Problem with luvballet - UNRESOLVED

Mar 14, 2010

    1. I bought a DOC Bee-A from luvballet.

      She described the doll as 'in perfect condition' and she 'kept her our of the sun'.
      Here's the thread:
      In real, the doll's in bad condition and also very yellowed! She lied to me concerning this!

      Also, I asked her to unstring her, what she did. I also told her not to forget the strings and the hooks - and what happened? She included neither strings nor hooks!

      That's not all: She charged me 48,10$ for insured shipping and then sent the doll out for only 14,33$ and that without insurance!
      I askes her on about January 23 if the doll's on her way, she replied on January 24 that it's the case. In real, she sent her out on February 1!

      The doll arrived on March 10. Since then I sent her 4 PMs but she didn't reply yet (and I doubt she will -.- ).

      She betrayed me and I'm so angry now!

      PayPal can't help me out since the last payment was 2 months ago, they only deal with problems which happened maximum 45 days before.

      I hope someone can help me out of this situation :(
    2. luvballet was last on the forum 13FEB. She is now Being Paged. Please keep this thread updated with resolution.
    3. Problem solved, please stop paging her. Thanks :)
    4. yuna_phuong ~ how was resolution reached?
    5. She wrote back after about 5-6 days and explained all to me.
      She said it's DOD's fault that the doll's so yellow, she didn't even notice the yellowing since the doll was lying in a box most of the time. Even tho it sounds incredible since I don't believe DOD threats their dolls that bad, I leave it like that because the situation can't be change anymore.
      She also said she included all hooks and strings, they might have been taken out by people working at the customs when they opened the package to check it.
      It should also be the shipping option I've chosen. The post office just "didn't note down all the price", only postage costs, not the price for the insurance.
      The reason why she wrote back so late is that she (and I) expected the doll to arrive 3 months after shipping since people working at the post office told her that. The doll arrived only after 5 weeks which make me think more that she sent her out without insurance.

      To be honest I'm not that happy with the solution but since I won't get any money back because luvballet spent it all out for her dogs, I think it's the best to leave the situation as it is.
      I'm glad she wrote back anyway.

      Thank you, Zagzagael, for helping me :)
    6. yuna_phuong ~ Don't forget to link back to this Problem Transaction in luvballet's individual feedback thread.