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Resolved Problem with Clockworkangel - RESOLVED

May 20, 2011

    1. I hate to do this I really do not want to harm anyone, but it seems to be the only option.
      I will try to describe the situation briefly but I see it as quite complicated at the moment.

      I reached an agreement with clockworkangel here on DoA to buy her Unoa Akubi for 500EUR including shipping. We both live in European Union.

      The doll was to be shipped as "signed for" parcel and with insurance. I paid by PayPal. She wanted me to cover paypal fees, so I used personal payment to avoid fees for us both.

      Clockworkangel informed me on 21st of April that the doll was sent. I asked for a tracking number, after 4 days (apr 26th) she provided me with the receipt (you can see it here) and information that it can take 3-4 weeks to get to Poland.
      The tracking number (barcode) never worked, but according to TNTpost tracking to Poland does not work in some cases, and clockworkangel seemed very honest and had good feedback, I was not worried.

      I started to worry after 3 weeks, when the doll has still not arrived.
      I got back to clockworkangel on the 12th of May and after next 4 days (May 16th) she got back to me saying that she checked with her post office and "The lady checked the computer and saw that it said "arrived at country of destination". I asked if TNT could do anything to locate it, but she told me "it's in the hands on Poland postal service now, and nothing else can be done but wait."

      I tried to locate the package myself: not knowing which local carrier handles TNT shipments in Poland, I contacted a few but my package was nowhere to be found.

      The same day I contacted Clockworkangel again: to my surprise, she offered to call dutch customs (who shouldn't be involved in shipment between EU countries anyway) and 2 days later she got back saying, that she was very rudely treated by customs workers while on the phone. I asked her to fill paperwork for formal complaint to TNTpost, as I believed the package got lost, but she - as I believe now - has avoided answer by saying she was a little bit offended that I agreed with the custom worker, instead to feel sorry for her.

      I asked her once more that she has to put a formal complaint to restore a doll or money for it. And I asked that maybe we should consider that my unoa may not arrive to Poland at all, and maybe we should consider refunding my money to me.

      Today she got back to me with this:
      "Sorry I misunderstood you about the Customs guy. I've had a tough time lately and my feelings are a bit on edge. I have been called away to a sick family member, but I'm going to the postoffice for the papers first thing coming monday. Thanks so much for your patience, Silvia"

      No word about refunding me my money. And with sick members of family being involved, and next couple of days of delay, I was almost sure that something bad is going on...
      I wrote her back, that since package is insured, she will get her money back eventually from tntpost, and I asked for my money back today on my paypal.
      All the time I am kind and polite to her.

      But being seriously worried, I got help in contacting TNT myself to find something out. What I got back is quite disturbing:

      -the barcode on the receipt I got does correspond to a real, existing package, but a local one (inside the Netherlands) and not an international one (this is why the tracking couldn't work btw, local packages need to be paired with recipient's postal code)

      -the date on the receipt I got is not the date the package with this barcode was sent (it was sent on 31st of March and received on 1st of April, again: in the Netherlands)

      The informations above were checked several times with several tntpost call center workers.

      I also found out that the real receipt for insured international package sent to Poland should look quite different.

      So. I feel horrible now. My sense of legality and strong belief in human honesty still tells me to have a tiny hope that Clockworkangel is an honest person, as she always seemed to be, maybe she got lost a little, and my doll will arrive safely.
      I just want my doll or money back now.
    2. ClockworkAngel was last on the forum today. She is now Being Paged.
    3. Hi everyone,

      I just wanted to let you know that I have been in constant contact with Joanna, and that I have been in the process of transferring money to my paypal account for her refund since monday already, so I don't know why she thinks I have to be paged..?

      I have done everything in my power to help, and she will get her refund when the transfer clears to my paypal, so what's the problem?
    4. Main problem is that You have my money and I have no doll, and second problem is a disturbing recipe, you still did not explained. Third is that I asked you about returning my money just today. Half an hour ago I you wrote me a PM to wait until NEXT monday, because you just started the process of transferring money to paypal and it will last 3 days. But here you wrote that you are in the same process since PAST monday. Or did I understood something wrong?
      But all problem will not exist anymore if you return my money to me.
    5. I always meant PAST monday, 16 may I started transferring the payment back from my bank account to my Paypal account. I'm sorry if I failed to mention it. It normally takes 4-5 working days, but it isn't here today so it should be there this monday, maybe that's the mondays-mixup here.
      I am more than willing to settle this between us, I have always been from the beginning.
      That's why I don't see the need to try and publicly slander me here with "disturbing recipe's", implying I'm some sort of low life scammer because I don't know why the package number doesn't show up, or what's "wrong" with the receipt. I am not the one responsible at what they do in the postoffice.

      YOUR problems will not exist anymore when I return your money (which I have been planning to do since LAST monday, which will come to you COMING monday most likely), but MY problem of maybe getting a marketplace ban because you are impatient and paging me (IN THE MIDDLE of us resolving it together, with me being 100% cooperative) WILL exist.

      We have always spoken civilized with eachother, so why the sudden change right in the middle of resolving things?
      I still don't understand...
    6. I wish to stress that I am hoping for a friendly resolution, which was always my intent...
    7. I just checked my Paypal account again, and they cleared the money to my account about half an hour ago, so a full refund is now issued.
      So you see, if you had given me a bit more time instead of just 1 day to respond, this would have been resolved without the paging.
      I hope moderators will take into consideration that I was from the start:
      1. 100% cooperative
      2. 100% communicative, and friendly in doing so
      3. 100% honest
    8. I just checked my paypal account and I have my money back.
      I have no further issue to clockworkangel.
      Maybe just if she did earlier act and respond so quickly, as she did today, this thread would never had to show up and we both would never have to suffer.
      Thank you, I consider this thread resolved.