Unresolved Problem with change8023 (doll not in box)

Jan 9, 2008

    1. I'm sorry to do this, as change8023 was very polite and usually prompt with her replies. I ordered a Wishel from her and the payment was sent immediately. Things were going great!

      However, it took awhile for the box to arrive and when it did it looked damaged (and then repaired with tape). I opened the box and was happy to see that the wigs, clothes, and accessories were all in place. Sadly, though, my Festivous Wishel was not. The bubblewrap to wrap her up in was there, but no doll.

      I let change know, and she sounded horrified and asked to see pictures. It was last Thursday that I got this response. I took a lot of pictures and sent them her way immediately. It's been awhile, and there has been no response. I even sent her another PM and e-mail yesterday, but no response.

      I hope that maybe this will get something worked out. If I can't get my Wishel, a refund (partial, even, since everything else came in) would be great-- and I could even send the other stuff back if she wanted me to. I just want all this to work out... :sweat
    2. Is it possible it was damaged in the mail? do you have insurance? If you do you should file for it at the post office.
    3. That's a good idea, thank you. Does insurance and stuff work the same for EMS? And she only insured it for $50... =/
    4. I think you should file for a Paypal dispute and have your money returned. It's highly unlikely that the doll was removed from the box AFTER it was "sent" out. It is more likely that it was never included prior to shipment, especially if you're dealing with a seller with a fraudulent history.

      I wouldn't take my chances if I were you. You paid for a doll, you ought to have received one. It is suspicious that she has not returned your PMs or emails.
    5. Erm... if you search for her user name, she actually has rather... bad feedback. I didn't know she was back though, she's been awol for a while. Personally, I'd file a paypal claim.
    6. Yes, since it was a gift to me from a family member, and they used their Paypal, I sent them all the info and they filed a claim about a week ago. I'll have to check in on them to see how it went!

      Thank you all so much.
    7. omg, thanks for putting this up. I saw Change8023 I believe on ebay like a couple of weeks ago. I immediately recognized it because of this post and on the list of bad transactions. I hope this comes out for you! Best wishes.
    8. KazeTaco ~ Was there ever any resolution with this seller?