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Problem transaction with Yuna-Ki - RESOLVED UNHAPPILY

Jun 18, 2010

    1. On March 28 I paid for a pair of blue 18mm droprops from Yuna-Ki (sales thread). I paid $43 plus $5 shipping. She stated in a PM that she would ship them the following day.

      On April 16 I still had not received the eyes and became concerned, so I sent the following PM:

      I received no response, though Yuna-Ki had been online many times, so I sent a followup PM on April 21:

      Again I received no response, and noticed that Yuna-Ki had been logged into DOA regularly, so on April 23 I sent the following:

      This prompted Yuna-Ki to respond:

      I decided to sit back and wait for a bit. On May 5, five weeks after the eyes had supposedly been sent, I still had not received them, so I sent yet another PM:

      I got this response:
      This was followed by total silence, so on May 20 I followed up once again:
      That PM was sent on the 21st of May, nearly 30 days ago, and I have received no updates. A few days ago I sent yet another PM asking for a copy of the shipping receipt:

      Although Yuna-Ki has been logged into DOA several times since I sent that PM, she has not responded.

      I'm extremely unhappy with this transaction. As soon as Yuna-Ki had received my payment communication became difficult and I had to PM her repeatedly and even threaten to start a paging thread to get any updates. She has not provided me with any proof that the eyes were actually shipped.

      At no point was a shipping option that included tracking or insurance offered to me. It was not made clear to me that the shipping method she offered did not include any means of tracking.

      Here's what I want:

      - A refund of at least 50% of my purchase price, to be repaid when and if the eyes are located.
      - A photograph of the shipping receipt and/or associated paperwork that clearly shows the date the package was shipped and the customs ID of the package, both to prove that it was actually shipped and to enable me to have my post office look for it.

      These both seem like fair requests to me.
    2. Yuna-Ki was last on the forum yesterday. She is now Being Paged. Please keep this thread updated.
    3. Yuna-Ki has contacted me and has given me the partial refund I asked for. I'm still waiting on a scan or photo of the shipping receipt.
    4. Although Yuna-Ki had led me to believe she would get me a copy of the shipping receipt, and although I thought I had made it extremely clear that I considered that a REQUIREMENT for this being resolved, she has informed me that she in fact has lost it, and therefore cannot give me any proof that the package was even shipped:

      Unfortunately since I have absolutely no proof that the package was ever shipped, and no way to follow up with my post office without any identifying information about the package, I cannot consider this resolved until I have either the shipping receipt or a full refund.

      I'm further disturbed by the loss of the shipping receipt. This means that either Yuna-Ki misplaced it before inquiring with the post office and therefore had no identifying information or proof of shipment to give them, or that she lost the proof of shipment for a package that she knew to be missing.

      From her most recent PM I am given to understand that Yuna-Ki is unwilling to give me a full refund, and cannot produce the shipping receipt, so I guess this might be counted as "resolved unhappily" -- I suspect this is the most resolution I'm going to get, but I'm extremely unhappy with how this transaction turned out.