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Problem Transaction with Vadim Vanity - RESOLVED

Nov 7, 2009

    1. I am quite sorry to open a thread here, but I feel I have waited more than long enough for vadim to do the right thing on their own.

      The basic problem is that I paid for a doll with a faceup and ended up getting a doll with a problem faceup that I ended up having to wipe. Vadim had promised me a small refund for the faceup issue but I have not received it (for over 2 months).

      The transaction went like so:

      I bought a DZ Mini BB Luna from vadim. The thread stated she came with a hand-made outfit and a faceup by vadim (which looked quite cute in the pictures she posted). Nowhere did it state that there were any issues with the faceup. The cost was stated as $150 + shipping and PayPal fees originally on the thread. I ended up paying $170 total.

      July 21: Sent Payment
      July 26: Asked if the doll had shipped
      July 29: Asked again if doll shipped
      July 30: Vadim replied back that she had shipped the doll that day but there was no tracking number (even though I had asked for one and was expecting one)
      August 10: Doll arrived. She looked like her face had been rubbed in dirt. She had black specks all over her cheeks, in her ears, on her chin, on her lips, and even up her nostrils. I tried to clean her gently with magic eraser, but it was not dirt - it was chunks of black pastel. I PM'd vadim with my problem same day showing pictures.

      Picture of faceup after cleaning all I could:

      You can see the black marks up her nose. The rest of the faceup was not bad - not professional quality but cute and I liked it, but it really looked like she had dirt all over her face - it was worse in person, hard to catch on camera. The outfit was cute, too - again not professional, but cute - she is still in it to this day.

      Aug 10 (same day): received this reply from vadim:
      So apparently this was an issue she knew about - but this was NEVER specified in the thread. There were no close-up shots on the sales thread and the faceup looked really cute in the pictures - no sign of the black marks.

      August 10 (same day): I asked for a small refund to make up for the faceup since I had bought a doll in part for the faceup (there were 3 other blank Lunas on the forums at the time going for $80-90) and would now have to wipe the doll. My math went as so:

      "if a blank Luna was $88 (from the other DoA thread at the same time as yours), and I can see having paid even $40 for her cute little outfit... say that is $130, rounding up... the difference for the faceup would have been another $20."

      This was not even thinking that vadim made me pay $20 for shipping and PayPal fees, and the postage on the box was $5.40, and PP fees on $170 = $6.93 (at 3.9% + 0.30), which means I paid $7.67 extra. I thought $20 was an extremely reasonable compromise.

      Aug 11: (PM ID 3195084) - Vadim agrees to the refund.
      Aug 11: I thank her and ask that she be sure to refund the money so I will not be charged PayPal fees for my refund.

      Sept 19: (over a month later) Still no refund. I PM Vadim and let her know I still have not received the refund and politely request that since it had been too long to do a 'refund' on PayPal, that she send the $20 as a personal payment to avoid fees - which I thought was appropriate since it was a refund and not a payment for goods/services.

      Sept 21: Resent last PM asking for refund. Vadim had been on DoA on Sept 20 - I checked her profile - but she had not replied.

      Sept 21: Received apology from Vadim. (PM ID 3481712)
      October 25: Another month later. Still no refund. PM'd vadim letting her know that I expected a refund within the week or I would post negative feedback and PM a mod.

      I have had no reply from vadim since. It's now been about another week and a half. I do not think I can be any more patient than this. Their last activity on DoA is showing as Nov 4, so I know they're around. I just wish they would get back to me. How long does it take to refund someone $20?
    2. And just to be clear, I did wipe the Luna within a week of PMing vadim the first time about the faceup damage. I have since repainted her myself twice, been left unsatisfied with my own work, and had her sent off to be redone by a professional.

      This is her, now:

      So it's not like I'm asking a refund for a faceup she still has or anything...
    3. vadim vanity was last on the forum 4NOV. She is now Being Paged. Please keep this thread updated with resolution.
    4. Thank you, Zagzagael. Vadim PM'd me a few minutes ago and has since refunded me the $20 quoting personal 'problems' as the reason for the 3 month delay. The matter has been resolved.