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Problem Transaction with swan20

Dec 28, 2010

    1. I did not want to do this, but seems like we cannot resolve this with PMs anymore.

      On 25th October,
      I saw one of swan20's sales thread. It was about a Dollmore Vnu. She stated in her thread that if the buyer prefers, she could switch the Dollmore GIRL body for a Dollmore BOY body. And since I was searching for a Dollmore BOY body, I instantly PM'd her with some questions. We conversed for a while via PM. And I offer $14o for the body including shipping to Brunei, in Asia. She counter-offered $145 including Priority shipping. I agreed and wanted a short 2-part layaway. She agreed.

      On 26th October,
      I asked my friend to send $56 to swan20's paypal. I had my friend sent that money, because it's supposed to be my money. And I use my own paypal account to sent $19 to swan20. Which made up to be $75, which is my first payment of the layaway payment. She confirmed she got them. She also set up a thread for the Dollmore BOY body for me and marked it "Finished - Please Graveyard" for me.

      On 11th of Nov,
      I sent the final payment of $7o to her. She confirmed payment and said will be shipping the body out tomorrow. That day, I received a notification from Paypal, saying;
      On 7th of Dec,
      After waiting for almost a month, I PM'd swan20 with concern asking about the package, since it's almost a month and I still havent gotten the body. She replied back saying she'll check with her Post office. I PM'd her back saying that I will be checking with my Post office as well.

      On 8th of Dec,
      I PM'd her saying that I have checked with my PO and there was nothing for me. She had also contacted her PO and should receive a response within 2-3 days.

      On 9th Of Dec,
      She PM'd me with some update on the PO's response which was not helpful and she asked a question and we again waited for the response.

      From 1oth of Dec -- Today
      There was no help from either of our PO. But I was willing to give two weeks more to see if the body will show up. I was hopeful. But unfortunately, days come by and goes and nothing. I requested a full refund from swan20. She said she cannot do it because she had already lost out on shipping + pp fees. And had alot of bills to pay and offered to refund half[$72.5] to me.

      I said no, and I requested a $1oo instead since I am soft and felt sorry for her since she had lost out on so many things and she had so many issues in real life. She had also refused. She insisted on half of the amount. I thought it was not fair since I had paid for the body and received nothing and only will receive a refund of half the amount?? We had been bickering back and forth for a while now and reaching no resolution so far.

      But now that I think about it, the package being lost is not my fault. So;
    2. The story is pretty much it, but date and a few things are a little different.

      Oct. 24, 2010:
      bulletsBANQ contacted me asking about a male DM body i mention in my VNU sale thread that i have if buyer like to switch and asked if i am willing to sell and price. I responded i would sell it for $137 shipped in the US. She offer $140 including shipping. Saying she is fine with body unstrung. I responded saying i can't include shipping to Asia (EMS is what i am refering to) and offer her $145 with Priority shipping unstrung. She accepted it and asked for a two part layaway which i agreed to. She sent her first 1/2 of payment and this message telling me so.

      Then right afterward she worry the color won't match so she asked about that and i answered as much as i can. And told her if she is unsure i can refund her so she can do research and think about it.

      Oct. 25, 2010
      She said she wanted to do more research so i refund her the payment. She said she will contact me after she is done with research. Though i wasn't sure how long she would be so i said i was planning on listing him after my cat VNU. She asked to hold him so i told her i will hold him for 2-3 days for her to think about it.

      Oct. 26, 2010
      She decided she want the body but she had her friend sent $56 and she sent 19 to my pp account so i was a little confused. but was find and didn't ask about that.

      Nov. 10, 2010
      She made the second payment. I shipped the body the next day and provide her to the info.

      Dec. 6, 2010,
      She contacted me saying she has not received the body yet and asked if i can check for her. I told her my po dont provide help/inquiries on Priority shipping and forwarded her the message.

      Dec. 6-19, 2010
      We exchange pms on any update we get. Beside emailing my po, i also called them they called me back with the same answer. priority mail has no tracking or insurance and they can't help. I asked them if lost or unclaimed how long will it be returned to me. I was told up to 6 months which i told her. I had a few returned to me after sitting unclaimed in custom for less than 6 months so i am still hoping that could be the case also.

      Dec. 20, 2010.
      bulletsBANQ said that is too long to wait so i offer her 1/2 of her originally back. She then wanted a full refunded which i can't afford to refund all. I understand that it is lost and not her fault but also not mine.

      so since then until now, we are still in the same spot. I still keep emailing my po hoping something would show up but only if the package is on my end. i also ask bulletsBANQ if she can do the same with her po.

      My reason for offering her 1/2 back or about more than 50% since i lost out on shipping and fees since i she and her friend sent in 3 different international transactions is that I cant afford EMS so i offered her priority, she didnt want to pay alot of shipping or body so she agreed. I would accept half lost as we both agreed to this transaction.
    3. You didnt mention anything about EMS or anything. And you didnt mention anything about fees. If I had known, I would have send the payments via Personal Payment. Or pay the fees myself. And I had given you benefits of the doubts by waiting week after week to see if the body will show up. So I didnt file a PP claim, but it's passed 45 days and I cant fail it anymore.

      And I offered $14o INCLUDING shipping. But you said it's too steep for you and offered $145. I was fine with that. I thought you were sending the body out via airmail so that's why I PM'd you after a month, because I usually receive stuffs via airmail from the US after a month-ish. I admit I didnt read carefully enough to see that you were sending it via Priority mail. I am very confused by this, Priority mail is supposed to be faster and safer than airmail, but even after a month, I have not receive anything. And now it is even lost.
    4. No, i didn't mentioned it because the body is cheap. You also didn't ask me about it either. the only option i can include shipping with it was Priority flat rate box, otherwise it would be a big lost for me. I didn't need the body so i offer that price. when i made the offer, you accepted without any questions.

      You said you thought it was airmail instead which it is actually consider that as it was send via air not ground. I no longer ship airmail but ether priority or EMS. Priority i ship is via their flat rate small boxes as i ship clothing and shoes alot so I offer this as you said unstrung would be fine so it would fit and that is what i could offer with the price.

      as for the pp fees, i dont charge them. But you never told me or ask if your friend can send part of it and you send the other $19. i only notice this afterward. I never ask for them either but explain what would be if i refund you 1/2 of the total.
    5. I didnt ask about it cause I assumed it will be shipped by airmail, that is what I was thinking when I offered the price INCLUDING shipping. I was fine with airmail. If I saw that you were shipping by Priority[which you did], I would have been ecstatic. Cause Priority is supposed to faster ans safer, but see where are we now?

      A kind person showed me that the tracking/custom number you gave me is NOT a Priority mail number, it's merely a First Class mail number. Which would explained why when I track it, it just give me useless information. I had another person shipped a package[a head] of mine via Priority mail and when I tracked it, it UPDATED right to it's destination and arrived in a timely manner.

      So I questioned you, if you had a receipt showing that you had shipped it via Priority mail, you just show me a online receipt[?] that you paid for priority mail shipping. Do you think maybe your Post Office has accidentally shipped it by First Class, which would have explained the tracking number, and the item is lost? If it is, this is both you and your Post Office's fault, so I want my $145 back.

      PP Fees, you dont charge them. You didnt say anything when I made separate payments. I understand paypal fees is alot. So if you did mention it, I would happily help you so you wont have to lose money to the PP fees. But you didnt, so dont blame it on me.
    6. If you assumed, i can't tell as i also assumed you know what method i was talking about when you agreed. If you were not sure, you are than welcome to ask for another method or ask about the one i offered.

      For the kind person you are talking about, please post it. First, because payment was made through paypal, i shipped through them, There are only two options, Priority or EMS. If the person you are talking about like to check this, he or she can do a mock shipping in paypal and see for herself. I do not ship airmail and havent' done so for international transaction for years.

      for pp fees, again, i dont charge them. You first told me you were making only two payments, then you and your friend sent 3 total without even letting me know. I never asked for them or say you had to pay them at all.
    7. Hello! Many people have PM'd me telling you had shipped it by FIRST CLASS MAIL and not the PRIORITY MAIL that you were talking about. They had shown me many proof of it. This is from one of the PMs I received.

      Label/Receipt Number: Tracking # Removed.
      Class: Priority Mail®
      Service(s): Delivery Confirmation™
      Status: Electronic Shipping Info Received

      As you can see, the class of the package is PRIORITY MAIL. And she also said that this was a package which was lost as well.
      Which is why the status is only Electronic Shipping Info Received. Same as mine.

      This is Mine.
      Label/Receipt Number: LJ60 6997 824U S
      Service(s): International Letter
      Status: Electronic Shipping Info Received

      If it's shipped by Priority mail, isnt the class supposed to be named Priority Mail? Why is it International Letter??
      I want my full refund.
    8. here is the screencap of pp. It shows priority. It was also confirmed by the po rep that it is that also. i did forward that to you. I did call to ask and was told because it never got scanned so never updated. You can also find this info on your paypal transaction also.

      I did remove the address but it's the same as the one i sent you.

    9. Then why did the class showed "International Letter" instead of "Priority" ?? That's what bugging me. And other Priority packages did update for me but yours didnt and it's lost now.
    10. It seems that i did not know , but a member pointed out the it shows International letter has to do what the custom form compared to the method itself (apparently the form required for this package was the same as the priority envelope one, while a different one for EMS package). I went back to check on a package the same way to Australia and it didn't even show any class at all. I only ship priority or EMS because those are the only two paypal would allow. It did not update as my postal office do not update or scan priority flat rate small box. which i forward you the response via pm before. It is the same as the other priority you shown above that does not get update.
    11. It really doesnt matter how you shipped it, it's lost. I want a full refund.
    12. I am offering you a 1/2 refund because i did shipped as i told you when you agreed. If I had offered to ship EMS with insurance, i would refund you in full. It does matter as i did say shipping to your country is expensive and that was why i offered this method and taking a risk. If you would have asked me it would be different. Also why i feel it's fair to refund you 1/2 of total.

      That is all i can do and if the package shows up here, i will refund you the rest or when if it gets to you , you can decide to pay me back or sent it back.
    13. ..........................It's not my fault that it's lost, Priority is supposed to be safe and fast!! I do not feel I'm supposed to pay for someone's else mistake!! I want a full refund.
    14. No body, no refund, no nothing.
    15. I will post when everything is resolved / reach final resolution. offered resolution is still the same and will refund anytime.
    16. Nothing will be resolved unless I get my FULL refund/miraculously, the body.
    17. And I wanted to clarify something. I PAID for shipping. Shipping is included, but I paid for it, you didnt mention it was FREE shipping or anything. This is still unresolved till I get my full refund. I may budge on the refund by minus-ing the paypal fees from the multiples payments I had sent you.
    18. Almost three months later, still no body and refund. I find it very frustrating that she took my money and I got nothing!! It's unfair that she's keeping my money for something I didnt get!! D: You're not the only one with bills and family!!
    19. I am not sure where the bills and family have much to do with it as pretty much everyone have them, that is just life.

      I still offer you the same refund as mentioned and will refund anytime you like. If the body ever surface back to me, i will refund you the rest.