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Unresolved Problem Transaction with xlittleFingersx - MEMBER BANNED

Apr 20, 2011

    1. I did not want to do this, but I were ignored by pm's. And maybe anyone know something about xlittleFingersx. I don't have hope in anymore, but just don't want to be silence...

      I started WTB thread for OE Heliot head in June.
      On 7th June,
      I were pm'd by xlittleFingersx. She told me about her head and bring photos with date and her nickname. She said that she want 200$ + shipping from Singapore. We conversed for a while via PM. I needed layaway and she offered 1 month with 100$ non-refundable deposit. I agreed.

      On 17th June,
      I send first payment to lostgerl1307@hotmail.com. She confirmed she got them.

      I paid in full in July, so..

      On 20th July,
      She wrote that she would out the head by end of the week.

      On 26th July,
      She wrote, that she wasn't in town because of the wedding. But she said that she would send the head till the week.

      On 31th July,
      She said that shipped the head and it'll be in my country after 7-14 days.

      Then I waited and waited. Because I knew that in our country parcels from Singapore can go very slow.

      On 23 August,
      She asked did I received parcel. I said no =(

      On 14th September,
      She asked again and said that she would ask in post office.

      Then nothing for long time. I thought that parcel were lost...

      But on 8th November,
      I received pm.
      "I'm so sorry for the late reply as I just got back from my 1 month mission trip. I received the parcel back at my house and apparently, it was returned as the address given bounced! Could you please give me your address again and I will send him along immediately?"
      I were very happy, send my address immediately... And nothing till now =(

      Maybe someone know her or something about her..
      Sorry for bad English. It's my first (and hope last) problem on DoA so I'm a bit confused.
    2. xlittleFingersx has not been on the forum since 7NOV10. She is now Being Paged.
    3. From my knowledge, it seems that she hasn't been active on the local doll forums for a long time. We have assumed that she has already quit the hobby. I've contacted this other friend to see if she can contact her for you.