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Resolved Problem with Dollzone/Change8023

Apr 24, 2006

    1. I bought Megi off ebay on March 29th. I wanted a face up and ordered boots so waited to hear from Change for a total of $312 and sent my Paypal payment on March 31st. I have not heard a word about my doll. I have e-mailed through ebay and PM'd here twice but still have no response. The auction clealy stated the doll would ship between 15 and 20 days and I am past that now.

      I did receive positive feedback on ebay which is no consolation at this point.

      I am very unhappy with this transaction so far.

    2. Hmm. I paid for my doll on March 31st and it got here last week. That was quicker than I expected, because they said it would SHIP in 15-20 days, not ARRIVE in 15-20 days. I think a few people have been confused on that matter. But I did not request a faceup. Change has replied to all emails I've sent her very quickly. I'll shoot you a PM with the email I have, because I have nothing but good opinions of Change and I hope this issue can be taken care of quickly :).
    3. I think Change8023 sends the doll to someone else for the faceup so it could take a while for it to ship back and forth plus Change8023 is notorious for slow replies to emails, so I wouldn't worry just yet. A lot of people here have had very good transactions with Change8023, I hope this helps :)
    4. Thanks for the PM. I will try this route.

      I am not confused about the shipping versus arriving thing. If my doll had shipped in the time quoted on ebay, I would have had an EMS shipping number. I ordered a face up and maybe that is slowing things down but I wasn't told it would.

      I'm glad to hear people have had good dealings. Puts my mind at ease.

    5. I bought some new hands from Change on the 4/1 I have yet to receive them even though she said they'dwi ship soon...I emailed a couple of times and got no response...then i won a Juri head from her on ebay..and asked if the hands would be sent with the head, she replied with the price of the head and hands and ship, I wrote back with paypal receipt attached explaining that i already paid for the hands, she replied she understood and yes they could be sent together...with a reduction in shipping
      Weds will be a week for the head and nearly 4 weeks for the hands..I don't understand why they weren't sent earlier, and why she didn't remember I had already paid for them,I asked why but never got a response.. ..it makes me a bit nervous...I hope I get both soon....she did leave me feedback.
      on a better note, i bought my dollzone boy from her in march and got him in about a week....
      I don't want to have to go to Paypal and complain to get my money back for the hands, if they aren't sent with the head....but I will if I have to...with the head I am covered by ebay's rules....
    6. I got an e-mail from Change this morning. Part of the response: "The dolls sent out in 15-20 days are without make-up. those with make-up require 30-45days"

      I honetly feel this information should have been included in the auction. The auction states: "You can choose the make-up by I Doll House or appoint make-up by Ulat. the make-up price by I Doll House is U.S.$35. the make-up price by Ulat is U.S.$50."

      Having all the information up front might have swayed my decisions.

    7. I also received a response from Change today...I had to put in the title "Please Respond.." she said that my head and hands shipped from Ulat, didn't say when, but gave me an airmail tracking number..I didn't know it was going to be given a faceup, I thought it already had a face up by Ulat...oh well...I need to check the usps site..
    8. I got the same problem than you -.- I'm getting upset.Ordered a Megi on march 29th, she told me 20 days later (after a huge number of unanswered mails) that it would take 30days... so I canceled the makeup (I still not have been refunded for makeup). Today I sent her emails via ebay, her hotmail address and DoA, now I'm waiting for an answer. I received a positive feedback from her on ebay but I'm considering filling a complain to ebay and paypal if I don't get an answer soon. She told me she would send my doll before may 1st and mail me.... As she hasn't been on DoA since april 27th I don't know, maybe she is sick or something but that still upsetting....
    9. it may have caused a bit of a problem cancelling your faceup so late in the game, as the artists aren't onsite- they ship the dolls out and then have them shipped back- which of course has nothing to do with Change not communicating with you.
    10. I know that, but if it had to cause more delay, why has she told me on april 24th that she will ship my doll before May 1st ?
    11. I order a Megi on Friday night, (april 21) via Ebay, and it arrived on Tuesday, (april 25). But......... I ordered it without make-up. I did that quite deliberately because I did not want to wait for a long period. It was very fast!!

      Change notified me via ebay to give me the EMS tracking number. I think the custom make-up slows the process considerably.
    12. Change is not known for outstanding communication :sigh however, your doll may already have been shipped- it's only May 2nd, after all. i received my dolls without a tracking number- you may well too.
    13. I bought some hands for my shuang on 4/1, I waited two weeks emailing here and there never heard a thing, then Change had a Juri head on ebay that I bidded on, I emailed her about sending the hands along with the head, she quoted me price for the hands, I had to reminder her with a paypal receipt that I already paid for them, she remembered...well some time went by and finally I emailed again and she responded that the head and hands were shipped from Ulats on the 4/23...I didn't know it had to have a face up, I thought it came that way and asked her that, she replied that she had one already done and it was shipped on that date, well I just got it today, its been one month one day since I ordered the hands. and about two weeks for the head..
      it was a long wait, and the head is wonderful, Lucia's new hands are a bit whiter than he is but it won't be noticable after the blushing, I wish it came yesterday, it was my birthday and would have been a nice B-day present.
    14. This thread is very old but as an update, I did receive my Megi but I don't remember how long it actually took. He did have a face up and I enjoyed him for quite some time. He has since moved to a new home.