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Problem Transaction with Winry_Automail

Aug 14, 2009

    1. I truly hate to have to start this, I am paging Winry_Automail to find out the shipping info on the doll body I paid for on Aug 10. Please contact me so I can be home when it gets here. I am asking for the insurance number so I can trace her. Thanks.

      I paid for the doll body after several emails back and forth to discuss the correct ship price and to add insurance. I have had no contact since I paid.
    2. Still no word if the body is shipped. No insurance info, nothing.
    3. Update, on recommendation of another kind DOA member, I filed a claim with paypal. Mods could you add a page for her. Thanks.
    4. If you paid through paypal, its possible that the payment just hasn't been deposited yet. It usually takes 3-5 days for it to go through. :)
    5. It was a paypal balance, she got it right away. But thanks for thinking of me.
      But even still, no response after payment? That's not fair to me as a buyer.
      No excuse to not contact a person after they have paid, for a whole week. Makes me wonder how it's packed. Also she lives in Colorado and I live in Arizona. Even snail mail would be here by now. People like this makes it hard for people to do business on DOA. The mods tightened it up and we should back them on it. Now hopefully if someone wants the Lishe head the will find this thread and wait to see what happens.
    6. Winry_Automail was last on the forum August 10, 2009. She is now Being Paged. Please be sure to update the thread with any further information. Thanks, and good luck!
    7. My newest PM from her:

      i am terribly terribly terribly sorry for not replying to your pms. i had no
      access to internet and no possible way of contacting someone who can tell you
      this information
      i will ship her body today again i am very very sorry!

      Will update in a few days.
    8. Still have no shipping info and no contact that doll body is actually shipped.
    9. She was on DOA at 11:04pm yesterday. She is being paged and has 2 PM's by me requesting ship info. Still no contact.
    10. She was on again at 4:13pm, still no contact so i have no idea if the body shipped and no doll body in the mail.
    11. She was on again today 1:23am. Still no message or body. Upgraded to paypal claim this weekend.
      NOTE: Another Doa member and I had a trade going on, she also lives in Colorado. Her trade items were sent on Friday regular mail and received them today with my regular mail.
    12. Re: Lishe


      Terribly sorry, once again. i have shipped her and ETA will deliver for Wednesday, but not later than Thursday....possibly tomorrow, if you dont live too rural and have afternoon mail delivery.
      her insurance number is label # VH808696748US

      if you have any other questions, just ask

      again i'm am SO SO sorry!

      I did get contact and she said she has shipped the doll body andgave me a tracking number, will post back when I get it, until then please leave open. Thank you mods for all your help.
    13. The doll body came today, it is filthy dirty. It has black stains on it and I am very disappointed. I am going to try to get in tuch with her again and let her know. I will post pictures here.
    14. [​IMG]

      These are the pictures of the body she sent. You can see the dirt, grime and stains.

      Perhaps someone could offer up some advise to me. I have never had any type of transaction like this before. I'm not sure how to clean her as my items are always pristine and that is how people ship to me. Sorry just very upset.
    15. She refuses to contact me and I have no time to play games with her. I am still in the process of removing the dirt and stains. Thanks to all who pm'd me with help! She is looking a lot better today and hopefully will be near perfect when I am done.

      Mods I guess you can close this thread as unresolved as she refuses to get back to me.
      And if someone could let me know how to link this to her feedback thread, it would be greatly appreciated.
    16. Mizzbeee ~ Have you pm-ed her with what you would like to see as Resolution? Have you outlined your request to her?

      It's a good idea to link from a member's regular feedback thread back to these Paging and Problem threads. To do that you only need to post into her feedback thread with the link to this thread -

    17. I have pm'd her several times. We got into a conversation the other day before the doll body showed up. I then pm'd her again to tell her about the body and she has not gotten back to me, she was online here a the same time I pm'd her. I give up, it is not worth my time and effort to even begin to try to resolve this with her. The resolution to make me happy is that no one will have to go through what I did. I'm keeping the body and am trying to clean it the best I can, it's almost there. My only hope is our members see this and do not buy from her. It could have been worse, body damaged or broken.
      So I consider myself lucky. Thaks mods and members of DOA, you have all been great.
      Mods you can close this as you see fit.