Problem with lace84 - NOT RESOLVED MEMBER BANNED

Jan 14, 2008

    1. There's no problem just yet, as the modded Soom Namu head I bought may have indeed shipped when she said it would last Saturday (from Denmark to NY) but I haven't gotten any shipping confirmation or tracking # and I see she hasn't been on DOA since Jan 9th. I just want to make sure everything's okay, so if anyone knows how where I can contact her off of DOA, that would be great.

    2. Some more info about the situation. I actually bought the head *before* Christmas, so it's been nearly a month now waiting. Her thread said she'd ship 3 days from time of payment, but understanding that the holidays are crazed for everyone, we agreed that shipping could be delayed until after the holidays. Like stated above, she did say he was going to ship 2 Saturdays ago, but as of yet no confirmation or tracking number, and I'm only this nervous right now because her feedback isn't very stellar, but I was willing to give her the benefit of the doubt, she seemed like a nice person and was happy I bought the head which admittedly was fairly inexpensive due to the mods she did to him and her hope he'd go quickly to a new home ...

      The new home is waiting :/

      I see that she was on DOA yesterday, but *no* reply to the 2 pms I've sent her, and so we wait :( I really hope this is all anxiety and paranoia on my part, but it's the lack of communication and the fact that she did log in to DOA and didn't answer me that has me worried.

      Thank you to those who are helping/have tried to help me so far, I appreciate it ^^
    3. You need to contact a mod to get her status changed to "Being Paged," it isn't automatic.
    4. Thank you, I've contacted a mod about it.
    5. At this early stage we would like to give lace84 the benefit of the doubt and wait a few more days (give it at least a week and a half to two weeks since last communication) before we put her in the "Being Paged" usergroup.
    6. Hmm, I bought an outfit from her before Christmas (paid the 19th, I believe) which hasn't arrived yet, too...I was still waiting, chalking it up to possible long lag times overseas or something. I also hope she's okay and makes contact soon.
    7. Another update, lace84 was on DOA yesterday with not a word to the several pms & emails I've sent. I've heard from people who know her on other boards that her reputation for transactions is unreliable at best. I still have no idea if the head shipped or not, but it hasn't arrived... any info or contact would be greatly appreciated. I still want the head, I paid for it the day I contacted her back in December.
    8. She will now be put into the Paging Group - please keep this thread updated!
    9. Thank you, I will. I heard from someone on the Danish boards who said lace84 contacted them to say she was having trouble accessing the internet (they are involved in another transaction with her that has yet to be completed), still no word to me however. I still hope this can be resolved. I've sent her another 2 pms with read receipts so I'll know if she gets them or not. I've also re-sent my mailing address in case for some reason she can't get it through paypal... If the head arrives soon, I'll be happy to eat my words. Thanks again to the mods and those who have contacted me.
    10. Has this been resolved? I'm on the danish forum where lace84 / bambi (her username there) is currently active and writing posts.
      I'd be happy to send her a pm there in case she isn't aware that she's being paged here and that you haven't received your head. But if others have already done so it is of course not much help.

      Hope this isn't OT - just want to offer my help. Else the mods are free to delete my post.
    11. Hi! No this hasn't been resolved :( I haven't heard from her at all despite 4 pms and several emails. I really just want to know if she shipped the head (and hopefully get a tracking number or something as proof?). I would GREATLY appreciate it if you could tell her on the danish boards that I've been trying to get ahold of her- thank you so much for your help!!
    12. Haven't heard from her either ^^;; I was planning to open a dispute this week, but I'd much rather get the item and have done, please let her know if you can, zidora?
    13. Same here, I've been holding off on a dispute because I really just want the head--I went and bought all the stuff for him already. :(
    14. I just saw that lace84 was on DOA: Last Activity: Yesterday 08:26 PM My read receipts from the pms I sent her several days ago are unopened, so that just seems to confirm she's ignoring me ...... :|
    15. I have opened a paypal dispute. Tsuminaki, I mentioned in the dispute that you are waiting for your dress. lace84 can still make this right if she sends me my head with legitmate PROOF that she sent it, tracking number or otherwise. obviously if the head shows up soon, I will close the dispute, but if not, I will escalate it to a claim and seek my refund.
    16. I'm assuming she's read them through her email notification, I do that sometimes and my PMs look unread. Unless read receipts can tell when the email has been opened?
      In any case, my last message hasn't been opened either.
      *sigh* I guess I will open a dispute as well.
    17. Update: No word, no contact, no head.... :( Several people are trying to get ahold of bambi/lace on the danish boards, but have not gotten a response from her either. Though someone had spoken to her last week I believe and she told them she had my head ready to ship--I do not understand why she can't tell me this, or just ship me the head I paid for. :? She's gotta know I'm concerned by now even if she hasn't gotten any of the messages since she's been sitting on the head for 2 months? Or she just doesn't care. :(

      On DOA it says she hasn't been online since the 21st, and all 3 of my read-receipt messages (to my knowledge) say unread, even though it's possible she may be getting them through her email. No response to my paypal dispute either. I believe I will let the dispute run the full 20 days, and if there is still nothing from lace's end, then I will escalate to a claim and go buy myself a Namu elsewhere. Such a shame, it didn't have to be this way. *sigh*

      But thank you again to those of you trying to help, I truly appreciate it.
    18. Update: Still no contact and no head. And no activity on DOA since the 21st. 3 unread pms, no response to the paypal dispute or email ...
    19. No contact, no outfit here either :( Is she still posting on the other forum?