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Resolved Problem with mebius00 - RESOLVED

Mar 15, 2011

    1. I had responded to mebius00's for sale ad here for a Cream White Super Gem body- http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?424319-SOOM-Super-Gem-girl-body-(cream-white)-299 on 2/10 and paid for it plus EMS shipping the same day. In the ad it stated that the body would be shipped within 1-2 weeks after payment, which it was not. I did read mebius00' feedback thread that sometimes due to her job, there can be shipping delays, so I did bear that in mind when I bought this body. I contacted her again via PM slightly over 2 weeks after the sale (2/25) and asked if it had been shipped yet. She said it had not and she would be on a business trip for the next 10 days, but would ship the body when she returned home. I told her that was fine and that I would wait. I did not get any notice of shipping last week, so I PMed her once again on 3/12 (This past Saturday) and asked if it had been shipped yet. She responded on Monday saying that it was at her shipping agency right now and would send me a tracking number as soon as it had left China. That was fine with me until I saw that someone else had also paid for this body too on the same for sale thread- http://www.denofangels.com/forums/showthread.php?424319-SOOM-Super-Gem-girl-body-(cream-white)-299 , so something is not right here.
    2. mebius00 was last on the forum today. She is now Being Paged. Please keep this thread updated.
    3. Yes, i had also paid for this body! I paid on 15 of Feb... and waiting 3 weeks, but now mebius00 write me what my body (or not my body?) shipped at last weeks. But she can't give me the tracking number...
      So... i have one question - why one person have so many female white body (because i see in her Feedback that somebody buy another body like this)... and i think now that this is not original body from Soom...
    4. I started a Paypal dispute this afternoon, requesting my money back. Whether or not she actually has multiple, legitimate copies of this body or not, I feel that the constantly missed shipping deadlines and the almost complete lack of communication/always having to initiate communication if I want to know about something I paid for to be more than enough reason for me to take my business elsewhere.
    5. I started a Paypal dispute too.
    6. is it wrong to have more than 50 SOOM dolls at home? i only wanted to sell my extra girl bodys trade for boy body. i may shipped late coz im always at working and hardly has holiday on weekends. im not a full time seller so i hope you can understand this. if anyone questions about if the body are orignal body, i'd say you may ship it back to SOOM and if they say its not orignal, i will refund double payment. i already lost a few VOLKS dolls during the earthquake and im really trying hard to get everything done. i hope to reslove this during weekend and thats all i can say.
    7. mebius00 ~ Did you have two of these bodies? Did you sell one body to each of these members and have you shipped both bodies?
    8. i have more than 5 super gem MD bodies i plan to trade for male bodies, but no one wanted to do so. so i was trying up for sale. i already PMed former buyers that i have more than 1 body and dont misunderstand. it will be stupid if i keep up posting same new thread over and over again. so i used same page and sell the bodies seprately.
    9. My main issue was that I did NOT know that mebius00 had multiple bodies, so when I saw that another person had paid for the same body I paid for, I got worried. Had I known that there were multiple bodies, I would not have even made this thread. I think this has just been a misunderstanding because of lack of communication. I will wait so that hopefully mebius00 can get the body mailed this weekend, but I will be keeping the Paypal dispute open until I have received the doll.
    10. yes i understand that. i PMed former buyers, im not good at communication but i will also encourage you to keep the paypal dispute open until its arrived. i will do the same if its me. i'll let you know the tracking number later.
    11. mebius00 i'm sorry for my mind but really i'm worried... I still waiting my tracking number too.
    12. Mebius00, you still need to have seperate listings for each body you intend to sell, you cannot sell more than one body (even if they are identical bodies) using only one sales thread. So if you have 5 Super Gem bodies to sell, you need 5 seperate sales threads.
    13. Jescissa, sorry about that. i will open different threads and mark the buyer for each one next time.
      i've sent out all my stuffs today and will get all tracking numbers by tomorrow when postal office start to work.
    14. mebius00 given to me the tracking number of my body.
    15. I also received my tracking number today.
    16. Please post when you both have received the bodies. Thank you.
    17. I received the body safely today, so for me, I would say this has been resolved positively.
    18. I received the body today. Resolved positively.