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Resolved Problem with Ginko - RESOLVED

Mar 15, 2011

    1. Hate to so this but I have been patient since December.

      I sold various items to Ginko, letting her have them without payment upfront since we are friends IRL and I thought I could trust her to pay me(she has before) but I have as of yet to receive payment or my items back.

      I've tried various means of contacting her(e-mail, etc) and have PMed her a few weeks ago requesting payment or return of my items.

      Missing Items:

      Dragon Doll Ying Head
      DaisyDayes Littlefee Hooves
      Camellia Dynasty Resin Wings
      Mimiwoo Outfit
      Human lower legs/feet and hands from a Soom Teenie Gem Body

      She also took money from me for a Luts GO that she has not returned. I never got the item ordered or received a refund.
    2. Ginko was last on the forum 4MAR. She is now Being Paged.
    3. My Items and Money have been returned. ^_^ This is resolved.