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Problem Transaction with wjsdpwl - RESOLVED

Aug 18, 2010

    1. The mods have instructed me to open this thread in hopes to resolve this issue in a mature manner.

      I recently sold a damaged Volks Tohya I head in the marketplace to wjsdpwl. In the description, I very clearly mentioned that the head was damaged, and that I was selling it for only $250.00 -- that's $200.00 (head) + $50.00 (face-up value), this head is Limited Edition and this price is much less than standard value, because, like I mentioned, he's damaged. I told the story in the description stating how it happened, by saying that the doll took a head-dive, and that the nose was damaged and pressed in, that I tried to sand the nose (for reshaping and pressure lines) but that the damage was STILL there. Also that I had recently given him a face-up because of it. I provided images, but the damage, AS MENTIONED, was not visible because of the face-up. -- Never did I once state that the head was in perfect, MINT, undamaged condition. Nor did I lie about the condition of the head to make the sale, because there were several people who were interested in the head despite the nose damage. So despite what it looked like because of the face-up, it was clearly stated in the description that the head had damage. Also, I wrote the description with my roommate, who can back me up on what I said. Several people on my personal blog also saw the sale, so they were also witness to my description of the damage.

      received the head, PM'ed me and said she was very happy, and left me lovely positive feedback for it. After that, thinking the transaction was solidly over, I removed the information from my sales thread and didn't think anything of it until wjsdpwl PM'ed be again several days later saying that she removed the face-up and could then see the nose damage more clearly. She said that I never mentioned the pressed-in nose damage, and gave me a numbered count of pressure lines? Calling them "deep cracks" instead. -- She said that the head was no use to her because she doesn't use pastels and couldn't cover the damage? She demanded a FULL refund because of this. -- Seriously, that's like buying a used car after knowing that the seller covered up the cosmetic damage with new paint. Then taking it home and stripping the paint down, seeing the damage, and then realizing you can't fix it back up again and demanding a refund. It's bogus.

      For the life of me I cannot understand how it would be that I owe her a full refund because of this when I DID mention the damage.

      She also told me that I said there was a "small scratch" on the nose, as part of my description of the damage.
      Which is totally fabricated, because I never would have called pressed-in pressure damage a "scratch" -- I work with hundreds of heads and know the difference.

      She said I didn't show damage in my pictures. Which makes NO SENSE to me at all. The fact that she had already left me feedback, loved the head on arrival, tells me that she could not see the damage in person either, which justifies the photos. -- Regardless of which, I never hid the damage in the description anyway. And if she had a problem, she should have contacted me about it before leaving me positive feedback, ending the transaction.

      Changing your mind about keeping the head once you removed the face-up and could see the mentioned damage, is fine and dandy and is your own choice. Resell it then? But if you misread the description or made some kind of assumption other than what I stated, that has nothing to do with me. The fact of the matter is that I mentioned the head was damaged from the beginning.

      I'm an extremely honest person and have perfect feedback on here, and every other sales site I've worked through.
      I have a reputation to keep on this thread, so I wouldn't go lying about trivial nonsense just to make a sale. It wouldn't be worth it.

      I would like to settle this, but I do not feel that I owe wjsdpwl a full refund, simply because of what seems to be some kind of misunderstanding on her part.

      Here is my offer:
      I will give wjsdpwl back $200.00 only, just to end this drama.
      She ruined the face-up, which was a $50.00 value, and I do not owe her back this amount.
      I will refund you in full once I receive the head BACK in my possession.
      You can ship it any method as long as there's a tracking number.
      I believe this is fair since I have the most positive feedback.

      Please respond with your decision.

    2. I purchased Tohya head from ShallowSleep, it came in few days ago. I have at first happy that I recieved him, but her faceup was not my style, so I erased the faceup and I found the damages that she did not describe in her FS thread.

      In her description, she said the head fell and she sanded the nose, so I expected Tohya's nose sanded down and the color difference between the nose and the rest of the head. After I erased her faceup, I found 10 deep cracks in Tohya's nose. She never explained about the crackes or mentioned there are any cracks and I did not see any damages in the pictures she provided.
      she said the head was damaged, but I thought the damage meant that she sanded the nose, not that there are 10 deep cracks in Tohya's nose.
      If the damage was in eyes or lips, I might be hide it with pastels, but I cannot even do that because it is in his nose.

      I asked her for a refund, but she refused strongely and told me she pmed the moderator and told me to wait. I thought it would be not fair if moderators listen to only one side of the story, so I pmed the moderator, too and I was waiting for the response. I just got a pm from ShallowSleep that she created the problem thread with me even thought she told me to stop and told me to be mature about it. this following is pm that she sent me lastly yesterday.

      "I don't want there to be any bad feelings...I'm not a flakey or dishonest person, and I don't think you are either.
      So before filing any reports, let us both be mature about this until we hear back from the mods, okay?"

      I thought she was really waiting for moderator's pm, but she just pmed me saying she started the problem thread. I still cannot believe she said this nice words on my pm and telling me I am nonsense in her problem thread.

      I thought it was not fair because I was the one who got the damaged head and she start the problem thread about me.

      I cannot believe she still refuse to give me the refund even thought she omitted the fact there are 10 deep cracks in the nose. In her problem thread, she told me she will give me $200 back because I erased her faceup. I do not think it does make sense because I would have not known about 10 deep cracks that she omitted in her description if I did not erase her faceup. (To add, I did not erase the faceup to see the damages, I erased the faceup because her faceupstyle is different from my dolls.)
      To describe omitted damage more clear. They are not sandable. The crack spread innerside of the nose.

      For those reasons, I believe I have a right to get a refund of $250 and the shipping fee from her to me and me to her, but if it is too much trouble I would end this problem transactions with refund of $250 from her. I will return Tohya head after I recieve a refund from ShallowSleep and ship it within next day with tracking number. ​
    3. This is completely dramatized, and I can't believe you would flood the forum with ANOTHER thread about this same issue.

      Firstly, I DID pm you stating that I was starting the thread (http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?391998-Problem-Transaction-with-wjsdpwl) after the mod's got back to me saying that's what I should do. That WAS the mature action and I did inform you of it. Why are you acting like this is some secretive act that you didn't know about? I sent the PM literally only a little while ago.

      Secondly, as mentioned, I DID specify the damage. I DID mention that the head had fallen, that the nose was pressed in with pressure lines, and that I did sand it. I NEVER said that the damage wasn't still there. I said several times that the damage was still on the nose.

      Just because you expected the damage to be LESS severe than I said it was, you expect a full refund? That's completely dishonest.

      I've been nothing but honest and respectful to you. I just offered you a refund to end this drama and you started a SECOND thread? Complaining about the same issues I already mentioned?

      You've continuously changed what you claimed "I said" about the description of the head. First you claimed that I "didn't mention the extent of the damage" then you said I said "it was a little scratch on the nose" then you said I said "I sanded it a LITTLE" and now you're calling the pressure lines from the fall "DEEP CRACKS" -- I said in the description that there were pressure lines from the fall. Are you mad because I didn't COUNT how many pressure lines were at the tip of the nose? Or are you mad because you assumed something, and then spent a lot of money on it?

      I have several witnesses that know EXACTLY what my description of the head was.

      I offered you the $200 back. The head was only worth $250.00 because of the face-up, regardless if it was your style or not. By your own admission, you have removed it and lessened the value of which you paid. I will give you the $200.00 -- to end this nonsense.
    4. First, I cannot believe you started the problem thread when I got the damage head. You stopped me when I told you I will start the problem thread and you started the problem thread because you did not want to put your name in problem thread title. I am the one who pmed you with the problem first, and also the one who told you to start the problem thread first. I could not believe when you pmed me you started the problem thread yourself.

      Second, you told me you sanded the nose. You did not mention anything about 10 deep cracks which are spread inside of the nose and not sandable at all. I believe it is enough reseaon for full refund. You put pastels on the nose, so when I recieve the head I could not recognize it.

      I am not one who dramatize it. Everyone can see that by reading your expressions. I never dramatized anything. I am honest person. I tried to understand you, too and thought you are, too. You pmed me you are an honest person and you thought I was, too. and let's solve this in mature way, and then you started the problem thread calling me nonsense. I still try to respect you to solve this problem.

      In your description, you said it fell and you sanded it, but you never told me there are 10 deep non-sandable cracks. You erased the thread, so both you and I cannot prove this, but I remember you did not state the cracks in the nose, otherwise I would not purchase the head. You only mentioned about it fell and you sanded the nose.

      Again, if I did not erase the faceup, I would not recognize the 10 deep cracks because you added pastels to the nose. It costs me $50 + $18 shipping fee from both from you to me and me to you to just discover the cracks from the faceup. I have a right to get a full refund of $250 with shipping fees (which are $18 both ways), but I would end this problem if you are only returning the price of the head $250 becuase I am really stressed about this. Hope this end this discussion. ​
    5. There's no evidence on either side. Despite what I put in detail about the head. Nothing can prove it now. And apparently I'm popular now so my witnesses don't count...Understandable. It's her word against mine, I guess. I just want this over with...I've PM'ed wjsdpwl about the $250.00 -- let's just resolve this.
    6. The second Problem Transaction thread has been removed, any further thread duplicates will be similarly deleted. This thread was created first and this is the official Problem Transaction thread for this issue. Regardless of who began this thread, this is the ONLY thread for this problem transaction. I suggest more time is spent on a resolution and less time spent on discussing who should have created the thread first.

      ONLY ShallowSleep and wjsdpwl should be posting to this thread as they are the only participants in the transaction. There is no need for uninvolved members to offer their opinions.
    7. I did not say ShallowSleep wrote the head was in perfect condition. I stated that she described it fell and sanded, so I thought the head would be sanded, but there were no desciption about 10 deek cracks.

      ShallowSleep just pmed me saying she will pay $100 now and $150 when she recieve Tohya. I told her I will ship Tohya by tommorrow noon if she agrees to send rest of the refund on the day Tohya arrives to her house.
    8. Refunded the first $100.00 until I receive the head in my possession.
      Then I will refund the other $150.00 -- I caved and don't want anymore drama, please.
    9. The problem transaction has been resolved.

      I received my head back, and wjsdpwl received her $250.00
      Mods may mark this as resolved/delete, or do whatever should be done.