Problem transaction with xanthe_roses

Oct 30, 2007

    1. Ohhh boy. I always hoped I'd never have to make one of these threads, but, today was the straw that broke the camels back.

      This story starts back in July, when I joined a Dollmore group order being held by xanthe_roses. I had asked to be put down for a pair of girls black skinny jeans, and two cigarettes.

      There was a bit of a complication when the items arrived. She had told me that the pants I ordered along with some other things that she herself ordered were forgotten, but the cigarettes came fine.
      I asked her to hold on to them until she was able to place another order and have the pants I paid for sent with them.
      Come august, xanthe_roses PMs me informing me that the items have arrived, and gives me shipping options.
      I ended up paying $9 for priority mail to canada, a total of $40 USD for the entire thing.

      September rolled around, and I still hadnt seen any sign of my items, so I sent her a PM on september 13th asking if she knew anything about their wherabouts.

      A week passed since I recieved her PM, and I still hadnt recieved my items, so I PMed her once again for an update.

      that was the last PM I recieved from her in regards to my items. It was sent to me on September 29th, and she has not been on DOA since September 30th.
      I've sent her a few PMs since then, hoping she might come online and see them. I have also sent her an email inquring about the status of my items after seeing that another member of the boards had gotten in touch with her through email. I've recieved no reply yet.
      Today, I checked on her online journal and have seen that she has been replying to comments as recently as two days ago.
      I left her a comment on her "friends only" post, asking about my items and also stating that I was disappointed in the fact that she hadnt made contact with me in almost a month. I took a screenshot of my comment, just incase it was removed, [I've also circled the date of a comment left by her]
      and of course, later today I go back to check and my comment, as well as the other comments on the entry are removed, and I still have no idea where my items are.
      Im so disappointed right now, Im out $40USD. eugh. D:
    2. Hmm. In the interest of trying to help you get your items, I will add that the same thing happened to me, and I think it was the same group order, except that I got my items eventually.
      I'd transacted with her before, and things had gone quite smoothly (actually, she joined a group order of mine) so I hadn't forseen any problems. All our initial contact was friendly and organized. But same thing - weeks after everyone else seemed to have got their items, mine were still unsent and I got a lot of weird and evasive explanations, and it upset me greatly that if the stories were true, even if she knew that her mother had 'forgotten' to mail a couple of the packages, she didn't mail them herself or contact me or even find out whose packages they were (to all appearances) in the weeks that followed. I didn't hear anything about it at all until I pried into it myself, and I had to keep inquiring to get more info.
      It took a few more weeks to get the stuff sent to me, with sporatic and somewhat confusing communications. She did apologize and refund my shipping-to-me cost, and remained friendly/polite (I would rather none of it had happened, though).
      She said she was leaving the hobby in her last PM to me - I don't know whether that's true, but she did dissolve another group order she was running at the time. It might partially explain the lack of communication, but it also might mean that this thread won't have any impact :(

      This was like the 4th or 5th group order I joined where my stuff didn't arrive or there was some other problem (in two, my stuff just never arrived, period). I am still not sure about the circumstances here. But I really wish people wouldn't start group orders if they're not prepared to take responsibility and make sure stuff gets mailed quickly.
    3. So it isnt the first time she's had some trouble with shipment.
      Stuff like this is really discouraging. xP

      and I've actually been able to get in contact with her after leaving a comment informing her about this thread. She claims that she had responded to my first comment, but I had recieved no email notification, [though I might add that I also didnt recieve notification for the response that's currently up there, either.]. She says that the package that her mother brought back from the post office wasn't mine, and that she hadnt recieved any emails from me.
      I've asked her to provide me with proof of shipment. If she can do that, I'm going to let this thing go, and hope my items show up sooner or later. If she cant, Im going to press on and see if I can get at least a partial refund.

      Im hoping that the items will show up like yours did. but it's been a couple months, and Im seriously having my doubts.
      This is the first bad transaction I've had in years of doing online shopping. :barf
    4. This problem is now RESOLVED.

      she has agreed to send me a 50% refund, which I have agreed to send back to her if my items ever show up. <3