe that its a sellers duty to disclose any flaws that would impact the value of an item. I do not feel that she did this.

      My LTF Leah did not have this porblem. In fact nobody who has a LTF in my doll group has had this problem. A faceplate that wont stay on is a too much of a liablity. My dolls travel alot, and get handled by lots of people who are inexperienced with these kinds of dolls.

      I requested that she refund a portion of the money paid to her or trade for another faceplate. She declined both options. Stating that since its such a common issue with LTF that I should have known.

      Im including a link to the video i made of the issue, showing my LTF Leah and the LTF Rachael.


      I would be happy with a partial refund of the faceplate cost, since i take some responsibity in not asking what exactly like new conditon meant to her.
    2. I sold the doll as like new because he is. I sent him exactly as he came from the company to me, but a few months older. Shall I quote all of the people in the LittleFee thread that hae stated that this is both a very common thing to have happen, and who have said how to fix it? A simple magnet would fix the issue, and I have offered to supply the magnets, or she could use sticky-tack, or a rubber band, or tape, or any number of things, but is not willing to do anything like that.

      The LittleFee thread shows that this is not an uncommon issue, and I have read threads from other companies with faceplates saying that faceplates can be loose to the point of falling off. It is an issue of being an informed buyer and be willing to change things that you do not like about the doll. It is not "broken" as she had said in a PM, nor is it a defect, it is a character of faceplates in general.
    3. I tried the magnets that came with my Leah. It still did not hold, if i turned him upside it would hang for a few seconds and then fall right off. Part of it might be cause the hole in the faceplate doesnt take the whole magnet in a little bit hangs out..so its not flush. It tries to hold but because the notch that hold the bottom of the faceplate (basically the chin) doesnt catch at all.

      I dont believe that the "commonality" of the problem is the issue here. If i had been fully informed about this issue i wouldnt have bought the doll. Sellers are supposed to disclose any issue with the doll. A faceplate that wont stay on is an issue.

    4. I'm not sure why my post was deleted? Mods, I helped her pay for the doll in question, so while I wasn't the one directly involved in the transaction, I think my opinion whould be voiced and heard.

      So for what it is worth:

      When vampelley told me she'd found the doll, which is needed for an upcoming convention, I asked her about his condition. She told me the seller assured her he was "like new" condition. Since her Leah has only been here a few weeks, we had a pretty good idea of "like new" direct from Fairyland.

      I don't consider him in "like new" condition by any means. If we'd bought directly from Fairyland, we would have reported him as defective and requested a replacement. And gotten better customer service. I do not believe that loose faceplates are common as Suuchan claims. I have 2 dolls w/faceplates, 1 of them from FL and the other is nearly 4 years old. I've NEVER had this issue.

      Nor has anyone in our local doll group reported this issue. So no, it is not common as the greater number of owners do not experience the problem.

      Besides - a rare manufacturer default can not be claimed a "common" condition in a doll line.

      The bottom line is we paid for and expected a doll in new condition - not one that is going to need "fixing" or "fiddling with" to make it work. He can not be used as a fashion model at our charity table...nor can he and his sister be entered in the fashion contest if his face is going to fall off when we aren't looking.

      There is too much risk involved.

      As a seller, I think it was Suuchan's responsibility to disclose everything about the doll, including that his faceplate was loose. If that had been declared, we would have passed and spent our money elsewhere.

      I should have pressed vampelley to get more info on the doll, but like her I assumed that when a seller tells a buyer the doll is "like new" that it will be as such. We should have asked more questions, but by the same token, the questions we did ask should have been answered fully and to the best of the seller's knowledge. Leaving out the fact his faceplate was loose is misleading on the part of the seller and it is unfair that she expects us to just "fix" the doll.

      Again, you don't "fix" something that is new or "like new".

      Vampelley isn't being unresonable - she taking partial credit for the mistake by not pressing harder for accurate info on the doll's condition. But I think Suuchan needs to step up and be a responsible seller and also take partial credit for the problem caused by her not fully disclosing everything she knew about the doll in the first place.

      A partial refund to help cover the cost of a properly fitting faceplate is the only happy resolution we will consider.

      At this point Suuchan is unwilling to even discuss that, nor is she willing to accept her responsibility in the issue.

      Thank you for listening.
    5. Kyrenea, paging threads are between sellers and buyers only, which is why your original post was removed. Do you consider yourself directly involved in the transaction? If not directly involved, you do not need to add information to this thread as it should be coming from vampelley and suuchan who are direct participants in this transaction.
    6. Jescissa - thank you for the clarification.

      I would consider myself directly involved since I have money tied up in the transaction.

      Vampelley and I are part of a team developing about 5 panels for a convention and hosting a charity table for a scholarship and literacy grant. When the idea of doing her twin dolls came up, I offered to help her out so they'd be home in time for the convention and I'd be able to create patterns and sew for them. With the boy in this condition, I'm unwilling to even have him brought to my house and left here for pattern drafting.

      So I would say it directly involves me in both finances and in it preventing plans from going forward.

      The whole thing could have been easily avoided if Suuchan had fully disclosed the doll's condition. As it stands, we will have to wait that much longer to replace the faceplate and hopefully, it will all happen in enough time to allow our convention and fundraiser plans to take place.

      If the mods disagree and think being a financial supporter to a purchase is indirect involvement, then I understand and will say no more in the future.

      Thank you again for taking the time to answer.
    7. Suuchan and I have come to an agreement that suits us both. I think we both learned something. I should ask more questions when i have specific needs and she will be more careful when disclosing information. She has issued me a partial refund and offered me replacement magnets. Even tho we disagreed she did keep in contact and all the contact was very polite.
    8. I just talked w/vampelley and she said Suuchan and her aggreed to a partial refund and her sending some stronger magnets. We plan to take some time this weekend and see if we can get the boy to work. My hopes are high, since I was really looking forward to working with him. I'm glad that Suuchan stepped up and helped make a bad situation better. We all learned something along the way.