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Resolved Problem with ChriseeV - have not recieved payment (issue has been resolved)

Jan 8, 2007

    1. I have worked on a commission for ChriseeV and have yet to receive payment.

      I slightly opened the eyes of her dreaming El head, gave him a faceup like Rikugou from Yami no Matsuei, manicured his hands and painted them. She owes me $82.90 ($50 for the faceup, $20 for the manicure with eyes, $5 for the eye opening, and $7.90 for shipping with tracking and insurance).

      There was a delay in my schedule, but I gave her my personal cell number should any problems occur. She did not contact me during those weeks, so I continued to work on the parts whenever I could. She had sent a check with the parts I was to be working on for $82.90, which I did not cash until I completed all work.

      I had finished the work and sent her pictures. She was happy with the way he turned out and asked him to be shipped right away. I sent him out (along with a wig, some candy and doll cake made by WaWaMelon as apology for the delay) and then deposited the check, since I did not want to make her wait any longer than she already had.

      She sent a PM that her account had been closed and that she would send another check if the payment did not go through. I told her I had sent her parts and will let her know.

      The payment had bounced a week later and the bank had charged me a $6 fee. I sent her a PM about it. And did not receive a reply from her (though I did notice she was still logging onto DOA). I sent another PM giving her a week to respond to me before putting up a dispute.

      She claimed that her computer was broken and was unable to answer, and had sent another payment the day before. I wrote her another PM a week later stating that I still have not received it and that I would no longer accept her check. She would have to cancel it and pay by paypal within 3 days or I would place a dispute on DOA.

      She has not replied or sent payment. Though she has been loging into her myspace.

      UPDATE 01/09/07

      I have sent out a message to her on her myspace, I did not wish to do so as I would like to keep it on DOA. She has contacted me again today, so the PM post below is updated with the new pms.

      She cannot pay by paypal, but her check has still not arrived. So I asked her to void the one she sent and to send out another using Priority with tracking and to let me know the number.

      She has sent me a PM of the tracking number of the new check and asked me to tear up the old one - if it arrives.

      New payment arrived on 01/16/07 and has cleared.

      I will post the PM's below this post and pictures of the work that I have done.
    2. Below are the PM's copied and pasted in order (I do not have the ones where I sent her my cell number, but I was working on another commission at the time and had sent them my information as well). My PMs will be in Blue.

      12-14-2006, 11:38AM Re: PICTURES

      12-12-2006, 04:48 PM Re: PICTURES
      Hello ChriseeV (^^)/''

      I am happy that you like the way that he turned out . I will drop him at the post office tomorrow.

      I will let you know his tracking number as well.

      Again, I apologize about the delay.

      Take care

      12-14-2006, 11:38 AM Re: PICTURES

      12-22-2006, 12:03 PM trouble with check

      Hello Chriseev (^^)/''

      Your check officially bounced today and my bank charged me a $6 fee

      You can send another check for $82.90 to this address:
      [Here I included my address]

      Happy holidays.

      Take care

      12-27-2006, 07:02 PM Trouble with check: have not recieved payment

      Hello ChriseeV (^^)/''

      I have sent you a PM on the 22nd about your payment.

      Please let me know when you have sent payment. I will wait another week for your response .

      thank you.

      Take care

      [Here I included a copy of my PM that I had sent on the 22 along with a copy of her PM where she said she would send payment]

      12-29-2006, 04:00 AM Re: Trouble with check: have not recieved payment


      01-04-2007, 07:40 PM Re: Trouble with check: have not recieved payment

      Hello ChriseeV,

      I have sent out packages and regular letters during and after the time that you have said you sent the check (Dec. 28. And they have already arrived to their destinations).

      I will no longer accept check - so if you have sent one, you will have to void it. You will have to send payment by Paypal to "XXXXXXXXX@hotmail.com"

      I will give you three days (until Monday Jan. 8 at 12am PST) to make payment. Before I open up a dispute on DOA.

      I hope to hear your response soon
      [Here I included her PM where she stated that she had sent payment]

      01-08-2007, 01:15 AM Re: Trouble with check: have not recieved payment

      Hello ChriseeV,

      I am letting you know that I am posting a dispute in the DOA forum.

      I have spent a lot of time working on your commission and have been more than reasonable.

      I hope to be able to resolve this soon.
      [Here I included a digest of all the previous correspondence since 12-14-2006]

      01-08-2007, 06:19 PM FW: Trouble with check: have not recieved payment

      [Here she included a digest of the PM I had sent her on 01-04-2007]

      01-08-2007, 06:46 PM Re: Trouble with check: have not recieved payment

      The problem is, that the check has not arrived. If it had been sent out on the 28th as you said in your PM, it should have arrived by now -even with the delays in mail.

      Since you cannot use Paypal...

      I think it will be best to void the check, and send out a new one via priority mail with tracking.

      Here is my address again:
      [Here I included my address]

      Please keep me updated on when it is sent out and let me know the tracking number so I can keep an eye out for it.

      Until then, I will have to leave up the dispute on DOA until it is resolved.

      01-09-2007, 10:42 AM Re: Trouble with check: have not recieved payment

      01-09-2007, 12:11 PM Re: Trouble with check: have not recieved payment

      Hello ChriseeV,

      If the first one arrives, I will shred it. I will let you know when the new one arrives.
    3. These are pictures of the work I had done for her:

      first eye opening

      further opening
      I did not take pictures, but I evened up the eyes further after this stage.

      details of faceup

      Manicure, blushing and eye painting on each hand


      I had contacted her since I thought this was an interesting request
    4. oh WOW!!! what an amazing work!!! :o
      i'm so sorry to hear this it's so sad. unfortunately anytime i sell something i NEVER release the item anymore until the cheque has cleared :roll:
      you must be a very kind person to send her the head i'm really upset that there are people around who got the cheek to do this in return. i keep my fingers crossed for you and please do update us what happens. :aheartbea
    5. I always have put a lot of effort into all my works, and this one was a particularly challenging one.

      I feel that I have been more than reasonable.

      For the delay, I have sent a wig, candy and WaWaMelon had made one of her miniature doll cakes as an apology. I used my own hard earned pocket money to send off the parts to her. I have given her more than enough time to make payment. Also, I am not asking for her to pay the $6 overdraft fee - just the amount owed.
    6. I put a lot of trust in people and will continue to do so. However, I should be smarter about it as you suggested :sweat

      I want it to be convenient for my customers, but from now on I will just no longer accept check as payment.

    7. Wow! Those upper eyes are painted on?!? You do awsome work! I hope you get your money soon!
    8. *hugs* awh Hun I’m so sorry to hear that this happened to you! The faceup and eye opening is just amazing! Don't ever send out items again until the check clears and you have your money you worked so hard for!

      I'm not really sure what you can do now and what the next step is you should have to take. But I’m sure somebody here on DoA can help you!

      *hugs* I really hope you get your money you deserve to have it!
    9. It's sad that you haven't gotten your money for such beautiful work. :< I hope you have this dispute settled soon. It always makes me sad to hear that people don't keep up with their ends of the bargain during commissions and sales here. ; __ ;
    10. Thank you for the help and support.

      I have contacted her through myspace as she has been loging onto it. I will take the matter to her local police if she does not respond.

      Also, another member of DOA (who will remain nameless) has told me about their own problem transaction ChriseeV.

      Before my post in her feedback thread, it had seemed that she has had no problems. Please don't be afraid to leave feedback - for any problems with anyone. I am not afraid since I know that I have done more than my part as a customizer.

      I will make a report with the police if I have to.