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Resolved Problem w/Adamantine - Unhappily resolved, MP Ban)

Aug 23, 2011

    1. Adamantine, aka Momo, aka Momoterasu real name Alice Rantala asked a few month ago for models for her initial works on faceuo comissions. She took my dolly head in April this year, and even with all the support of friends, etc I never had it returned. She was expected to give it a face'up, and she never EVER replied or had the decency of telling me what happened. I wanted to put the warning out, just in case she may try to sell the head or if anyone may have some information. The head is a DragonDoll Ming in normal yellow sculpt, is missing its head lid, and it is not one of the most expensive ones, but it has sentimental value as it was the gift my husband gave me on our first month as a married couple... i have been BEYOND patient, friends have been BEYOND kind in helping me out, unfortunately the legal system in the UK will not help me in regards to this case unless i get rid of a lot of money, so PLEASE PLEASE HELP ME!!:...(
    2. Adamantine was last on the forum 6JUL. She is now Being Paged. Do you believe she has multiple accounts on DoA?
    3. To be honest I go all her AKAS from a google search online, she has a lot of knicknames and IDs in various places online, including twitter, and that is how i have been tracking her. If there is a Momo here, then that is her for sure, as well as Momoterasu, thats another of her alliases.
    4. Momo on Den of Angels is not the same person as Adamantine. Although Adamantine does have several aliases on other sites, she does not have a second Den of Angels account as far as I can tell.
    5. That good! i sent her another PM today, but no news, as it has been for the last 6months now....
    6. Dear Mods, there has been an update, nearly 6 months after the whole fiasco started:

      Today, i received a medium sized box, full of doll items, among which were broken china plates, clothes, wigs,a yellowed head of what i presume is her own doll etc etc... and MY HEAD, it is damaged , obviously, it has ink smudges that wont come off... and a letter that says this:

      Hello Michelle

      Here are all the doll things we could find please have them I hope your doll is there also we dont want any doll items when alice comes back from hospital i hope you have a nice day




      my head ... yeah i tried super eraser and acetone...
      so, i dont personally want to keep a box with stuff that is obviously not mine... but there is the question that my own doll's head is stained to a bloody cinder...so what to do?

      So mods, i just want you to keep this here as a warning.