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Problem Transaction with temporallelement - RESOLVED UNHAPPILY MEMBER MP BANNED

Oct 22, 2009

    1. Well, i'm really sorry to need open a thread here, but I have a real transaction problem with temporallelement. She organised a split for Chrom, one of Soom Monthely Doll.
      I buy the paws and i send money (120$) the 1 June. So i buy the paws, they are mine!
      Everybody know Soom are very long delay, and we waited a long time. When first Chrom arrived in DoA, i send her a pm the 5 september to know if we had any shipping, i was very impatient. But for us, soom was more long.

      The 5 october, my computer broke, so i hadn't internet beetwen the 5 october to 18 ocotber. The 13 october I have succeeds in connecting me 5 min in my uncle's internet,
      I have succeeds in going on a French forum to finish a transaction but I do not have had time to come on DoA.

      But during my abscence, temporallelement refuned my money and sold my paws!!
      The 8 october, she send my a first pm for shipping price. She send me three pm and two email in five day.
      And the 13 ocotber, she send me a ultimatum, if i did'nt send her the shipping price tomorrow, she will sell my paws ?!
      And the 14 october, she refuned me my money !

      And the 18 october when i come back , i see her pm and i send her a pm immediately.
      I said i want my paws and waited the finial shipping price and her paypal adress (in the first pm, she was not sure about shipping price)

      (21 october) Yersteday, she send me a pm, she sold my paws, she said she sold them the 17 october ???!! And it's very easy to understand why she was very pressed to sell the paws, she sold the paws and the hands for 260$, and i was pay 120$ for paws (and like other split, hands was 50$)
      And from the beginning, she proposed my paws on her sale thread! We can see a message the 10 october who she speak about my paws.
      She say me in this message she waited my payement but i just read " Yes the wolf legs are sold already, I'm now waiting to receive her payment for shipping price.". But why my paws was on her sale thread? You put a item on a sale thread when you want sold this....

      Her excuse if is she sold the paws it's because she need money! But it's not my fault if she have a problem of money. She didn't lose money in wait my answer, the paws was already pay and she just need the shipping price and normaly, we don't win money with shipping. Give me my paws didn't win money, but sell the parts now is more avantagous
      She sold my paws for business, i'm just disgusted. In one of her pm, she said:

      I'm care about the paws!!! It's mine. I send more pm, and i explain her that i want she stop the other sale, but she said "it's against DOA rules".
      And DOA rules is agree when you use split to win money? And when you sell the item of other people???

      She refund me my money, but i don't want money. Now i can't pay a chrom paws with 120$. Everybody sell them 200$ and more. I'm sorry to open this thread but i don't want money, i want my paws.
      I have a project with the wolf part, i wait for a very long time (4 monthes), i can't accept she stop it because a bad money story! I want finish my project, it's important for me. I want the paws.

      I don't know what to do, so i come here.
    2. But you lie again Zoloe...

      I already told you many times the paws did not appear in my selling thread before I sent you the refund. The only reason why there is a message about them on my selling thread is because the person misread the description and thought the body came with.

      so one more time, there was NO MENTION about the paws on my selling thread before you got your refund!

      Also, you have not understand what I told you, I don't need to sell the paws for money, what I mean is I sell my human Chrom because I need money and its value is much more than the paws value.

      ¤¤¤Recapitulation of what happened

      - June 4th I order Chrom and pay Soom

      - October 5th or 6th Chrom arrives to me

      - October 6th I send shipping estimate to people involved in the split

      - between October 7th and 10th (I don't remember exact date) I sent an email to Zoloe because she didn't answer first PM

      - October 11th I send another PM to Zoloe because she was not replying

      - October 13th I saw that Zoloe was connected on the french forum Matériel Céleste but she have still NOT sent me a reply. I search in her signature and on the thread "absences" on MC to see if there is any reason why she was not connected before, but there was nothing.
      I sent another PM and another email to Zoloe to tell her if I don't get a reply by October 14th, I will send her a refund and put the paws for sale again.

      - October 14th I send the refund to Zoloe

      - October 18th Zoloe sends her first reply to my PM

      - October 20th I tell her since I had no news from her and paws were sold with my Chrom and I apologize.

      Since then she thinks I'm impatient and I lied to her.

      I contest this thread and I do not agree with the fact my marketplace access has been limited. I was very fair with Zoloe and tried many ways to contact her BEFORE I sent the refund and before I put the paws up for sale. I have waited but she just disapeared without a word and even when she manage to connect on the other forum, she still didn't take 2 minutes to write me. And now she claims I am the faulty person?

      here are the PMs I sent to Zoloe and her replies:

      my first PM sent to Zoloe on October 6th:

      [image removed at request of poster as she included her email address on accident]

      I got no reply

      My 2nd PM sent to Zoloe on October 11th:


      I got no reply

      My 3rd PM sent to Zoloe on October 13th:


      The first reply of Zoloe on October 18th:


      My PM to Zoloe, sent on October 20th:


      Zoloe's reply on October 21th:


      my reply on October 21th:


      her reply today, October 22:


      my last reply today, October 22:


      I am not making benefit on the paws and I refunded the price Zoloe paid in June before I added the paws in my selling thread. I can't do more.
    3. I can't edit the above message so I tell it again :

      I am not making profit by selling the paws. I sell them for 160usd + my fire lord hands at 100usd, which makes a total of 260usd.

      The price of the paws was set at 160 instead of 120 because I paid alone shipping price from Soom to me and I want to cover it.

      Zoloe was refunded the price she paid, that was after I waited 8 days with no news from her even after I saw she was connected on another forum. The paws were up for sale after that.

      If Zoloe contacted me when she was connected in the other forum, I would have kept the paws for her, but she did not and she replied to me 4 days after this.
    4. I would like to ask a mod to remove the email address in my first PM screen cap please. I can't edit the message myself and didn't want any personal information to be showed here for both Zoloe and I.

      Also, what is the next step now that we both gave our point of view?
    5. No! I don't lie! It's the first time i say that but you, you lie! Please stop to accuse me, it's not my fault if you sold my parts and i never lie, i just say what i see! I know i have a really poor english, sometime i repeat the same word many time and it's not easy to me for explain what i think, but i'm sur everyone can understand me.
      In all my messages, i never say you lied and i never lied!!!. I just see the action, say you my conclusion about yours action and wait yours explanations. And you post the pm because you want seems to be clear, but you cut the pm! You "forgot" 2 pm and half of an other!

      In first time you accuse me to lie. Sorry but i just say what i see and what i think.

      The person misread the description? Maybe it's the truth but sorry i can't trust you anymore. And now, the only thing i trust is what i see, and i see this:


      The 10 october, if the paws did not appear in your selling thread, why Argenta search "someone is interested in just the wolf legs "??? Misread? Maybe, i don't know. But when i read this, i think my paws was on your selling tread!

      I want you stop your bad accusation, i don't lie. In real, the date are not very important! Maybe you proposed my paws on your selling thread the 10th october or maybe it was the 16th october but i don't care about this! The only thing important is you sold my paws without my permission! You use date to accuse me, but you're wrong, you had to wait my answer but you prefered sell my wolf parts during my short absence! 10 days after your first pm, you had sold my paws! It's a really bad behaviour!

      And this forogte message you said

      I am not in your head to know exactly what you think

      For pm, i'm really agree to post our conversation here, i'm sure i'm right. But please post all the pm! You "forgot" two pm and half on an other.
      The pm "forgotten" are in green


      [/spoiler] Now you say "I don't need to sell the paws for money," and in you forgotten pm you say:

      You sold my paws because you just wanted get back money you spent? But you lie! You don't spend money on his paws. I had already paid them !!! You "need money for real life personnal problems" Sorry but sell yours dolls, sell what you want but sell yours item and don't sell the item of other people.

      You say "I am not making benefit on the paws " On your selling thread, you proposed the hand and the paws for 260$ and the orginal price was 120$ for paws and 50$ for hands.... Please don't stop to say me the paw is 160$ and the hands 100$, I know the actual price of chrom's paws, you know too and everybody know too the actual price is more like 200$-240$ And you proposed the "chrom complet" for 1150$ so please stop to say you don't benefit. You prefer i open a Feedback - Problem Transactions instead of stop the other sale. Why? Because the other sale is more advantageous for you! And not because you want to respect DoA rules. You said me "I already told you I can't cancel the sale, it's against DOA rules" but DoA rules authorize you to cancel my sale with you?

      And you really want a excatly recapitulation of what happened, ok but in your there are a little ommission:
      (it's your recapitulation and i write in red the ommission.)

      And yes i think you was very impatient! The most important is this:

      You sold my paws in less than 10 days after your first pm and you say me you was not impatient? It's a real dishonesty!

      You claims you aren't "the faulty person" Ok if you aren't "the faulty person" who sold my paws? The "faulty person" is the person who sold the item of other preople in less than 10 days after first pm. The "faulty person" is someone who didn't wait my permission to sell my item. The "faulty person" is somebody who use my short absence to defer the fault on me. Someone who accuse me about a stupid story of date to divert the conversation and for don't fill her responsibility. Who don't want stop her other sale and don't want refund me the paws because the other sale is more advantageous.

      You can only accuse me to want finish our transaction.

      Maybe you need to remenber that BJD is a passion, not a business!
    6. Thank you for adding the pms in green, I was looking for them and couldn't find them.

      I have too much to say about what you just added but I will not say anything this time. I already said what I thought and you too.
    7. But I just want to specify that for me, BJD are a business, an investment... and this even if I usually enjoy looking at them. But I know it's not the same for everyone.
    8. Ok well, during the time I have write my last message, temporallelement send my pm:


      She seems try to resolve this thread. She said she contacted the buyer of the Chrom and she wait his answer.

      Ok, so now, i wait this answer too. I hope everything will be okay and that I could have my paws.
      Allright when the paws will be in my possesion, i will close this thread immediately!
    9. Ok you send message too quickly for me, during the time i write my last message you send two new messages on this thread. I'm so poor in english, and i'm really lent, sorry i can't answer more quickly.

      I see you say

      Well, do business with yours bjd if you want but don't do business with MY parts of bjd.
      It's a real dishonesty but, now, i don't want speak more about this, i don't want explain me more time, people can have a opinion of this story in read our post. Now, i wait the paws.
    10. I would have prefered a direct reply, it would have been more polite... but you seem to prefer write here:

      I asked if this thread can be closed/deleted before I send you the paws and that you send me payment for shipping after you receive them.

      You know you can still open another one when you want if you are not satisfied so, my request is not big. If you agree to this, when you close and ask this thread to be deleted, I will send you the tracking number for the paws or 45usd refund, depending on the reply from the other person. As I told in my last message.

      Please tell me if you agree to this.
    11. It will be best if this thread is closed - we do not delete feedback - when full resolution is met. Please post into this thread with details of that resolution. Further dialogue that isn't directly about the paws can be taken to pm. Thanks!
    12. Zagzagael - But I remember some problem transaction threads were deleted at the demand of the original poster. It was last year. I would like to leave the hobby after I finish those two last transactions. Will it be possible to delete my account?
    13. I have no personal recollection of what you're referencing. We don't delete Feedback. We also do not delete accounts - you can just not log onto the forum any longer once you've left the hobby.
    14. temporallelement - I am not impolite, I send you a pm too but our messages have to cross.
      For our transaction, you are contacting the other buyer, you are trying to resolve this sale and you proposed an additional price to me if the legs will be not available, i thinks it prove you have a good intentions and i'm not angry anymore. But like say Zagzagael, the thread will be close when full resolution is met.
      Now i wait your pm with the answer of the other buyer. Like you, i hope we will close this thread very soon with a happy end.

      Zagzagael - Thanks for your hepls, it's more easy to resolve this with your intervention.
      We will post into this thread with details of the resolution.

      I'm happy to see that the situation is becoming to resolved^^
    15. I got the reply from other person and already sent the $45 refund to Zoloe.