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Unresolved Problem with Laira - Only partially resolved, items missing

Mar 29, 2011

    1. I bought Laira $ 120 heads Ninodoll Namu. 03/25/2011 paid off. Then I got a PM from him:

      Re: Namu head

      I have recieved the money!

      Today, I'll send you the head.

      Bye! „

      Since then, I wrote to him several times, but did not respond to a letter either. Every day is on the page, but is not responding. I'm starting to really worry about.:(:...(
    2. Laira was last on the forum today. He is not Being Paged.
    3. Yesterday I got to the head but missed the wig and the eye :(
    4. We will keep this thread open until resolution is met.