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Feb 17, 2011

    1. On the 5th of February, I contacted Tenshi-no-tsuki about a commission I wanted for one of my dolls. They were quick to respond to my messages and we worked out the details and I sent the money the same day. One of the stipulations of the commission was that I wanted progress pictures as the outfit was being made. Tenshi-no-tsuki said that would be no problem. They said for me to expect an update in a day or two. I left it at that.

      On the 9th of February I sent another message, having not received one by that time, asking for a little update. Tenshi-no-tsuki responded saying that they were sick and that they had been in bed for the past few days. I understand that life happens and told them such. They said that they were going to start it right away and would update me the next day. I got nothing.

      On the 14th I sent them another message saying that I wanted my money back because I had heard nothing. They then sent me a message saying that the commission was done, that they were going to post pictures after their camera batteries charged. They said that if I wanted my money back then I would have to wait until they got out of work. They also said that they would really like to send the outfit and perhaps a little something extra for the wait. I messaged them back the same day saying that if the insisted on sending the outfit that I would have to leave less then great feedback considering how everything happened. I heard nothing back.

      I sent another message the 16th of February, heard nothing in return.

      I no longer want the outfit, I just want my money back.
    2. tenshi-no-tsuki was last on the forum yesterday. She is now Being Paged.
    3. In order to protect myself, I have opened a Paypal dispute.
    4. I'm not having a *problem* with tenshi-no-tsuki, but I am very concerned, and want to make sure she is alright.
      I am currently on the selling-end of a layaway/trade with her, for my Unoa Lusis.

      Our agreement was for a heap of clothing commission, and $$ for my Lusis. She said she finished one of the many pieces of clothing, and was going to take a photo.
      Our sales agreement was a no-time-frame, so I wasn't expecting any piece of clothing (or money) by a certain date, but she did say she finished one of the pants.

      She just got a job, and time wasn't allowing her to get a photo of the pants, and I wasn't concerned about it, because I highly doubt she would have said she'd made pants without actually making them, especially if she wasn't gaining anything from it ('cause I still have my part of our trade).

      She has been nothing but super communicative with me, but the last time I heard from her was Feb. 6, 11.

      After finding this thread last night, I sent her a PM asking her if, possibly under stress/lack of money, she needed me to refund a deposit she gave me for the Lusis, because I know that (after reading this), Rubiliday is asking for her money back.

      Our agreement was also non-refundable, but I did mention in my PM to her that I don't mind giving it back, hoping she decides not to back out on me in the long run, because I understand things might be rough.

      I have no doubt on my mind she is being honest and that something is actually happening to her, whether she is sick, or under stress with her new job, or possibly overwhelmed with commissions (I did ask her for a LOT of clothes, on top of the commission she needed to do for Rubyliday).

      I don't know how far this would get me, since I am not looking for anything, other than her, because I just want to make sure she is okay, because I highly doubt she is trying to swindle anyone, when she gave me money, then fell off the face of the earth.
    5. tenshi-no-tsuki was on today at 07:43 AM, did not respond to the PMs that I had sent previously
    6. I have still not heard anything back.
      I have sent PMs as well as emails to their personal email accoint
    7. As there has been no response from Tenshi-no-tsuki from multiple communications I have sent, I have turned the dispute into a claim on paypal.
    8. Paypal reviewed the claim and refunded me my money.
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