Problem with Crybabygirl777 - RESOLVED

Feb 24, 2009

    1. This is the second time I have bought something from Rachael/crybabygirl777, and it seems she can't be depended to keep in good communication with their buyers.

      On 2/19/09 I saw a wig and pair of eyes I wanted to buy from her sales thread and Pm'd her with some questions and my interest.. she contacted me 2/20 to tell me the eyes have sold and sent me a pic of the wig in a different color{to show style better} and to tell me it was full and a cap on not skin {questions I asked} she also said that if I paid in the morning she would be going to the PO that afternoon to send out the eyes and she would send out my item.
      So I sent payment and PM'd her to let you know I paid.

      In the evening of 2/20 she was on the forum..but didn't Pm me to let me know she had received payment or that the item had been sent out.

      2/21 in the morning, I pm'd again even though she hadn't been on to let her know I paid and asked if my item was sent out..I heard nothing back.

      Then in the evening 2/21 I emailed her using her email she had listed for Paypal with the same info..

      I still have not heard anything back from her and with the advice from Mod Armeleia I have started this thread.

      I recently bought another wig from her in Jan that I had the same problems with her not getting back with me. After this I won't buy from her again.
    2. still no word from her, or wig bought.. going to paypal if nothing arrives today.
    3. have heard from seller, says internet has been out and couldn't reach me, wig did not go out the day promised due to internet being out, but has been sent out since. Paypal dispute was started a day or so ago..and will update thread and close dispute once wig has arrived.:)
    4. Wig arrived today in good condition, well packaged. I have closed the Paypal dispute, and contacted seller that all is well on this end.