Problem Transaction with tadelica - RESOLVED

Oct 22, 2009

    1. At fist, Pls don't consider it as a "problem transation" thread. It just a expansive explanation of tadelica' thread to be made the things clear. You can see her thread here

      I just hope everyone can take your time to post your opinion on her thread since I just find that I'm being disputed with Paypal. I feel really sad and upset whole day and I hope this can be resolved soon.

      I sold my Miruku head to tadelica 24 days ago and she pick up the head on Oct 6th and PM me to say everything is alright. She didn't leave me any feedback at that time but I think many people don not leave feedback to others so I didn’t care about it very much.

      She PMed me yesterday to say that she found many damage inside the head around the eye hole. She will re-consider if she will leave me a good feedback. I have no idea about what she mean at first. So I ask if she just mean the marks inside the head. I explained that they are probably caused when the eyes have been taken out. In fact, I have no any impression about these marks since she didn’t show me any pics. I feel really strange why she just mention about this after she received the head 15 days later. Unfortunately, I remove the words of this head from my thread after she signed up the package and PMed to say everything is all right. I also remove all of our PMes since My PM box is offen full.

      She said that I didn't pointed out these "damage" in my thread and I said it's not been played with. But I must say that I did say the eyes have been taken out and the head has a intact faceup. I really didn't played with her.

      I felt really upset when I received her PM yesterday. I thought she was getting me. So I PMed back to ask what did she want. But after I calmed down, I thought maybe she just a completist. Maybe she mean no harm to me. So I apologized to her and refunded $20 for these marks (even didn’t see any pics). I said I just want her feel better and I always hope people who deal with me will be happy no matter they will leave me a feedback or not.

      But today earlier, she PMed me again to say that she has refused my refund. She will ask a “full refund” for the head if these marks are "damage". Sigh, I'm really fool. She post here and attached the pics. I think maybe I should wait and see the commentary first.

      But I just notice the paypal disput. To make the things to be clear and fair for both of our two sides. I have to explain something here and I hope people can kindly understand.

      Altough I never think about the marks inside the head are "damage" since I bought and sold lots of doll heads before. But I can't imagine how paypal would judge this. Maybe I should take pics inside and outside of a head when I sell it next time. However I think, if someone really can not accept marks inside the head and consider it as a "damage". Maybe she should confirm it with me before she purchase since I did mention the eyes have been taken out. "full refund" is really hurt:(

      I'm sorry if I show some bad mod during my words. I don't wanna complain with tadelica since I can understand if she doesn't like these marks and I'm willing to refund some money to her. I just feel upset and deep reckless with such a situation. whether tadelica or I, we need your kindly help and fair opinion. Please post on tadelica' thread. Thank you very much.
    2. faint, I didn't expect to start a "problam transaction" thread before tadelica tell me her final decision. I started this thread just hope people could give us their opinions on her thread since I tried to explain in her thread before, But seems no one notice what I said. People just see what she said in her thread and then post a quick reply. That's why I started a new thread after her thread.

      But anyway, since the thread has been remove to this place by the administrator. I will have to wait the result here. But I'm not planning to do any discussion since I just want people provide their opinions about if the scratches are "damage". Noting else. Thank you.
    3. I updated to paypal disput to tell tadelica that I started a thread to explain the things what happened between us during these days. I remember that when I first replied her message, I said if she is not a new doll holder, she should know what the scratches are. But unfortunately, she didn't accept my opinion and opened a disput with Paypal.

      I told her that her thread has been closed. But I hope she could get the answer that she want from the people's responds. I still want to believe that everything is just a misunderstanding. I still can offer her $20 as the refund of this unhappy thing.

      Now the only thing that I can do is just to wait. A fair result or a further hurt. I must say that I feel big depress every morning when I wake up. I hate myself is so impressible. But I can not hold myself to think about the mess in a whole day. I really hope she can respond soon whatever she want:(