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Resolved Problem Transaction with tiffanyjbt! - RESOLVED

Sep 27, 2011

    1. :(I have been trying to get in touch with tiffanyjbt since Sept 18,2011, the date of the last email I have sent her so I decided I have been patient for long enough to get a response from her and to get an invoice and see photos of my Lahela doll that she did a face up on I sent her this doll on Aug 1, 2011 my last email from her was on Sept 13,2011 and she said that on 2 different dates she would send photos of my finished doll and the invoice for payment of the face up for my doll and that she has been busy and is following up with all her orders she has I waited and most contact has been made by me for information on my doll. I am very disappointed at this point I paid alot of money for this doll and I had to wait months for her to arrive from Iplehouse and now I have been waiting over a month since I sent her to Tiffany for her face up! Tiffany did two other dolls for me and her work is amazing and I love what she did to bring my Ylisande doll to life and I trusted her to conduct this transaction in the same manner.I just want my doll back and this transaction over at this point!This transaction is on hold because Tiffany has yet to email or contact me or send any information on my doll or photos I don't even know how my doll turned out or if the face up is what I wanted at this point I just want this entire transaction over and my doll returned unharmed and with a face up that is of the quality I expected of Tiffany's work when I sent her my doll, I don't know if my doll is damaged or lost or what because she has not sent any details or information what so ever! I just want this transaction over and done with ASAP! :...(
    2. I was also going to start a paging thread tomorrow. Tiffany has had my soom nenad head since august 16th, and my last PM from her was september 5th, since then i have had no communication even though I've sent 2 PM's since then. I really am starting to get a little tired of the delay and lack of communication.
    3. tiffanyjbt was last on the forum 20SEP. She is now Being Paged.
    4. Great, I just send my Limhwa mono head for her to paint. I haven't heard from here either, but I luckily paid for tracking so I know it got to her PO Box at least. I would also love to get some sort of answer from her on what the turn around time is looking like.
    5. She also has my doll, the whole thing, too. Body, clothes and everything and she also has my friend's doll since July 24, 2011. I contacted her several times and she was good with communication up until this past month. She wouldn't respond to me and I noticed that she recently sold a doll and three days later my friend contacted her and she didn't respond to us at all. It's starting to get depressing and though I'm in driving distance and did make the trip there once, I don't think that I should have to do it but I feel as if I should because I would really like my doll back and so would my friend.
    6. liwhitesa and I just gave her a call and the number that she had given me, which had been before, is no longer working.
    7. Well that obviously means something is wrong. Have you considered driving up there? I've left some negative feedback, and I'm starting to think I won't see my girl again. This will make me paranoid about sending heads off in the future for sure.
    8. I just hope we all get our dolls back that and that Tiffany is okay! I am mad that we have to worry about getting our dolls back because she is not communicating with us, Because she should let us know whats going on as far as getting our dolls finished or returned ! I wonder just how many people are waiting besides us to hear from her, I don't know how to start a thread to ask?
    9. I did already take a trip there, Rivon but she wasn't home or no one answered. I'm not sure which. I also left negative feedback and I agree that she should have let us know that something was going on. Maybe they'll see this thread and say something? I'm going to be making a second trip up there to see if I can catch her, but I don't know if I'll be able to do that. If you would like, I can recover the dolls that belong to you and have them shipped back to you. I will also take pictures for you if that is fine with all of you. I'm not sure if that's allowed or not. You'll just have to indicate which doll belongs to you so I can get that to you ASAP. Hoping for the best today! I am concerned about her, as well. Don't get me wrong. But I'm also worried about my doll as well as my friend's because that was her first and only doll.
    10. I really hope you will be able to recover them. mine was also my first doll, and I just want her back so badly right now. I do hope she isn't seriously ill, she did tell me she hadn't been feeling well.
    11. I think we should all contact the Munster Police Department and give them our complaints and all the information that we have about this transaction and Tiffany not contacting us or sending our dolls back! I think if everyone contacts them about the dolls they may take it serious I know my Lahela Iplehouse doll cost over $700 with shipping and she is nothing without her head, Tiffany has the upper hand in this matter by choosing when to contact us I think if we stick together and contact the police and get them involved maybe we can get things moving, Strify got her doll back by going up to her house, I can't go to Indiana at the present time but if I could I would because that's what it must take! to get her attention! I am going to try calling them tomorrow but all I have is a P.O.Box and a non- working phone #, I have emails between us also for proof! I don't know what else to do? Would anyone else be willing to contact the police also to get their doll back?
    12. Ugh. I really, really hate to do this. I've worked with Tiffany before. She's such a sweet gal, and she does beautiful work! But I'm afraid I have to add myself to this paging thread.

      On July 26th I mailed 2 heads off to Tiffany for face ups. One head was blank. The other had a face up she was going to wipe. She confirmed they arrived on July 30th. Every so often I'd send her a PM poke, asking when my dolls would be finished. Every time she would respond with promises of pictures within the next few days. On September 9th she responded to one of my PMs with:

      I'm pretty patient. I've had to wait for her to finish in the past, and it wasn't a big deal. But it's now October 6th and I still don't have my heads back. I haven't even received any preview pictures!

      Tiffany, if you're reading this please send me my heads back with a Paypal refund for my shipping fees.
    13. Hey, just popping here because on the Northern IN BJD Meets thread, Strify stated that tiffanyjbt has been having some health/personal problems. I'm not sure if that is of any assistance to anyone waiting for a head from her, but I figured since it hadn't been mentioned on this thread yet, it might be beneficial to let you all know! I hope you all get your heads back soon! If I lived closer to Munster, I would definitely offer to help you all out, but alas, I am around three hours away @_@
    14. If anyone else would like the information to contact the Munster Police Detective that I spoke to please let me know they went to Tiffany's house today and she told them that she would contact me by tomorrow at the least and the Dectective saw my doll but she said that I had yet to pay her when I have been trying to get her to send me an invoice and pictures of my dolls face up which she didn't respond to! I will post the information for anyone who wants to contact them I am sorry if it seems I am being mean about this but I had to save a lot to afford my doll and I trusted Tiffany to return her to me in a safe and quick manner!
    15. If anyone would like to contact the Detective who helped me today here is the information:
      Det/Sgt Ray Schweitzer

      Munster Police Department
      219 836 6632
      his email address is:rschweitzer@munster.org
      Please contact him if you want to get some action on getting your doll back also or maybe just in case you get tried of waiting for Tiffany to contact you!
    16. I'm sorry to hear that you had to go to the police in order to solve this. I did tell her that she should contact you guys as soon as she could because you were worried about your dollies and just wanted them back! She did say that she had been sick when I met with her and when I texted her about the dolls and apologized for taking so long. I can post pictures of the work she did with my doll as well as my friend's doll if you would like to see them. I can do that later tonight. Right now I'm a bit busy so I can't do it anytime soon. I hope that you guys get this solved as soon as you can.
    17. Tiffany contacted me today showing a picture of the finished dolls, she will email me more detailed pictures soon, I will update this thread when I know more.
    18. Just so it doesn't get lost, here's what she posted:

      Tiffany, I understand if you've been sick. I really do! And I know you're not going to instantly get better and spring back into face-ups. Personally no, I never believed you were going to run away with my heads. I've worked with you before. You're not one to do such a thing.

      I'm mostly angry/disappointed that you didn't keep everybody informed through all this. I've been waiting for almost 3 months. In all that time you couldn't take 3 seconds to drop me a PM and say what's going on? The PM I posted above is the most detailed message I've gotten from you about how busy you've been.

      I'm sorry you feel like quitting. I hope you reconsider because you truly do wonderful work. Feel better soon!
    19. tiffanyjbt was last on the forum today. Please only post in this thread now when your transaction is resolved. Thank you.