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Problem Transaction with Violet21 - RESOLVED MEMBER MP BANNED

Dec 12, 2009

    1. I have had many problems with Violet21 ever since she received my payment. I paid immediately without hesitation and have received nothing but poor service and snarky comments.

      I want to be as correct as possible, and have documented this timeline to the best of my abilities:
      (To make it clearer I've highlight her responses in red)

      Oct. 17, 2009 - I sent Violet21 an email inquiring about her Volks Toppi Fullset (well what she considered a fullset, which I do not)

      Oct. 18, 2009- She responded to my email stating that she came complete with default faceup,wig, clothing,etc and default box (I foolishly thought that this included her volks papers, which I found out two weeks later that it was not so)

      Oct. 18,2009- I respond to her message asking for her paypal address so I can pay her immediately.

      Oct. 19,2009- She replies telling me that she can ship her right away.

      I send payment half an hour after her email.

      She responds, sending me a phony transaction ID (which does not match MY transaction ID)and tells me that paypal is withholding the funds...

      I become wary of her and confront her about the phony transaction ID.(At this time I think it's merely due to the fact that she didn't have time to ship her)
      This is the message I wrote at the time:

      "If you can't ship it out today just say so.
      I noticed that the transaction iD was not quite right.
      This is the transaction ID paypal gave me.

      Please let me know what's going on. Thanks

      Oct.20,2009- Her respond "Really? The transaction number was not the same??? That is bizzare!

      It's not that I couldn't ship it today.. the email said I shouldn't until it clears. I am not sure why it's showing
      like that. If you call paypal they can probably tell you what's going on? I don't want you to think I'm doing
      something weird... :( All I did was receive that email and let you know."

      I become suspicious and reply:
      "What I find most weird is that I've sent payments all day and there has been no problem with people receiving them... -.-

      Her reply:It might be because my paypal account is new? I don't know. I wish I did. Maybe if you call paypal
      they can explain?

      I suppose this was my biggest mistake in dealing with her... I didn't call paypal even though she did advise me to do so.
      Instead I reply the following:
      "That could be it... I'd call but they'll just put me on hold for an hour.
      So does that mean it still hasn't cleared? :(

      Her reply:"I just checked, and it says its pending and under review. I am not sure why. but hopefully in the morning it will clear."

      My response: "I hope so too :( It's a little nerve wracking lol
      Let's cross our fingers and hope that it will clear while we slumber

      Her response"Hello!
      The payment cleared, so I will get her shipped today or tomorrow morning for you :)
      I'll send you a tracking number once she has shipped. Thanks again!! :)


      (Note: she says she'll ship her out that day or the day after... but she originally said she could ship it out immediately... Now I do UNDERSTAND that she couldn't ship her out immediately but this is the last message I receive.)

      Oct. 20-23rd I received no tracking number & no response to my emails... I was becoming agitated and panicky... I paid for this doll on the 19th and she neglects my emails.

      Oct, 24th 2009 She FINALLY responds:
      Hi there,

      I am really sorry I haven't gotten back to you, I got really busy and am in Vancouver
      for some photo sessions till the 27th. I meant to bring the doll with me when I left to ship her from here but forgot to bring her :( ('m so sorry about that!!
      I will ship her first chance after I get home, I am back on the 27th, so not too far from now. I will also include some extras for you to try to make up for the delay - I am sooo sorry!
      Please let me know if that is okay with you! I really apologize for the wait!!

      I respond telling her it's ok that life gets in the way and I understand, but that she should have told me if she was going out of town and not be able to mail her out.

      Oct.25-27th- I get no response from her, I proceed to open a paypal claim. At this point I don't even want the doll anymore, I just want my money back.

      Oct.29 I send her a message to her facebook asking her for a refund.

      Oct.30- She replies telling me that she has a tracking number for me(I have already asked for a REFUND :x I don't want the doll anymore, I'm tired of waiting)
      Her posting date was 3 days after I asked for my refund.

      I confront her about the shipping date :
      "Look I know you only posted her yesterday, I was going to use her for a show I'm doing this weekend so I've already got no use for her. I really rather have the money back since you didn't stick to your end of the bargain anyways. Please just send me a refund and save me the hassle of having to list her up. Thanks.

      Her Response:
      Hi there,
      I have already sent her, so I don't feel comfortable with refunding you until you send her back... so. let me know if that's what you want to do..

      By this time I'm really fed up and upset and I tell her whatever I'll deal with it when she arrives, I just want the transaction over and done with... Except It's NOT.
      I won't even go into the snarky messages in between mind you from both she and myself (but let's face it... I had every right to be angry)

      Nov.2nd,2009- I receive Toppi, she arrives with her default eyes and wig and a couple of other wigs but her default outfit, shoes, and papers are NOT in the box... To top it off... she didn't mail her in an outer shipping box, the box became dented in transit, LUCKILY Toppi was fine but the default box was ruined and she had put tape on some parts of the box so that when I opened the box portions of it tore. Now yes this is minimal, but as a collector I like to make sure that all parts are accounted for, including the box.) Anyways she apologizes and says she forgot to tell me that she couldn't find the default outfit in time because of some reasons or another... at this point it all sounds like excuses to me.

      I told her I wanted a partial refund and that I would not close the dispute until I had it.

      Nov.3rd -She replies that she can't grant me a partial refund but that I will definitely get the outfit. At this time she also proceeds to tell me that she never got her with papers...:|

      "my response:
      I was wondering if you got a chance to look for the outfit or consider my refund. I'd really like to resolve this soon. If not I'm regretfully going to have to take this to the bad feedback forum. Thanks

      Nov.5th - She tells me that she cannot grant a refund as her bank account is not attached to her paypal and that a refund would take some time. And for some personal reasons she had to use some of the money for Toppi. She wishes me to be patient and wait til she send out the outfit. She also asks me to release the funds for Toppi so that she is able to use them.
    2. My response:
      First of all as a RESPONSIBLE seller you should have found the outfit before you even offered her up for sale. I feel like I am indeed being ripped off as I still have no outfit, and no paperwork. If I had known that she would not come with paper work I wouldn't have even considered buying her. I NEVER buy a doll without paperwork and not stating that the paper work is not included is deceiving. I understand that you need the money but you have yet to grant me a refund for the outfit, I am not going to wait until you FEEL like shipping it out. And if I closed the dispute it would be VERY foolish on my part as I haven't yet received the outfit. I'm sorry to say but I don't trust you to give me a refund for the outfit, which is why I have not closed the dispute. You have still not given me a reason to trust you at all. Until I get a refund I will not close the dispute. Sorry if you need the money, everybody does. Just goes to show that you need to be more responsible in your dealings with others.

      Her response:
      "All the paperwork is is a sheet that shows her photo, it's not like it's a certificate so I don't understand why that is so important?
      I have rarely gotten "paperwork" with dolls I've bought on the aftermarket, unless they are certificates of authenticity.

      The dispute was escalated meaning paypal will decide the outcome, not you. You have the doll, and the outfit is worth what $25?(The default outfit is NOT worth a mere $25 otherwise I wouldn't be so upset)
      And they are holding hundreds of dollars? That is ridiculous! You are not being very easy to deal with, and it is really frustrating.
      if you choose not to care about someone else's situation that is up to you. I think it's a pretty poor attitude though.
      I am a responsible seller and this is the most problematic time I've had trying to sell a doll to someone!
      Sometimes things don't come overnight! It is not the end of the world, neither is having a part of it come later, which happens
      OFTEN when buying things online such as from amazon. I am going to send it to you, and if you don't like the doll maybe you
      should resell it. Right now I have no 700 dollar doll, and no money to show for it, so who should be feeling ripped off?

      Not impressed with how you are speaking to me, and if you want to open a thread I will definitely respond with my side of the story!"

      a few minutes later:
      You know, I apologize if that sounded rude, because I am not a rude person, but I am very frustrated with this situation.
      and I think you are blowing it out of proportion, which isn't very nice. I have no intention of not sending you her outfit,
      just like I had no intention of not sending you the doll in the first place.

      I accept her apology and she promises to send the outfit out by the 15th of november... I hear nothing in between and I ask her if she had found it yet.

      Nov.16th- She messages me telling me her paypal account is locked... I tell her I don't know why(because I don't) and I still don't have the outfit... nor has she found it... or so she says.

      Nov.22 Paypal decides in her favor because I received the package... they don't care if if the item was not as described. I message her and ask for a refund. she says she can't afford it and will send me the outfit...

      Nov 25th I send her another message asking about the outfit.

      the last message I receive is on november 29th:
      "Hi there,
      I haven't unpacked the outfit yet, but as soon as I do I will let you know. It shouldn't be too long.

      I've sent her two messages since then and all of them have gone unanswered... it is now the 12th of DECEMBER... almost 2 MONTHS since I paid her for the "fullset" Toppi.
      I'm really annoyed and I really just want to get this transaction over and done with. I'm really tired of waiting for something and this whole experience has been aggravating.
      I don't think I'm demanding much... I've made it clear to her, she can send me a refund or she can send me the outfit. I just want this over and done with.
    3. Violet21 was last on the forum 20OCT - are you using email to correspond with her? Please keep this thread updated with resolution!
    4. Yes, I've been using email to correspond with her, but the transaction was initiated on den of angels. She did finally reply yesterday.
      Her response:
      Hi again,

      I meant to message you yesterday, I found her outfit finally during unpacking and will mail it to you on Monday. Sorry for the wait. I have a lot of stuff and near the end of unpacking I found it.

      I'm not holding my breath for this, I hope she actually sends it out.
    5. Well I have not heard anything from her since then... so no tracking number still...
    6. Well this is infuriating... I wake up to find this in my inbox:
      listen lady this is kirstens girlfriend, you need to calm down, shes not going to scam you, or rip you off, we just moved, and we have alot of stuff. its xmas, therefore we are trying to get family together and buying presents. we dont have time to search down some little dress for someone. you have the doll. Kirsten told you when she had the time and found what it is you needed she would send it. we have not had time. but we will send it. lay off with the emails and we will send it.
      So in my hasty reply:
      I'm sorry if you're unaware but it's not just a little dress, it's worth $150... and I have been waiting 2 months now, I don't want to wait a year and find that I've been duped... Yes, I have the doll but she has still not held up her end of the transaction(and I even had to hound her for mailing the doll, which at that point I honestly preferred a refund). All I seem to hear are excuses, and as far as I'm concerned she's probably lied about finding the dress as well, otherwise I would have it right now. I understand she's busy, but I'm getting really impatient. I'm sorry but I'm sure if somebody had your $150 you'd be hammering down their door. I've given her PLENTY of time to rectify herself and she hasn't held up a single promise. I'm really tired and want to end this transaction so I NEVER have to deal with her again. The sooner this is over the better... And just so you know I haven't sent anymore emails since the two responses on here. Besides you don't have anything to do with this transaction anyways. If you really cared about your girlfriend you should have told her to be more responsible with other peoples money.

      And then I receive THIS... the nerve of some people:
      i dont have anything to do with this transaction? what are you talking about? yes i do. guess what if you want your dress, you can pay for it to be shipped, and we found it.... so if you dont wanna believe that we found it find... "I guess we'll keep looking for it" your choice.

      I have just sent this reply:
      Excuse me... but I shouldn't have to pay for the shipping, since it was YOU who didn't send it when you were supposed to. You already have my money, and probably spent it by now too. I can't believe you have the nerve to ask for more money. This is ridiculous.

      What pisses me off the most is that this girl doesn't even have the nerve to tell me directly or keep me informed... in the end that was all I wanted...
    7. Still nothing...I contacted her on the 20th of december and I was promised shipment(AGAIN) last monday and it's been exactly one week... No communication and no parcel as of yet.
    8. After three long months of waiting, I finally received the rest of the outfit... It's covered in cat hair... which i'm allergic to... and there's a couple of stains on the dress.
      In the end I think this is as resolved as this matter is going to get and I refuse to deal with her again.
      Thanks everybody for your wonderful support throughout this matter and thank you mods for your help throughout this matter. I will definitely be linking this to her feedback thread.