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problem with Luarwulf

Jul 15, 2010

    1. before i begin i would like to say that i am honesty sorry to Luarwulf for selling you such a crappy wig.
      But i am not a scamer! i really didn't break any DoA rules in selling you a bad quality wig and i never lied to you in my selling thread. the condition of the wig was never discussed and you never asked to see more photos of the wig.

      i tried really hard to communicate with you but your demands are unreasonable.
      i agreed to refund the 6 dollars you paid for the wig but i have told you that shipping cannot be refunded because it is not money given to me its money given to the post office to proved you the service of shipping and that cannot be refund.

      not only did i agree to refund the price of the wig but i was willing to fix the wig and make a brand new one free of charge i even showed you examples of how it would look

      i also said i could give you another one on my selling thread free of charge

      i don't understand why you want to hard to have me banded. and i wish you would not open a dispute because i am trying to reason. i have been compliant and you have been extremely rude and demanding once again i apologies for the quality
    2. and when i mean rude i mean that you have threaten me to do as you say or else
    3. I don't want you banned. I only want my money back. Your original post was misleading, and I think this is a ridiculous quibble over simply $11.

      And yes, I have said that I would like my money back or I will bring this to the problem transactions forum and open a paypal claim. I'll admit to that, sure.
    4. Also, you did talk about the quality of the wig in your sales post.

      I quote,

    5. I have purchased many handmade wigs before, and never seen anything like this. It is completely unwearable by my doll. The wig cap is NOT elastic, it is a nylon material, like a sock.

      "needs to be brushed and straighten" did not prepare me for this (I took these pictures after a good brushing, even):

      [​IMG] [​IMG]
    6. It's not unreasonable to ask for a full refund, which is all I'm doing. Do NOT make me the bad guy here.
    7. Top of the wig: [​IMG]
    8. Oh, and if you want to quibble about shipping.

      You charged me how much for shipping? $5? Yeppers.

      And how much did it actually cost for postage? $2.19. And don't try saying that shipping included the cost of supplies, since you did not post in a bubble mailer, just a manila envelope folded in half.
    9. Photos:
      $2.19 for shipping:

      Manila envelope:
    10. we have astablished that it is a badly made wig but i never said it was not. yes i feel bad and i am willing to do anything to please you but i cannot give you 5 extra dollars for the shipping cost because i didn't get the money i got yours the 6 dollars the wig was priced for. the 5 dollars is not part of my earning i do not know how to explain it even more then i have i actually paid some of the cost. i did not charge you paypal fees, i did not charge you a tracking number fee i provide this things for free if i were to add that up to your refund i would only be giving you about 9 dollars
    11. ...
      you deliberately sold me a badly-made wig, overcharged for shipping, and you are still acting the victim.

      You owe me eleven dollars. That is what I paid, that is what I would like back.
    12. in the first place if you did not agree with the charge of the fee then i do not understand why you paid for it? yes i went out and bought this envelope to mail to you
    13. YOUR thread was misleading. YOUR picture was misleading. I should not have to pay for YOUR mistake.
    14. To answer your question... often people charge a "handling" fee, or buy nice bubble mailers. That is what I assumed, and I was happy to pay it. When I assumed I was getting a quality product.

      Or, if not "quality," at least wearable.

      Which this is not.
    15. the picture is not misleading it is a picture of the product i sold you it was not altered in any way nor was i misleading the problem is that you expected a quality wig which you did not get and i am willing to do anything to fix this but i cannot give the 5 dollar shipping fee you paid me
    16. $11, or I open a dispute with paypal, manyako.
    17. [​IMG] same product you bought i agree i should have explained much more but i didnt
    18. Right. That photo shows that the wig needs a good brushing, and maybe straightening.
    19. these are the pictures i send you in the Pm explaining to you how i could remake the wig