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Resolved Problem Transaction with TwilightFerret - RESOLVED MEMBER MP BANNED

Mar 7, 2011

    1. I did not want to have to do this, but I grow tired of this transaction, which has drawn out for over a month now.

      On 2/3/11, TwilightFerret contacted me, asking if I'd consider a trade for the doll carrier I had for sale. I looked at her threads, and told her this: "Actually, I'd be interested in: Littlefee Little Red Riding hood Set $20, Littlefee hoodie $7, YOSD Christmas baker set $16. That totals $43. I'd probably want another $7 for shipping for the bag; or, if you would be willing to let me buy the Hello Kitty vanity for $20, we can call it even."

      She agreed. This means that I essentially have $60 tied up with TwilightFerret.

      On 2/4/11, I sent her the $20 for the vanity via PayPal and, in good faith, I sent out my half of the trade via Priority mail that night after work.

      I heard nothing for almost a week.

      On 2/9/11, I sent her a PM, asking her to confirm if she got the doll carrier because I sent it Priority and it should have been there. She responded, saying she did and had just been too busy to tell me. She also told me that she had sent the items, but separately so that the basket for the Little Red Riding Hood outfit didn't get squished.

      I still saw nothing in the mail.

      On 2/24/11, I sent her a PM telling her that I still have not seen any of the items I traded or paid for, and they should have been here now, even with the slowest mail in the U. S. I then requested an update on the status. Later that day, I received a PM from TwilightFerret saying that her mom told her the boxes had been returned because they didn't have enough postage on them. She said she was sending them again the next day and apologized. I PM'd her back and thanked her for letting me know and that I'd look for them next week.

      Around 3/1/11, I attempted to send a PM to ask TwilightFerret of the status, as I still had not seen anything from her. Her inbox was full. I tried again later in the day; it was still full. These notes do not appear to have been saved to my Sent Items, but she did receive them, as I received a message from her that same day later on, where she confirmed that the boxes had been resent out 2/25/11.

      But, once again, I hear nothing from her and see nothing in the mail. Even by the slowest mail in the U. S., the items should have been here by now if they were mailed when she said they were.

      On 3/4/11, I sent this message to TwilightFerret:

      "It has been a week and I still have received no packages from you. Can you tell me what method you sent them by or give me a status? If you sent them last Friday, there is no reason they should not be here yet, even by the slowest mail possible.

      I am losing my patience over this trade, which has been drawn out for a month now--far longer than it needs to. I either want the items from you that I traded for or $60 PayPaled to me (which would cover the carrier you already received from me that I valued at $40 and the $20 I sent you for the piece of furniture I have not received).

      Thank you. "

      Still today, there is nothing in the mail and no PM from TwilightFerret, although she has been on DOA since I sent that note.

      I am a VERY patient buyer, seller, and trader. Things happen, we need extra time, I've waited months for some people to get their half of transactions to me because I am understanding and because they were honest about a delay they were experiencing and communicated with me. Communication with TwilightFerret has not been ideal, I feel lied to, and it is time for this transaction to end.

      I am out $60, and I have run out of patience. One of three things needs to happen:
      1) Ideally, I want a refund of $20 plus $40 for the carrier ($60 total), as I have no wish to wait for further things to come in the mail since they never seem to arrive.
      2) I want the items that she was meant to trade with me.
      3) I want a refund of $20 via PayPal and my doll carrier mailed back at her expense so I can resell it.
    2. Update: Today I received half of my trade with TwilightFerret, so things are resolving themselves. I'll update here when it has been completed.
    3. TwilightFerret was last on the forum yesterday. She is now Being Paged. Please keep this thread updated with full resolution and link back to it in this member's individual feedback thread.
    4. Yes i am here, i just noticed this. When i got home today my mother handed over the white box that i had sent out with the hello kitty vanity in it for Lish. My mother said the post man brought it back saying it needs to be in a better box, and that it needs more postage from what i had left on it. this will be sent out tomorrow with out fail, and i will be happy to take pictures of the box for you, and WILL BE GOING UPS Ground with tracking so that it will go with out fail. This is my promise
    5. It has been over a week and I still have not received the dresser from TwilightFerret. Because of this, I have decided to take her up on her offer on 3/9 and asked today that she refund me the $20 for the dresser. I further told her to forget about trying to send it to me since she has apparently tried three times and all three times it was returned, either for insufficient postage, insufficient package, or both.
    6. I didnt want to do this as well... but TwilightFerret also owes me $6 refund. She sold a head to me back in 2010 December and when the face-up was wiped, stains were found. She offered $2o refund, and I got $14 so far.

      Since the remaining refund was a small amount and she was really a nice person, I didnt want to pressure her about it too much. So I only PM'd her once/twice a month to remind her about it. She has told me multiple times she will be refunding me soon/the next day, but when I checked my Paypal, nothing. It's already a few months since December and I would really like to get this over with.
    7. I am refunding Both $6 to Bullets and $20 to Lish
    8. Today I received a refund via PayPal of $21.50 from TwilightFerret ($1.50 more than I requested). As far as I'm concerned, our transaction is complete and it was resolved satisfactorily. I have left her neutral feedback in her feedback thread, and linked back to this thread for reference.
    9. Gotten mine as well with an extra $1. Thank you TwilightFerret. My part is also resolved now.