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Problem transaction with user GebGeb - RESOLVED

Nov 14, 2009

    1. I hate to do this but since I'm not the only one shes flaked on, I agreed to post this. GebGeb commissioned some custom eyes from me, then never paid. I have the PMs of her approval of the eyes. The payment was never sent.
    2. GebGeb wanted to buy some eyes from me. Then never replied and havent heard from them in a while. Then they come back after I post my Sasara items and bid on my Wig, Sasara Eyes and Still want the nemu eyes. After I get them total payments and do the payment request. They say oh im sorry I didnt even think how much I was spending or consider shipping costs I can only spend 100. They bid 100 on the sasara wig so I thought id be nice and just give her the wig for 100 and throw in free shipping. So I pmed her with her change and new paypal invoice. Havent heard from her since had to put all my items back for sale, wouldnt try to sell to her again.
    3. I'm sorry for what happened I want to repair my errors -_-
    4. to repair ur errors gebgeb you would have to pay for the wig and the eyes that are already made especially for you. Poor shelly put alot of work into those eyes and you never paid her, im sorry but that isnt right.
    5. UPDATE: GebGeb paid me the money for the eyes just now through paypal. My transaction is now resolved.
    6. Transaction is still unsolved here.
    7. MidnightDreamer ~ how would you want this Resolved? It now sounds as though it's really "flakey feedback" and you can begin a regular feedback thread for GebGeb with the flakey feedback in the Individual Feedback subforum.
    8. I've solved all the transactions
    9. GebGeb has now resolved the transaction.