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Unresolved Problem with GEMNIL - MEMBER MP BANNED

Apr 20, 2010

    1. Hello,
      I can't stand this too long, I hope you can help me or at least support me somehow T_T
      I DIDN'T WANT to post this but I don't know what more to do, I'm getting sick...

      I've purchased from her a Williams Volks that was from a friend fo her. She showed pics of him and I trusted her. I payed the 3-4 months layaway promptly, and I can prove it.
      It began on first week of november and ended up in first week of febrary.
      So I¡ve been waiting till febrary for the head.
      At first she had other problems transactions and Paypal didn't let her send the money to her friend (or at lease that's what I undesrtood). For this I've waited a month.
      On march 12th she Pm'ed me and let me know that her paypal limitation was finally removed...

      I replyed gladly but I had no more news from her until March 22th:
      On 30th she said she received the head and will ship him out within that week.

      From ther I was to be more insistent in PM'ing because I was really worried, I was that 2 months but I now I thought I've been fooled...

      So she replyed on April 4th telling me that she was on a trip...
      I had another PM 2 days after saying that she need 3 more days.

      And finally on 11th she ask if my adress was correct and asking for my telephone number, she also said: "i will ship the head within 24 hours and get you online tracking number."

      4 days after she pm'ed saying that it was shipped out but from them and with 3 Pm's more I have NO tracking number and the head is not arrived yet...

      What do you think about it? Is it normal?...

      PS: Sorry for my bad english.:(
    2. Gemnil was last on the forum yesterday. She is now Being Paged.
    3. Thank you.

      She didn't replyed me yet.
    4. Today she PM'ed me.
      She says that because of the volcanic she can't have updates of the package.

      Is it normal this days? Shipping with EMS are gettting no updates?
    5. She should have a tracking number for you because that is provided when the item is shipped but it is quite possible that it has had no updates since EMS to Europe was all stalled. EMS service should be resume starting Monday.
    6. thank you for the information irezumifan, I hope things go on on monday or this week
    7. From 23th she is not repyed again...
    8. Still any answer...
    9. This is not going well. She didn't appear online since April 23th.
      Please, anyone knows her? Can contact her?
    10. anyone can help me?
    11. sill no replies by PM (she didn't came back to DOA till then) and no replies by e-mail...
      Please, anyone can help me?
    12. Anyone knows if I can report her to any embassy? She is from Shanghai, China
    13. I publicate the pictures she gave me when she told me she can be able to sell me her friends Williams head:



      Anyonw did saw this photos in any other place? I want to discover if this picture was taken really for her or it was from any other cource, that she founds a williams for sell of another persona and take it for using it for me.
      What do you think?
      The pictures seem to be cut for something?

      This is the source: http://www.flickr.com/photos/35641222@N07/
    14. I'm trying to contact her by twiter or by facebook but I didn't had account before so I don't know if she can ignore me as until today so easy...