Problem with LTLine

Jun 30, 2005

    1. I received my LTLine Anne about 3 weeks ago and she came with one open hand and one fisted hand. Also, the resin colour of the hands and feet does not match the rest of the doll. In the photos on the site she has two open hands, which is what I wanted and I specificly asked for the doll in the photo and they said that I will get her exactly as she is there.
      Well, I have been emailing them over and over again since my doll arrived, yet I get no reply. I find this really strange, since when I first ordered my doll, they were prompt to reply and very kind and courtious. Also, I know another person that had received the completly wrong doll and they were very good with emails to her.
      All I want is an open hand for my doll, it's her left hand and that fist really bothers me, I can live with the odd colour resin...

      Has anyone else had this problem with LTLine???
    2. I bought my Fine-W from eBay, and she came with extra fisted hands. I know I would hate it if she only had fisted hands -- that's just not the look I want. I hope they do respond to you and that you get the hand you had originally requested. I think it's awful when a company is friendly before the sale and snubs you afterward. I hope you are still able to enjoy your little girl. Please post when your problem is resolved, and good luck!

      :daisy --Kris
    3. I would really think that they just made a mistake. My Fine-G came with open hands attached, and extra fisted hands. I would think you were supposed to get the same, even with Anne, no?

      I hate that they're not responding to your e-mails... are you using a different e-mail address or anything like that? :\
    4. Thank you all for the comiserations... Unfortunatly, still no reply from LTLine... :(
    5. Anything yet? :\
    6. No, still no reply... I tried to file at Paypal for a partial refund, but they denied my claim saying that they are not responsible for the quality of the item.
      An online friend of mine said that she too has not been getting replies to her emails to them, so I guess that this is a warning to people who try to order from LTLine...
      Maybe I should post it in the Bad trader warning section? "You get your doll, but the quality is not up to par; ack, the resin colour of the hands and feet dosen't match the body and you might get a fist instead of an open hand, whichi is featured on the website. Then no reply to inquirues." Whatcha think?
    7. :x And to think I'm actually considering a little girl from them...
    8. Oh, I love my Anne, but LTLine's customer service sucks. I suppose they feel that once you've placed your order and they have your money, they don't need to talk to you anymore, unless of course they've made a major mistake and what they did to my poor Anne, they don't deem a major enough to talk to me anymore...

      I am hoping that someday I can meet other people with LTLine dolls and we can mix and match that hands and feet to try to get the resin colours to match...
    9. Noriko, I would send them an e-mail a day until they responded. :( That's just unacceptable.

      I too, love my Fine-G, and I will most likely order Fam from them... it's just a shame that they have to be like this.
    10. Thank you, but I tried the email a day thing... They probably filter it into their spam folder by now... ;_;
    11. I would try to make a second apeal thru paypal, saying that the item is nt the one you ordered, which it is not. Significantly different for pictured qualifies.

      paypal was going to deny my claim for items that I sent back to the seller due to damage, it was insured as well. They demanded the original tracking number, which I couldnt get cuz I had returned the item in the original package and the seller would not respond to my emails. He would even respond to their emails requesting the tracking number, but that didnt matter as it wasnt his responsibility to provide info on tracking since I admitted to having recieved the stuff. I was able to get ups to give me the tracking info based on my address.

      Good luck

    12. I am glad that you got the situation resolved...

      I did appeal to Paypal and they promptly denyed that too... sigh...

      Thanks for the suggestion, though...
    13. Did they ever resolve this?

      I was just reading a thread where someone said they are not replying after they order a doll. And now there are no dolls in stock on the site.
    14. No, I never did get a reply from them and my problem with my doll was never resolved...

      I don't understand people like that that don't take responsibility for their own product; reminds me of how many companies sell on eBay that don't care about their customers only about making a buck.
      And I am very surprised at LTLine, since the Koreans always pride themselves on their excelent customer service and product quality...

      Thank you for asking...
    15. that sucks! yeh I know how you feel. I had a minor thing on ebay I won something and they never said they charge handling this is on a very small item. the shipping they want me to pay is $18.00! and I got a very nasty email when I questioned the cost. They said well you should have asked about shipping as I stated in the auction. I had to pay the amount or get neg!! I will be leaving a neutral comment, I wish I could do neg as it just feels SO wrong. This person has 100% positive feedback how strange.

      Jeez :( it is very sickening. I am sorry about your doll. she is lucky she is with someone that is willing to over look this. I had a look at your pictures at its clear her hands are a brighter light pink skin tone.
    16. I'm sorry what happened to you on eBay... :( I recommend not to leave them feedback until they leave some for you, because they may retaliate with a negative even if you leave a neutral.

      The feet on my Keren (Anne) are more noticable and I really don't like the fisted hand either. But I love my doll; she is so cute... :)
    17. Ok will do! let them leave feedback first good idea.

      The funny thing was they said everyone charges handling as if I was making a fuss of course and when I asked how much is handling they replied and told me the regular amount! Getting swindled really makes me :x
    18. eBay has a complaint section about overcharging for s&h, you might want to check it out and then file a complaint against the seller. Is this per chance the one that sells these cute sweaters for $2 by-it-now and charges the $18 shipping charge and then sells them at regular auction for $18 and something like a $2 shipping charge?
    19. No thats not the one. Though this person has allot of auctions going thats allot of extra money from shipping. I did look at the ebay rules and it said if shipping more than the item. Well it wasn't more though not much less!
    20. I would still report them and see if eBay will do something, since their shipping really is excessively high... It might fall under the fee circumvention too, since they are charginga high shipping so that they won 't have to pay high eBay fees...