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Problem with Angeline425 - RESOLVED

Oct 9, 2010

    1. I did not want to have to come to this stage, butt I have no choice because as I'm a student in Singapore and it is near the national exam period, I do not have the time for stress like this.

      I sold a Soom Chrom to a buyer called Angeline425 2 weeks ago.
      Things went well during the transaction and I replied them without delay and told them I would send out the doll within 1 week, but I also told them to understand if I delay shipping.

      As I'm a student in Singapore and it is near the national exam period, I do not have a fixed schedule to head down to the post office. I did tell her that I would find time and send the doll out within 2 weeks like stated in my sales thread.

      I was about to send it out today because I found time over the weekend but just then she PMed me saying she wants the money back because I delayed shipping. Furthermore, she said that it was her 'client' who didn't feel comfortable with me delaying the shipping and who wants her money back. I had not heard of this client before this. Her request would have been alright if I hadn't used the money to pay off other things.

      I explained to Angeline425 and she told me that her client has made up her mind and wants the money back.
      It has made things difficult for me and she said that the reason she wants the money back is because i delayed shipping and I had deleted the contents of the sales thread. She also said that her client will not accept the doll even if i shipped it out.

      I did not ignore any of her PMs and i did state in the thread that I will ship out within 2 weeks and I do not have a fixed schedule. Angeline425 told me that she forgot to inform her client about that information. I believe that this oversight is between Angeline425 and her client.

      The sales thread I deleted wasn't on purpose. This was because the old DOA market required us to delete the content the moment the sale was done... and the new market was the other way round. I did not delete the content on purpose and explained everything to Angeline425. She told me her client still won't accept the doll and wants her money back

      I told Angeline425 that at the moment I can only send out 200usd because I used up the rest to pay for some stuff. I would send her the rest after I have sold the Chrom. But other doll owner friends of mine have advised me to not refund and ship out the doll instead since

      1. It was her choice to act as an agent for someone. That in itself meant that she should have taken the responsibility to inform the people for whom she buy items about all the details about shipping.

      2. 2 weeks is a reasonable amount of time to wait to ship something and it is well within the paypal grace time of 45 days.

      3. It is within seller's rights to say that a sale is final once the money has been exchanged.

      I would like to amiably negotiate a resolution with Angeline425. I propose that I ship out the doll to her client as agreed previously. I will do so within the week, with EMS. If her client wishes to keep the doll, she may. If she returns or throws it away, that is her prerogative.

      Please see the post below for the PMs that were exchanged between Angeline425 and I.
    2. my reply

      she replied again
      & my reply
      & she replied
      my reply
      her reply

      my reply
      & her reply
    3. As people known sometime I'm an agent to help chinese doll holders to purchase from DOA and pay for them since lots of people doesn't have a ID here or not good at English or can not use Paypal.

      I helped a client to purchase a SOOM Chrom from mich3647 on Sept 26th and she told me she will ship the doll around one week or ealier. After one week without shipping inform, I contacted with her to see when she can send the doll. She told me she will have a exam and will find a day to send him out. At the same time, I found that she've deleted the whole thread content. Then I told my client about this situation. She decided to wait another week to see if mich3647 will ship the doll.

      But after two weeks waiting, I still have not received the inform so my client decide to cancel the transaction since she feel not very good to deal with mich3647. She wanted me to ask for a full refund and announced that she won't accept the package after that.

      Then I contacted with mich3647 yesterday to tell her this situation. But she said she had already used out the money for her family debts and she can ship the doll to my client at once. But during the half a month waiting without shipping inform and even deleted the thread. My client feel not comfortable to buy from mich3647 and she decided to cancel this transaction and want her money back.

      After communicated with mich3647, she promised to refund $200 at the moment, and the remaining will be refunded after she sell Chrom here again. And to help her get the money more quickly, I suggested to help her sell this doll on our domesitc doll forum to see if there are another buyer, and then she just need to change the shipping address to ship the doll.

      She showed very polite and felt sorry to us yesterday. But today she suddently changed her attitude. She emphsized she doesn't have a fixed shipping schedule on her thread and two weeks delay is reasonable. She won't make any refund and she said "It was your choice to act as an agent for someone. That in itself meant that you should have taken the responsibility to inform the people for whom you buy items about all the details about shipping."

      But I did tell my client about the whole shipping information she gave me. For myself, I don't care if sometime there are some delay for the shipping and I did too many overseas buy and sell transaction here. But my client decided to cancel the transaction not only for the shipping delay. I can not feel happy or unhappy instead of her. I just can pay for her. Pls kindly understand.

      I thought things were settled yesterday and my client accepted the remaining $650 can be refunded after mich3647 find another buyer for her Chrom. And I've opened three FS threads on domestice doll forum to find the buyers. I must say that I can not feel happy too under such a situation since my client sent Chinese money to me half a month ago and she just can push me, but not mich3647 who is a foreign seller. And I've already tried my best to settle the problem.

      Now mich3647 refuses to refund the money and my client refuses to accept package. I don't know what can I do as an agent should do. Maybe people here can give me any good suggestion? I think after this time, I will probably stop to help people buying goods from DOA and paying for them.
    4. You always emphasized that you metioned you will ship the doll within 2 weeks on your thread. But your thread had been deleled as soon as after I paid. Even the whole content. I don't know when old DOA market had such a policy and I think people alway keep the thread till the transaction over.

      Here is the shipping information you gave me and I told my client on Sept 26th. http://i528.photobucket.com/albums/dd322/angeline425/chrom-mich3647.jpg

      I didn't disturb you during the first week. Just after that, I didn't receive any shipping inform, then I contact with you to see how things going. You said that you have exam and I also pass your words to my client. Why you think I didn't explain to her? Then after two weeks without any shipping inform and message. My client decide to cancel the the transaction and you promised to refund. Now she accept your condition to refund the $200 first and $650 after you sell Chrom to others. And I also put the doll on our domestic forum to find the buyers too. But you suddently refuse to refund and you said it is my responsibility. I don't know what can I help more?
    5. Like i said it wasn't your fault and the client 's since she last min back out

      but in MP rule
      No selling "for friends." Members are personally responsible for all transactions under their username and may only transact business on their own behalf. If you are caught assisting a member who does not have Marketplace access to use the Marketplace, you will receive a permanent Marketplace ban. You may only post links to your own auctions unless you are cautioning others against a scam.

      and if you remember you were the one WHO sold me the chrom!

    6. Did I sell for a friend? I just bought Chrom for a client from you. Did I delay to pay for you? I just tried to settle the problem. Do you lose any thing if you refund to my client after you sell Chrom to others? You can let me know if you have any problems. I'll try to help you and I'm doing so.
    7. I have friends who are doll owners and more experience than me telling me to just ship the doll out
      and if your client doesn't accept it , its her problem
    8. mich3647 PMed me to say she has some friends who were more experienced in this hobby of what she should do,
      including PM-ing a Mod. Well, would you pls let your expereinced friend to communicated with my client to see if she could change her mind even under such an unhappy situation? And what do you mean to PM me about the policy? You wanna give me a marketplace ban? The only things I want is just to push the whole things to be resolved. not deadlock. What do you think?
    9. Do you think it will resolve the problem? If she refuse the package, then what happen? She had already inform you to cancel the transaction and I don't know it works by a paypal disput. I still haven't do it before my last effort.
    10. I just want to let you know that your client need a account in DOA in order to access into the MP .
      Because even if its not your friend , you are helping someone who doesn't have access in DOA MP

      I don't have any intention to give u a mp ban since i once did business with you.

      My friends gave me advice and i followed them.
      please can you ask your client to get a account and read all this and ask her to come to me
      instead of pushing it to you.

      I also want to solve everything and get the doll a new home where he will be loved.

      thank you
    11. Do you think it will resolve the problem? If she refuse the package, then what happen? She had already inform you to cancel the transaction and I don't know if it works by a paypal disput. I still haven't do it before my last effort.

      Pls understand that money is hers. Not belong to me. If she want me to disput by Paypal to ask money back. How can I refuse her?
    12. I'd love to do it. But she can not read English which is the major reason that they need an agent to purchase from them. Well, I'll try to split the doll tomorrow to see if that works.
    13. I know i should not say this
      but since you said you are agent you should read everything at the thread INCLUDING
      the information of how long will i take to send out after receiving payment which i stated 1-2weeks.
      You also said you forgot to see that part and didn't inform your client

      It was misunderstanding between you and your client so you should solve it betwee the 2 of you.
      and accept the doll when i shipped it.

      If you could get another buyer to pay the same amount I will send it to that buyer

    14. I would suggest you give me your own address so i would send the doll out to your address
      and then you settle it yourself
      since I have got what i want and i shouldn't have the doll with me either
    15. I think I've already explain this to you many times. You said you will ship him around one week or earlier on Sept 26th and I past it to my client. There were no any misunderstanding and she waited entirely two weeks without any active PM from you. I don't think she feel uncomfortable to continue the transaction with you is my fault. That's her choice. And I couldn't see any usefulness you pass the buck to me one more time. Sometime you said it was not my fault and sometime you said it was. I think your friends here gave your lots of 'good advice'. But anyway, I've done what I can do as an agent.
    16. No, I won't accept it. I'm trying my best to help you selling the doll but I'm not the seller and I didn't take her money. I'm not planning to pay the bill by myself.
    17. @angeline425

      Like i mention I replied all your pm instantly and did not ignore any
      so there is no way i was running away with the money or scamming you and your client

      after one week of payment you PM me asking if i shipped it out
      and then i told you i dont have the time but i will send it out within that week
      which is this week!
      I made time today just to sent it out but now with your sudden cancellation led make things hard for me.
    18. Please do not post into this thread unless you are directly involved. The moderators frown on members who delete the content of their Marketplace threads as it renders the thread completely useless at that point. There is no "rule" against a buyer buying for another collector. Buyers and sellers are free to create their own requirements in regards to money paid, when, shipping method, etc., and there are no rules in place in regards to these agreements.
    19. i understand and thank you for informing @ZagZagael

      if @angeline425 can find another buyer i will ship the doll to the buyer place.
      or if someone here in DOA wants to buy chrom , i will ship it to them and the money i get from them will be send to angeline425

      i will be coming online everyday without fail in doa so if angeline425 has something to ask i will be here to reply her straight away

    20. Thank you so much. I will try my best to find the new buyer of your Chrom. I just can not do anything to change my client's decision. So I will have to help selling the doll and let your both side satisfied finally. Trust me.