Resolved Problem with Higurashikawa - RESOLVED

Sep 5, 2011

    1. I bought an Unoa faceplate from her and paid on 08-16-2011 08:58 PM.

      Important PMS :

      September 16
      Then a whole week without a single message. So I PMed her :

      September 23
      September 24
      September 25
      September 27
      I'm VERY doubtful about this GrandMother excuse now :/

      September 28
      September 02

      And now I'm still waiting for a confirmation that the thing was actually sent. She hasn't logged in since then :/

      I'm getting really tired of being stringed along.
    2. Oh derp.
      September 16,23,24,25,27 and 28 are actually AUGUST, my bad.
    3. Higurashikawa was last on the forum 1SEP. She is now Being Paged.
    4. I bought a doll body from higurashikawa in late august. She has yet to ship it but she did send me this PMon september 1st:

      "I am so sorry, due to an unexpected hospital visit for a relitive, I haven't been able to ship yet. I will let you know as soon as I ship! "
    5. Okay so we are two now :/
    6. I guess I should be a bit more specific, for the record. Ive never had a problem with a transaction here before :/
      I paid her a deposit on 8/19 and sent full payment on 8/26. She sent me a confirmation that she got my payment but then I didnt hear anything for a few days so I PMd her asking if she had shipped. She sent me the response I posted above.
    7. If she hasn't messaged me by Saturday (GMT +1), I'll open a paypal case.
    8. I sent her another PM letting her know I planned to open a paypal dispute if she doesn't at least contact me by wednesday 9/14.
    9. Maybe we could try contacting her via the email option?
    10. I sent an email saying the same thing as the PM
    11. Okay, keep me updated please^^
    12. I am VERY sorry for all of this! Yes, I am having family issues, but that is NO excuse for me to be unable to ship. The post office is closed for today, please allow me until tomorrow afternoon, HAWAII time. If you need any sort of pictures to prove I have everything I'd be more than happy to do so. Again, I am very sorry for this!
    13. I'd like to see the pics yes.
    14. I would like to see a valid tracking number by tonight.
    15. Same for me.
    16. I never heard back from Higurashikawa in the time frame she provided.
    17. As a first note: I would like to say that I don't have any ill feelings on my part or disbelief that seller is going through whatever. I honestly have not formed an opinion on it all as I try to be understanding until it gets out of hand. But I am also waiting on something as well. And there has been a lack of communication from Higurashikawa to me so I thought I should post it here just to lump in my standing and situation as well.

      I bought her migidoll miho / luts body hybrid on layaway. Last payment was made (paid in full then) on August 20, 2011. Since then I have been getting the same as everyone else. Contact was very fast and prompt while I was making payments until the last payment made on 8/20. I had sent her a PM letting her know I had sent the last layaway payment. On 8/23 I received a PM back. said she would ship it the next day and wouldn't charge for shipping due to her late response. I sent one back saying thank you and to please get tracking and I'd pay the difference for the tracking. On 8/30 I sent a message saying I hadn't heard back from her and asking if the doll was sent out and if so what day and the details. 9/01 she replied back with the relative in the hospital message saying she didn't know when she'd be able to ship out. I replied back with I understood those things could happen but to please keep me in the know during the process and I would like a mail when he was shipped. With me communication is key. If I know of everything that's going on/get regular updates about if package has been sent out or not...I'm pretty chill about it all. But when there's weeks and days without communication as there had been so far, I start feeling antsy about it. Didn't hear nothing until 9/10. I then got a mail apologizing for the lateness again and telling me she would be shipping everything she owed people tomorrow her time. I replied back with it's not a problem, please let me know when he's shipped out and the tracking number. I haven't had any communication from her since.
    18. I haven't recieved any message yet. Still planning to open a paypal case.
    19. I will hold to my original statement and open a paypal case on 9/14 if I dont get some proof of shipping.
    20. I was supposed to open mine yesterday, but since she posted... But I haven't recieved any message or proof or the shipment and I bet our packages are still not sent, so, I'll most likely open it in the upcoming days.