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Resolved Problem transaction with Synn Journeys - RESOLVED

Jun 6, 2011

    1. I am hoping this is just a temporary snag--I purchased 3 clothing items from Synn Journey via PayPal on May 24th, a pair of Soom Cass shoes, a sort of Lishe-sized loli dress, and a kimono that would fit a yo-sd.

      On 5/30 I recieved a short note from Synn Journeys with the shipping info that you get when you create a payPal mailing label, with a tracking number.

      The tracking number has not been updated in any way, nor has the item been marked "Accepted" at any NYC (or other) post office.

      I sent a PM Saturday, June 4th asking the time the item was mailed and the PO branch it was mailed at, so I can request some tracking at the PO itself.

      No response. I sent a somewhat waspish PM yesterday, June 5th repeating the request for info.

      The thread here:
      http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?447346-All-items-Sold-please-keep-for-future-use has been cleared off of all info and pictures.

      I understand Life Happens. Other sellers have simply written to me saying they were sick or busy and things were delayed or there was some other mixup and it was all ok. But I need to either :
      --know the time, the date and the place the item was mailed,
      --receive the items,
      --or have my money refunded.

      thanks, Fishcake
      (who will keep this updated)
    2. Synn Journeys was last on the forum 4JUN. She is now Being Paged.
    3. Thank you!
    4. Nothing yet, no package, no pm.
    5. RESOLVED..package arrived in good shape, mailed out June 6th from Florida, where she apparently lives? I was happy to receive the items and they look as shown on the sales thread, I would have liked an interior baggie but perhaps that was a bit much to ask on top of my complaining.
      Thank you Zagzagael for your time!